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Does pouch absorb fat fill effect? Does pouch suck fat to cave how to do?

Pouch sucks fat is a kind pouch position redundant and adipose suck, already achieved stroke smooth pouch, the effect of purify pouch, but pouch sucks fat to have a corrupt practice, after that sucks fat namely, pouch position appears easily cave, look very horrible in that way, and special effect is beautiful, so if is pouch sucked,appear after fat cave how to do? If pouch sucks fat fill, the effect how? .

Does pouch absorb fat fill effect? Does pouch suck fat to cave how to do? (1)

1, pouch absorbs fat fill effect

Have the effect. Fat is sucked as a result of the dot that smoke fat after doing pouch to suck fat overmuch, perhaps suck fat not all, the possibility gives the case that lose face nest caves, use from body right now adipose or acerbity fill of Bo make water, can achieve better repair result.

2, pouch sucks fat to cave how to do

(1) pump is bulgy place is adipose

If be the hollow that causes too less as a result of a certain bits of pump, can 2 pump are bulgy the adipose help rehabilitate of place. If be pump,the quantity crosses what bring about more to cave, unwell and with this method rehabilitate.

(2) from body adipose fill

From body adipose grain is compared is to be used at breast enhancement commonly greatly, because inject needle will be a few thicker, traumatic photograph is right also bigger, use stuff hollow-eyed more difficult, but survive those who come down is adipose and OK permanent maintain go down, because this also is method of commonly used fill eye socket.

(Acerbity fill of 3) Bo make water

Hold time of acerbity fill of Bo make water is shorter, average half an year is about to inject, but opposite scar is little, and flatness of the skin after fill is better. Not only can repair caves, still have exquisite skin, except the effect that knits hairdressing.

3, how to nurse reduce cave

Oedema of eye week gore can appear mostly after pouch sucks fat, two days of local cold compress after art, hot compress of the instead after the 3rd day, can reduce gore oedema rate, conduce to oedema subsidise.

The eye is massaged gently via commonly used hand after subsidence of a swelling all round the skin, conduce to circulation of stimulative skin blood, increase skin flexibility and vigor, cross-eye face is new model form is very helpful.

4, the note after pouch sucks fat

(Avoid after 1) art cut touchs water

Cut should carry after pouch sucks fat dry cleanness, water is not touched inside 3 days, lest sewage affects cut. All round eye of the escape when washing a face, with do not drip the cotton cloth of water is wiped gently can.

(2) eats a vitamin more the food of many

Cicatrization to accelerate cut, after pouch sucks fat, should eat more contain a lot ofthe food with vitamin C and much protein, eat the food of acrimony stimulation less.

(3)7 avoids hyperbole expression inside day

After pouch sucks fat to avoid cut of facial muscle drag, avoid to cry as far as possible, yock, big cry etc can affect movement of facial ministry sarcous and expression substantially.

(4) strut can put apply on the ice subsidence of a swelling

After pouch sucks fat, because partial blood capillary is damaged all round the eye, may appear the dropsy of different level, this is normal, strut of general 1-2 week can disappear. If think strut disappears a few faster, art hind often can put apply on the ice to reduce haematoma, serum inside 2 days swollen.