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Which kinds depilate a method best? What does depilation good method have?

In summer when, people can wear the dress such as short sleeve, skirt, a lot of females for beautiful, can get on him leg or the take out of fine hair on the human body on arm. But the kind that there is a lot of to plant when depilate, and each have actor drawback, so a lot of people are in leg wool when do not know to want how to choose. Which kinds does that depilate means best?

Which kinds depilate a method best? What does depilation good method have? (1)

1, razor is depilated

Principle: The wool with surface of shave hilt skin scrapes.

Applicable crowd: Be afraid of the person with painful and sensitive skin. The fine fur that can be used at ministry of purify face ministry, arm, leg and hand point to the undercoat that go up.

Use method: Bathe first before shave, make after hair bate again shave. Lubricant with water or oil advisable, had better not use soap, it can make the skin too dry. Bit should change regularly.

Advantage: Economic cost is low, do not suffer field to restrict. Use rise very convenient, it is better that the body razor of use major can make depilate the effect.

Defect: Want the habit that nurturance blows every day, otherwise wrinkle gives a small macula, very clumsy. Blow broken skin if the technology is not adept easily, sweat fluid can make damaged skin itchy can'ts bear, let a bacterium possibly still get a change to step in.

2, beeswax is depilated

Principle: Adhere with the beeswax that has stickiness body hair, tear down along with all the others.

Applicable crowd: Beeswax depilates the person that suits to not be afraid of painful not easy also allergy, can use at ministry of arm, leg, alar body hair.

Use method: beeswax even besmear is on the skin, want to stick the skin closely, so that can adhere fine hair on the human body entirely, build good gauze next, the gauze that gets on the lid in the skin with the means of drag is pulled, hair disroot.

Advantage: Can take out a big hair, the Mao Ye that although grow again,comes out is finer.

Defect: Can cause ache, and chemical complex beeswax causes stimulation easily to the skin. When be being ripped downward, body hair stays easily in the one part inside pore, the Mao Duan that decided an in part plunges into wool bursa extremely easily, cause folliculitis. Special attention wants after depilating cleanness nurses.

3, depilate cream depilate

Principle: Use among them chemical material deliquescent hair structure, with achieving depilation goal. The bases of this kind of preparation is sulfur second acid (calcic) .

Applicable crowd: Be afraid of painful but the person with not easy and allergic skin. Apply to alar or leg ministry, large area needs the position that shed.

Use method: Spot must be done to stick an experiment before using. Use Shi Yingxian cleans the skin clean, in order to reduce stimulation. The position that creams even besmear is wanting to depilate will be shed when using, 5~10 after minute, hair molten, blow its with scraper clean.

Advantage: Cope with the body hair of petty softness technically, the hair that can accumulate bedding face keeps clear of quickly.

Defect: Because this method does not have any destruction to wool bursa, duration does not grow reason, probably 3 days or so can grow again. Depilate the chemical composition that cream to have stimulation to the skin, be used often or sensitive skin can cause red, allergy, generate rash even, ying Shen uses the person of sensitive constitution.

4, stick cloth to depilate

Principle: Depilate likeness with beeswax.

Applicable crowd: Carry because of facilitating, suit to often go out quite the traveller is used, and the flavour that does not have chemical.

Use method: Fall according to what needing the size of place to cut, the position that sticks cloth to be stuck in need to depilate, tear down quickly forcibly.

Advantage: Deft and convenient, place beautiful time is shorter, but persistent time is longer, the hair that grows afresh is finer.

Defect: The movement that rips downward wants fast result gift is nice, meet otherwise special ache.

5, dynamoelectric depilate a knife

Principle: With razor principle identical, physics is depilated.

Applicable crowd: Be afraid of the painful person, person of allergic constitution.

Use method: Differ with razor, with dynamoelectric when depilating a knife, should not wipe any latexes, should maintain the skin and hair to lie dry state. In use process, keep dynamoelectric depilate knife and skin to show 90 degrees, the direction that grows down hair is advanced.

Advantage: Rate is rapid indolence, use rise very convenient. Those who differ is dynamoelectric depilate a knife, have distinct effect and knife head, but eliminate is different the body hair of place. Effect tenability counts a day, do not have side-effect to the skin.

Defect: If operate inexperience, injure pore easily, scratch young tender skin, bring about red. Additional, must maintain cutting tool cleanness, cannot mix another person is common, lest cause infection.

6, laser is depilated

Principle: The melanin in using wool bag the absorption to light-wave energy, make the light energy that penetrates skin surface achieves skin interior OK be absorbed by abundantly of oneself wool bursa cell, after the course is changed certainly, these light energy can form much quantity of heat finally, make wool bursa was destroyed thoroughly below the action of high temperature, achieve the goal of permanent purify hair thereby.

Applicable crowd: Be not the person of scar constitution.

Use method: This cure should go to a hospital doing, drug should be made before removing hair, extremely will fine electrical wiring inserts Mao Gen later, electrify hind destroys wool bursa, every root hair should use the time of 20 seconds.

Advantage: Safe, complete, without achieve, without painful. Laser is depilated use cool style to contact a head commonly, protected normal skin effectively to not be damaged, depilate speed fast, effect is better and efficiency is taller.

Defect: In the process that eliminates wool, skin surface can have the appearance of slight burn, because this meeting produces the little scar of provisionality, should carry cut so dry, after about one week, small scab skin can fall off automatically, if be scar constitution, possible meeting leaves systemic blob. Although destroy wool bursa OK and permanently, let hair grow not to come out forever, but the hair that there can be 20%~30% normally after the operation is destroyed not quite thoroughly because of wool bursa, and have the possibility that grows again.

7, the note after depilating

1, do very slow the skin works

After depilating, nurse method: No matter what you use to depilate a method, can go up to produce harm to skin in certain level, must have slow job to the skin so. Can choose clear water to clear skin clean, use next fight quick protect skin of wet sparge alleviation, not only OK and slow composed skin, still can give skin compensatory moisture.

2, hold skin hour water is tender moist

After depilating, nurse method: The skin after depilating becomes easily dry, in autumn with respect to prep let alone, protect wet job to want to undertake ceaselessly so. Teach because of the skin after depilating flimsy, keep wet product however choose should very careful, choose natural ingredient as far as possible, prevent the embellish skin breast with allergic recipe, clear and soft texture.

3, escape sunshine point-blank

After depilating, nurse method: The skin after depilating prohibits contacting sunshine, ultraviolet ray can undertake the 2nd times harming to wool bursa directly, melanin of very difficult easy generation brings about rubbish precipitation, so small macula grows. Although want to prevent,bask in, but cannot use absolutely prevent bask in frost, wait for as far as possible indoors, use a few physics to defend the method that bask in.

4, taboo is beautiful white product

After depilating, nurse method: The skin after depilating should be not used as far as possible flimsily very much too much protect skin to taste. A lot of MM love to use prevent bask in frost, actually this is no good, if you want skin beauty white, have a lot of kinds of methods actually, choose a few pure natural beautiful white method, white vinegar beauty is for instance white law, in bath when join a few white vinegar, the beautiful white effect of natural safety can have after immersing, still can restrain the growth of hair.

5, avoid hot food, maintain food is delicate

After depilating, nurse method: After depilating, also want to notice in dietary respect, as far as possible edible a few delicate food, the food that escape stimulates tartly, a few easy allergic food also cannot eat, for instance seafood. Eat a fruit more certainly, compensatory place needs a vitamin to increase strength, reduce pigment precipitation.