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What should laser notice after dispel spot? How does laser maintain after dispel spot?

Long spot is the skin problem that a lot of females puzzle on the face, and long spot is skin problem not just, concern possibly still with the female's health. It is OK to there is medium of a lot of medical treatments now beautiful skin, use laser can have the effect of dispel spot, but if stimulate dispel spot hind carelessly cutaneous maintains, later period may appear side-effect, so, what should laser notice after dispel spot? How to maintain after laser dispel spot the skin?

What should laser notice after dispel spot? How does laser maintain after dispel spot? (1)

1, maintain facial cleanness

After laser dispel spot, should maintain brush diminish inflammation to cream everyday, cut can form scab slowly, a week but desquamate. Show pink. Want to notice to keep clean in this process, avoid facial ministry skin to affect inflammation.

2, face of usable ice apply

After laser surgery, if ministry of facial ministry occurrence face is red, it is normal phenomenon, apply can be put on the ice 15 minutes in red place with clean ice cube, can eliminate red.

3, avoid to use excitant protect skin to taste

After just accepting operation of laser dispel spot, avoid to use a hand to chafe forcibly in facial ministry, do not use those who contain excitant material to protect skin to taste, avoid facial ministry skin inflammation, intumescent.

4, the attention is prevented bask in

Just finished after laser dispel spot is treated, facial ministry skin will be very sensitive to sunshine, so 3 months of operation of laser dispel spot should notice to prevent to half an year bask in, avoid the deposit of pigment.

5, C of much more compensatory vitamin

Laser can give the body C of much more compensatory vitamin after dispel spot. Because vitamin C can check deposit of pigment mother cell, can prevent shading and fleck effectively not only, still can outside will spare pigment eduction style, complete improvement is dark dumb color of skin, your skin becomes afresh Bai Xi is bright.

6, common side-effect

The common side-effect after laser dispel spot has the following:

1. skin becomes fragile: Laser dispel spot may make the skin becomes fragile, appear red blood silk, easy skin is sensitive wait for a problem. Some people still may be damaged because of skin repair capability, the skin is changeful black, more easy and dry ageing.

2. skin accelerates ageing: Laser dispel spot can destroy surface layer skin, of skin oneself long protect action to weaken, at the same time of skin oneself store water safety action is abate also, the skin appears very easily the circumstance of furrow, long spot, flabby ageing.

After 3. art easy rebound: Laser dispel spot is the purify stain of physical sex, and long spot is more cause because of body endocrinopathy, so take stopgap measures of laser dispel spot not effect a permanent cure, appear very easily rebounding circumstance.