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Does pouch suck fat to there is the effect? It is good that pouch absorbs fat effect?

Now more and more man-made belles, alleged man-made belle, it is the belle after plastic actually, as a result of the development of plastics industry, it is OK to have still one is plant now the method that the operation takes out pouch, that is pouch sucks fat, pouch ministry redundant adipose and draw-out come out, achieve the effect that takes out pouch thereby, so is effect of this kind of operation suction fat good? Look together.

Does pouch suck fat to there is the effect? It is good that pouch absorbs fat effect? (1)

1, does pouch suck fat to have the effect

Have the effect. Attract fat major facility with pouch, adopt the cut of the conjunctiva inside the eye, what give excessive strike is adipose and epispastic, can achieve eliminate pouch quickly, tighten up eye face all round cutaneous effect.

Pouch absorbs fat art operation simple, restore time opposite shorter, and art aftereffect fruit is abiding. Nevertheless operation process also is put in particular risk and side-effect, must consider to be clear about before art of the person that beg the United States, careful choice.

2, after pouch sucks fat how long to get effective

7 days or so can get effective, nature restores when a month. Feeling of the 7 inside the day ache after pouch sucks fat art can disappear slowly, haematoma, serum is swollen meeting expunction most, and silt blueness should restore nature completely, need left and right sides of a month. Be in on average 2-3 month when can achieve optimal result.

3, the effect can be maintained how long

Hold time and eye ministry skin anile speed matters. Pouch sucks fat is the adipose cell that sucks pouch place directly, and adult is adipose cellular amount is constant, accordingly, it is permanent that pouch of this method dispel says normally. Do not spend the growth as the age, eye ministry skin can continue ageing, eye face is in skin to be able to become flabbier and flabbier, still may give lose face bag.

4, how to do the effect to maintain longer

(1) avoids to use an eye excessive

With the eye excessive meeting makes eye ministry hypodermic freedom radical grow in quantity, skin cell shifts to an earlier date anile, cause eye face to be in the skin then flabby, adipose accumulation. Oedema of the eye after a lot of people stay up late, having black rim of the eye is the directest reflect.

(2) is massaged preserve skin flexibility

Often massage eye ministry, can advance a key point blood circulates all round the ministry, vigor of promotional skin cell, help rate of consenescence of slow down skin. But eye ministry skin is more sensitive and exquisite, the strength when massaging must gentle, lest bring about skin fiber,rupture and cause furrow.

(Film of 3) apply eye maintains the effect

Eye film basically is filling water and the material of a few nutrition that skin wants, help skin retains flexibility or vigor. Admit a responsibility to avoid aggravating eye face to be in the skin, eye film need not every day apply, 2-3 of a week apply second can, and main with filling water is given priority to.

(4) morning and evening uses eye frostlike powder

Skin pore is more exquisite all round the eye, want to use special eye frost to grow adipose bead in order to prevent. The female of 20-25 water can be chosen pure moist the eye frost of filling water. The female of 30 years old of above needs to use, contain cause skin closely, except the eye frost that knit or combats anile effect.

5, the note before pouch sucks fat

1) female escape 3 special period

Period, pregnancy and lactation female are unfavorable do pouch to absorb fat operation, pouch sucks fat to need inject remedy, after art because haematoma, serum is swollen,also need to take drug.

Period female constitution is sensitive, resistance also can drop, operation hind catchs a bug easily, the medicaments that adds begin art to use may affect endocrine, should not be accordingly operation. The medicaments that pregnancy and lactation female take can affect fetal health.

(Before 2) art unfavorable take medicaments

Attract occurrence issue of cruor of fat operation moment to avoid pouch, the medicaments such as hormone of steroid of out of service of before the operation 2 weeks of a person operating from within in coordination with outside forces and aspirin, lest increase operation risk.

(Have all round 3) eye ministry inflammation is unfavorable

Itself has reason of conjunctivitis, eyelid phlogistic, serious sand holes person should wait for the ability after curing to undertake pouch absorbs fat operation, if be put in inflammation, in the operation easier infection.

(4) knows an operation first risk

Doing pouch to suck fat have particular risk, for instance the likelihood after art appears cave, evaginate of face of infection, hypodermic scleroma, eye is waited a moment, normal circumstance 2-3 the month is bad reaction can disappear, but possible also operation does not succeed and leave permanent scar or eye face evaginate.