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What is side-effect of thin face needle? Is thin face needle safe?

A lot of females in the life to become beautiful, can adopt various means to make his face becomes more beautiful. Thin face needle is a kind among them, a lot of schoolgirls think the facial ministry oneself is thin into V word face or hand face, can use thin face needle the means of thin face of this kind of medicine. But the means that thin face needle is hairdressing of a kind of medicine after all, what side effect does that thin face needle have?

What is side-effect of thin face needle? Is thin face needle safe? (1)

1, ministry of the face after thin face needle changes deadlocked

Hitting thin face needle to compare common secondary action is facial ministry becomes inflexible, smile is factitious. Because doctor of needle of inject thin face does not understand human body,this is facial structure, cannot essence of life finds facial ministry to bite flesh place place definitely, hit thin face needle to the face to mix laugh at concerned muscle, or because injection of exorbitant, thin face has measured the use chroma of thin face needle to be concerned greatly,be.

2, thin face needle sends size face

Differ because of what call the dosage of thin face needle and position the asymmetry of or so face that cause, this also concerns with the experience of plastic doctor close. Here, remind the woman that needs stitch of inject thin face, the plastic doctor with right choice is important all the more.

3, excessive of thin face needle causes deglutition difficulty

If thin face needle is hit in facial ministry,get excessive, can cause deglutition difficulty. Must be operated so by professional hairdressing plastics doctor, assure the security of the operation with this.

4, how to avoid side effect of thin face needle

Select good plastic hospital, avoid by all means chooses needle of thin face of private doctor inject because of anxious to get things on the cheap, this is to avoid side effect of thin face needle most crucial. After effect of thin face needle is injecting about to a month the left and right sides is reflected two weeks. After inject, rest more as far as possible, time of reasonable arrangement Morpheus, intense exercise has prevented inside short time.

5, the note after thin face needle

After thin face needle the note inside 6 hours

Erect pose should maintain inside 3 hours after thin face needle. Facial ministry avoids to massage inside 4 hours, sleep and head pitch moves; Should avoid to feel inject region inside 6 hours, cannot wash a face, fill makeup.

6, the note inside a week after thin face needle

Art hind avoids to eat solid food; Hot food, seafood does not eat inside a week, cannot smoke drink.

7, a month after thin face needle note

Inside a month after hitting thin face needle, the massage that prohibits becoming facial place, hot compress and knead are facial wait for a movement.

8, do not suit crowd of thin face needle

Although thin face needle can achieve the result of very fast thin face and do not have any harm to the body, but suffer from serious illness flesh have inside patient of disease of muscle of faint, nerve, a week drink history, two weeks of to be taken orally had used clear heat demulcent medicaments patient, allergic constitution, gravid reach lactation crowd not to suit to hit thin face needle.


9, note

? ? ? ? ? 1. Inject cannot undertake glacial apply or hot compress in inject place after thin face needle.

2. The at least 3 should keep erect in the hour poses after thin face needle.

3. 4 hours of a person operating from within in coordination with outside forces after thin face needle avoid facial ministry to massage, sleep reach head pitch and motion.

4. After thin face needle violent campaign avoids inside 24 hours.

5. 3 warmth are not done temporarily after hitting thin face needle.

6. After thin face needle inside 6 hours, want to avoid to contact inject region.

7. Thin face needle can have slight strip after inject hairdressing makeup. Frequency of head change postural heals frequent person, the effect of inject can be differred more.

8. Do not do facial ministry to massage to beauty parlour, meet otherwise invalidation;

Deepfry must not eat inside 9.1 months, the food; of easy hair

10. Hit the 6 faces inside the hour to cannot touch water not to use a few final teeth to bite a thing as far as possible, such effects will be better.


10, thin face needle suits a crowd

1, facial and skeletal development is wide, this kind of thin face should come true through the method of cut bone.

2, facial bite flesh to develop fleshy, this kind of thin face is to will bite the method that flesh is excised or needle of inject thin face makes bite flesh fiber attenuate to come true.

3, facial and adipose accumulation, this kind of thin face needs to use facial the method that sucks fat will come true.