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What person cannot cut double-fold eyelid? What person cannot cut double-fold eyelid?

Double-fold eyelid operation is the commonnest kind inside plastic surgery, can saying is one the simplest kind performs an operation a knife, the person that cuts double-fold eyelid now so is increasing also, but everybody does not suit double-fold eyelid operation, because also have very much person,discovering after cutting double-fold eyelid is not very good-looking. So, what person does not suit to cut double-fold eyelid?

What person cannot cut double-fold eyelid? What person cannot cut double-fold eyelid? (1)

1, eye too diminutive

If be an eye too small, eyelid cracks the person that is less than 28 millimeter to become the word of double-fold eyelid, make eyelid is cracked very easily factitious broaden apparently, the sense that gives a person is the circle is in a daze to feel artificially.

2, the person of naked eye bubble

The person of naked eye bubble the characteristic of eye of this kind of person is to go up eyelid is very thick, of fleshy bursa bursa, if be to undertake the word of double-fold eyelid makes an eye very easily not inflexible, harmonious cutting, the effect after finishing is not ideal.

3, the person of scar constitution

The characteristic of the person of scar constitution stays easily namely have scar, if be the operation that has cutting double-fold eyelid, can stay on eyelid have apparent scar. Besides cut double-fold eyelid, the person of scar constitution does not suit to do any operation, even if is at ordinary times skin damaged leave scar easily.

4, the person of 40 years old of above

The person of 40 years old of above does not suggest to undertake cutting the operation of double-fold eyelid. The person eyelid of 40 years old of above is flabby, itself is in goggle when stay have more deep furrow, this moment becomes the word that cuts double-fold eyelid, can add palpebral wrinkle, the surface is uneven, especially if operation technology is bad, operation risk is quite big.

5, the person that has eye difficulty

If be the word that contracts eye disease, no matter be red-eyed disease, conjunctivitis, keratitis disease of ministry of other perhaps key point, unfavorable the operation that has cutting double-fold eyelid, cause the infection after art very easily, aggravating eye disease, the effect after art is not ideal also.

6, the person of eye circle

Round eye itself does not give a person with the eye very little sense, next width on its exceed the fluctuation width of average person eye, if do double-fold eyelid,give a person probably with " condole eye " feeling.

7, the person of goldfish eye

If be golden pearl eye, itself eyeball outside protruding, cut double-fold eyelid to be able to make again eyeball more outside protruding, make person facial features more not harmonious, influence aesthetic feeling.

8, can cut double-fold eyelid in the winter

1, cut double-fold eyelid to restore in the winter

Cut double-fold eyelid to restore to want in the winter relatively some slower.

Be in commonly it is OK after cutting double-fold eyelid that 3 days control us cross-eye eyeball place undertakes hot compress circulate in order to promote blood, help subsidence of a swelling. Summer enrages Wen Gao, do not undertake hot compress cut also restores faster, and winter air temperature is inferior, be like carelessly heat preservation, body blood circulation is slow, go against after cutting double-fold eyelid, restore quickly.

2, cut double-fold eyelid dominant position in the winter

Because air temperature is low,cut double-fold eyelid in the winter, the bacterium is caused slow, the situation that so not incidental bacterium affects. This also is the one large dominant position that many people choose to cut double-fold eyelid in the winter.

3, cut double-fold eyelid not to divide season

Cutting double-fold eyelid do not divide season. If be the word with too hot weather, we can are opposite after cutting double-fold eyelid operation place undertakes cold compress, prevent excessive haemorrhage and strut; If be the word of to be cold,we can notice body heat preservation, and maintain indoor airy current, cutting double-fold eyelid so can undertake in any season.

4, nurse correctly accelerate restore

After wanting to cut double-fold eyelid, restore some more quickly, the to hospital and doctor choice before art is more important, additional after art nurse correctly after also can letting cut double-fold eyelid, accelerate restore.

What 1. carries cut is dry and neat, prevent to affect;

2. food wants delicate, avoid to drink smoking, eat acrimony, excitant food to wait;

After 3. cuts double-fold eyelid, make sure halcyon and easy environment recuperates, indoor air wants fresh and current maintain constant temperature.

When TV, newspaper, lie in bed looking to rest inside week of the 1 after 4. art, best choice lies partly etc.