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Go does pouch operation have a risk? Go pouch operation sequela

Everybody can think only senile talent can have pouch possibly commonly, as the growth of the age, the collagen albumen of eye ministry is serious prediction of a person's luck in a given year, can bring about at present skin is flabby, formed pouch, but, a lot of youths also begin to have pouch, the habits and customs when this peace has very big concern. The youth has pouch is very show old state, can become the operation of pouch, so, what risk does dispel pouch operation have?

Go does pouch operation have a risk? Go pouch operation sequela (1)

1, go bleeding after pouch operation

Go after pouch operation, inside general skin, hypodermic haemorrhage is very easy control and processing, also won't bring serious future trouble, see namely at most hypodermic gore, purple. If follow inside the socket of eye of next purify of cut of eyelid dome Long when midriff hind is adipose hemostatic and bad, often lead to fluctuation eyelid, eyeball blueness bleeds after eyeball even swollen, return meeting influence eyesight badly.

2, go after pouch operation photophobia

Go after pouch operation palpebral evaginate, palpebral ball is detached, appear accordingly photophobia, weep the unwell that reach a key point is undesirable reaction. This basically is the skin when cutting a skin excision is overmuch, or relevant organization suture is too close when suture about. This is sequela of dispel pouch operation a bit more serious mediumer.

3, the pouch after pouch operation is correctional and insufficient

Pouch is correctional and insufficient, go for plastic doctor more choice of pouch operation method is undeserved, namely any pouch all go from the cut inside the eye fat, did not consider the skin, sarcous flabby problem, or purify of v/LIT all over the ground flesh of adipose, eye annulus is overmuch and to the defect inside eye socket.

4, scar constitution does not suit to go pouch operation

The patient of scar constitution, unfavorable become this kind of operation, scar proliferation is caused after art otherwise, destroy the effect of hairdressing.

5, dermatosis patient does not suit to go pouch operation

Facial if have infection, be like folliculitis, acne, after will facial dermatosis cures, should consider to become facial hairdressing operation again.

6, go the massage method of pouch

1, flap gently press press

Can pat dozen of canthus eyeball gently the position of bright acupuncture point, can accelerate the haemal circulation all round eye ministry so, after blood is expedite, can effective acceleration the elimination of pouch. Can press with ring finger control pouch position, fill below pouch full blood capillary, press gently pressure can alleviate effectively deposit pledges in that nurture.

2, dab carry pull the corner of the eye

Can use ring finger and middle finger, press the fashion that control in order to flap by inside eye face is outward eye face is mobile, carry up pull, strength cannot too over- , relapse for many times, such can effective alleviate eye ministry nerval is fatigue, achieve the result of purify pouch.

3, bone translation massages eyebrow

The place of between the eyebrows of human body is numerous regulating bodily functions hand in collect the ground that gather, can massage between the eyebrows and eyebrow bone gently with finger, in resembling the eye health care that our student times often does holding a bit " annulus blow orbit " , such can effective alleviate pressure of look spirit nerval.