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Cultivate a tooth how many money one? Cultivate a tooth how to many money want?

What is the likelihood has one part person not to know to cultivate a tooth, cultivating a tooth actually is a false tooth, but this kind of tooth is to cultivate in oral cavity, did cultivate a tooth to look at the tooth that grows with oneself to do not have what difference, but cultivate a tooth to also have a few urgent, a lot of people want to do now cultivate a tooth, but cultivate a tooth to add money rate of exchange tall, how many money does the sort of establish tooth want?

Cultivate a tooth how many money? Cultivate a tooth how to many money want? (1)

1, what is to cultivate a tooth

Cultivate a tooth, call artificial establish the tooth again, the technology comes from home of medicine of a Sweden to discovered 1952 " bone is united in wedlock " phenomenon. According to introducing, growing tooth technology is the artificial tooth root that pledges ability of metal of a kind of pure titanium put park inside alveolar bone, through 3~4 month, wait for after cultivating body and alveolar bone to be united in wedlock completely, receive again on tooth coronal, achieve the tooth " kind " the effect on alveolar bone.

2, cultivate a tooth how many money

Close some reporter interviews paragraph of time hospital of specialized subject of oral cavity of some 2 class learns Beijing, this courtyard cultivates tooth lowest 5600 yuan, highest twenty-five thousand eight hundred yuan. . And clinic of the one wife and children in area of Beijing rising sun dentistry, here cheapest 3000 yuan, "Expensive also have, 30 thousand, cultivate a tooth the tooth that how many money basically sees you choose what kind of material to pledge.

3, cultivate a tooth why so expensive

(1) has " foreign blood relationship "

At present of home cultivate tooth system to use the country such as Korea, Germany, United States, Switzerland more brand, although home already had him cultivate tooth system, but because start advantage of later, price wait for a reason not quite, fail to hold the mainstream.

Specific for, cultivate tooth charge to basically be formed by operation expenses and cost of raw materials, "Expensive " main body is mixed in cost of raw materials now cultivate body itself to go up. For instance, the cheapest Korea cultivates style 1000 yuan, the most expensive likelihood wants 9000 yuan; Tooth coronal respect, if be complete porcelain coronal, one the most expensive wants 6000 multivariate; Doctor operation expends a respect, do to cultivate a tooth to need 5000 yuan commonly. In Beijing stomatological hospital, one cultivates tooth price to be in commonly 12 thousand yuan of ~ 16 thousand yuan.

(2) price does not have a standard

Public hospital is belonged to blame seek profits sexual orgnaization, value of medical treatment project changes by national hair appoint superintend, be in normal and public hospital so, cultivate although the tooth is expensive, do not calculate however unusual. Seek profits private hospital decides the gender basically to the price oneself, produced very large profit space.

As we have learned, seek profits the gender privatelies run the hospital cultivates tooth price to be in generally 8000 yuan of ~3 more than 10000 yuan. "Give aid to directly as a result of what do not have a government, private hospital should bear the operation cost that personnel duty expends alone, so can price on the high side a few. "

(Doctor 3) aptitude and level are difficult maintain

Browse of all kinds cultivate tooth advertisement to be able to discover, "Expert " " professor " " the sea puts in a scholar 's charge " etc is a businessman advocate hit conduct propaganda is politic, borrow this to raise operation cost.

Cultivate tooth doctor to be controlled in 20 thousand person according to what at present statistical whole nation has aptitude; Also have media coverage, shanghai Xu collects an area to only many 30 medical establishment has kind of establish tooth aptitude, dalian city only 23 orgnaizations obtain a license. This is apparent with everywhere yes " the expert holds a knife " conduct propaganda is a little contradictory.

4, of the patient that be short of a tooth knew at 3 o'clock

(1) cultivates a tooth and impersonal person suits

Skeleton of 18 years old of the following, teeth is not full-fledged person; Body state cannot be able to bear or endure get an operation, have cannot pilot hypertension, heart disease, diabetic; The person that has habit of serious smoking excessive drinking and periodontosis does not suggest to plant tooth.

(2) cultivates a tooth is not get sth done once and for ever

Because our country cultivates tooth technology to start late, development is rapid, hardware technology is uneven, partial person may happen cultivate body to fall off phenomenon, it is more inside 3 years after cultivating.

(3) cultivates a tooth is not to do not have danger

An any mature technologies have a risk, when cultivating a tooth to give serious problem, can cause infection complication or antrum of puncture the upper jaw, cause haematoma of bottom of nerve damage, mouth to wait.

5, decide kind of tooth what to should notice

See business charter whether have " cultivate a tooth " project;

2 see a doctor level, if whether the doctor has a doctor hold job seniority attestation, clinical experience is rich;

3 look choose cultivate a system advanced, normally Korea plants systematic price inferior, of the United States, Switzerland cultivate a system clinical practice effect and international are approbated degree taller;

4 look to whether have safe safeguard, should sign commonly before the operation " oral cavity cultivates remedial know the inside story to agree with a book " , make clear extent of liability, the normal medical establishment that chooses to have actual strength can reduce trouble back at home.

Kind after the tooth is successful, should have done nurse, make sure every half an year checks, brush his teeth at least 2 times everyday, cannot gnaw eat excellent food, processing tooth jams should provide with special dental floss tooth.

6, the comfortable be recruited that cultivates a tooth

1, be short of lose a tooth, many teeth, patient that is short of a tooth entirely;

2, chamfer of the tooth when mandible complete mouth is short of a tooth is absorbed badly, false tooth of complete mouth of Dai Yongchuan all has difficulty, the function is bad, wear not firm person;

3, false tooth of activity of Dai Yongchuan all originallies a difference, without the function, mucous membrane cannot be able to bear or endure the person that suffer;

4, have special demander to the beautiful, function of the false tooth;

5, the person that be short of the Yu Liuya all round the tooth to the problem cannot make traditional false tooth.