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What should notice after cutting double-fold eyelid? How to after cutting double-fold eyelid, restore?

Cutting double-fold eyelid is very popular now plastic surgery, the girl with a lot of pairs of him dissatisfactory eyes, metropolis selection goes cut double-fold eyelid, the gimmick that cuts double-fold eyelid has a lot of, the person that search the United States can choose according to his demand. The eye that just cut double-fold eyelid is very red, need for some time to have repair at this moment, so, where is there to need to notice after cutting double-fold eyelid?

What should notice after cutting double-fold eyelid? How to after cutting double-fold eyelid, restore? (1)

1, the much ministry that make a key point moves

Double-fold eyelid operation 1 in one's childhood, can make the much goggler, motion that closes a key point, although cut can ache a bit, can be such practice is helpful for those who weigh eyelid forming and subsidise of eye ministry tumid.

2, apply of the ice inside 72 hours

Usable ice bag is local inside 72 hours after art of double-fold eyelid operation cold compress, especially art hind does cold compress 3 hours, prevent the oedema after art effectively, still can alleviate aching. Be sure to keep in mind not to let water come up against cut, can encase with towel ice bag undertakes glacial apply again so.

3, hot compress of 3 Queen of heaven

After 3 days of double-fold eyelid operation or after double-fold eyelid take out stitches, can begin to use hot compress, the action of hot compress is invigorate the circulation of blood changes Yu, scar of cut of ministry yielding a key point can fast refreshment.

4, pillow perch Morpheus

Pillow tall pillow had better want when sleeping in the evening, or 3 two pillows pile together, hold a tall foot low, be helpful for eye ministry detumescence.

5, much more compensatory vitamin

Answer to be given priority to with delicate food after double-fold eyelid operation, contraindication eats acrimony sex food. Eat a few fresh vegetable fruits more, compensatory vitamin, be helpful for the refreshment of cut so.

6, eat high protein food more

Food of high grade high protein can eat more after double-fold eyelid operation, for example beef, chicken, fish, such food can provide the energy of repair to the body, help double-fold eyelid restores at an early date.

7, the disadvantage that cuts double-fold eyelid

(Dropsy of 1) eye ministry

After just ending to cut the operation of double-fold eyelid, the eye can appear bloated circumstance. Those who want an attention is longitudinal haematoma need not worry too too, can proper motion subsidise; But if appear,serious haematoma or haematoma undertake the gender increases to need to open cut hemostatic or drainage.

(2) is palpebral and bloated

Because our palpebral organization is in,palpebral dropsy appearing after cutting double-fold eyelid is get after the operation is traumatic, reactivity oedema appears between the cell of body nature sex. This also is the normal phenomenon of ministry of the eye after belonging to an operation, need not worry. The way that similar cold compress takes in needing to resuming a course at ordinary times only can be helped ease eye dropsy condition. But palpebral dropsy cannot carelessness, if discover strut is serious,ceaseless development wants timely seek medical advice to check.

(Infection of 3) eye ministry

Accepting after cutting double-fold eyelid operation, a bit carelessly, of the eye on eyelid place appears very easily red heat is painful, open do not open his eyes return gall to should consider to have infection appearance extremely, need applies effective bacteriophage. Those who want an attention is antibiotic cannot is opposite the person with liver kidney not complete function is used.

(4) two eye asymmetry

Appear twice asymmetry or radian unfavorable circumstance can consider basically to be an operation is unsuccessful. Cut the asymmetry of double-fold eyelid both sides that come out, let your eye look one big one small, it is even " strange " , and moment of unfavorable of double-fold eyelid radian, the eye that lets you looks factitious. Since be an operation,have a risk, to learning art not the plastic doctor operation of essence of life, the risk that cuts double-fold eyelid is very big.

(5) is goggle arduous

If cut the operation of double-fold eyelid to be in unit process of cargo bandling plastic doctor is too crude, cause eye ministry to organize injury overmuch, brought haemorrhage, haematoma or constituent adhesion can be caused goggle and arduous or companion has on the problem after eyelid prolapse waits art a moment. Still having is on one hand, injury carries eyelid flesh or the socket of eye is diaphragmatic wait for a circumstance to also can be caused goggle and arduous. So, cutting double-fold eyelid is an elaborate operation, plastic doctor must do it carefully.

(6) palpebral ptosis

When if be in,cutting double-fold eyelid, double-fold eyelid is cut too greatly too deep perhaps when, cause very easily on eyelid carries flesh to rupture. Eyelid carries flesh on is to make sure palpebral and normal muscle supports power effectively. If its cannot develop a function effectively, can cause goggle perhaps do not open an eye at all completely, palpebral prolapse arrives on make an appointment with pupil level, form " ptosis of the eyelid after the operation " .