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Does pouch suck the note after fat? Does pouch suck fat what does the note have?

Pouch takes the medical hairdressing kind of a kind of fat is now common purify pouch, may in one day does not appear pouch, stay up late for a long time however or rest bad and accumulate come out, some people may be the pouch that when be born, takes oneself, it is OK that pouch absorbs fat operation rapid purify pouch, but have certain side effect however, the following must notice after because this finishs,pouch absorbs fat operation.

Does pouch suck the note after fat? Does pouch suck fat what does the note have? (1)

1, what should notice before pouch sucks fat

(1) female keeps away from 3 special period

Period, pregnancy and lactation female are unfavorable do pouch to absorb fat operation, pouch sucks fat to need inject remedy, after art because haematoma, serum is swollen,also need to take drug.

Period female constitution is sensitive, resistance also can drop, operation hind catchs a bug easily, the medicaments that adds begin art to use may affect endocrine, should not be accordingly operation. The medicaments that pregnancy and lactation female take can affect fetal health.

(Should not be before 2) art take medicaments

Attract occurrence issue of cruor of fat operation moment to avoid pouch, the medicaments such as hormone of steroid of out of service of before the operation 2 weeks of a person operating from within in coordination with outside forces and aspirin, lest increase operation risk.

(There is inflammation to should not be all round 3) eye ministry

Itself has reason of conjunctivitis, eyelid phlogistic, serious sand holes person should wait for the ability after curing to undertake pouch absorbs fat operation, if be put in inflammation, in the operation easier infection.

(4) knows operation risk first

Doing pouch to suck fat have particular risk, for instance the likelihood after art appears cave, evaginate of face of infection, hypodermic scleroma, eye is waited a moment, normal circumstance 2-3 the month is bad reaction can disappear, but possible also operation does not succeed and leave permanent scar or eye face evaginate.

2, the note after pouch sucks fat

(Cut avoids to touch water after 1) art

Cut should carry after pouch sucks fat dry cleanness, water is not touched inside 3 days, lest sewage affects cut. All round eye of the escape when washing a face, with do not drip the cotton cloth of water is wiped gently can.

(2) eats the food with much vitamin more

Cicatrization to accelerate cut, after pouch sucks fat, should eat more contain a lot ofthe food with vitamin C and much protein, eat the food of acrimony stimulation less.

(3)7 avoids hyperbole expression inside day

After pouch sucks fat to avoid cut of facial muscle drag, avoid to cry as far as possible, yock, big cry etc can affect movement of facial ministry sarcous and expression substantially.

(4) strut can put apply detumescence on the ice

After pouch sucks fat, because partial blood capillary is damaged all round the eye, may appear the dropsy of different level, this is normal, strut of general 1-2 week can disappear. If think strut disappears a few faster, art hind often can put apply on the ice to reduce haematoma, serum inside 2 days swollen.

3, what person is unfavorable do pouch to smoke fat

1, the patient of disease having an eye is unfavorable become pouch operation, after curing eye disease, can consider.

2, the female does pouch operation to should keep away from menses.

3, piece, cruor obstacle person cannot become pouch operation.

4, have heart disease, hypertensive, diabetic or the patient of other viscera disease is unfavorable do.

5, the patient that has contagion cannot become pouch operation.

6, serious scar constitution person do not advocate become this operation.

7, cold, pouch operation is become when having a fever unsuited.

8, psychology is insalubrious person, mental disease person should not do, pose the conflict that operation effect and imagination not agree with possibly otherwise.