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How long is E light depilated take off? How long is E light depilated it is good to be done?

E light is depilated is to compare hairdressing of common a kind of medicine to depilate a method now, basically be to use light energy and of people of talent of electric energy union to arrive permanent the action that depilate, this kind depilates means to be able to destroy wool bursa to organize, rise thereby permanent depilation effect, but as a result of,this kind depilates means cannot bursa of one-time will all wool is destroyed, can destroy the wool bursa that has grown a hair only, because this needs for many times to depilate, so it how long is E light depilated to be taken off commonly is better that is E light depilated to be taken off commonly? We look together.

How long is E light depilated take off? How long is E light depilated it is good to be done? (1)

1, E light is depilated how to long be taken off

E light depilates general need interval ability of a month undertakes E light is depilated again. General consideration is the growth that passes hair periodic and calm, general hair need is course growth period, silent period, retreat date of departure, time is 3~4 week about during, e light depilates the hair to growth period to have very good depilation the effect, interval undertakes E light is depilated again after a month can will not depilate last, the hair that serious new student grows undertakes purify.

2, the harm that does E light often to depilate

If be the interval after E light depilates those who finish too paragraph time undertakes again, it is to did not grow the hair that come out still cannot effective purify; 2 it is the cost that did not undertake E light is depilated not low, removed too paragraph time is wasteful; 3 be after undertaking E light is depilated, skin surface undertakes completely without ego rehabilitate again, affect cutaneous rehabilitate, cause stimulation easily to the skin, go against skin health.

3, undertake E light depilates a standard again

Because of everybody the growth of hair speed existence difference, our judgement can undertake E light is depilated again, it is the new hair with skin surface grows again commonly, and skin surface is normal after E light is depilated aglow already subsidise to allow.

4, different position time interval is different

Of a person's different body place hair grow speed also is different, the corresponding time that depilate also is meeting existence difference. Say commonly, labial ministry hair grows slower, undertake E light depilates time interval again longer, and limb, alar hair grows faster, the time interval that depilates again is relatively a few shorter also. Specific should the proposal of according to doctor undertakes.

5, E light depilates no-no disease

1, the light with smooth allergic constitution or revulsive medicaments is sensitive, or during taking smooth sensitive medicaments.

2, the near future (inside 6 months) acid of A of use different dimension

3, remedial area has blame model mole or malign pathological changes

4, contain pacemaker or inside buy is divided quiver implement

5, mobile sex bleb or skin have damaged

6, have scar a knot in one's heart medical history

7, anti-coagulants is treated (possible sentence, the out of service before cure two)

8, serious pregnant woman of diabetic, hypertension, epileptic