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How does mole of liquid medicine dot choose a venture low? What does liquid medicine nod mole to need to notice?

Our everybody is met long mole, but some people can feel possibly to there is mole above the skin is to be affected quite beautiful, actually as long as either very influence health is best. A lot of people can go mole, go the method of mole has a lot of kinds, some people are to use an operation, some people may be to use remedy. So, what what need mole has to notice to go to with liquid medicine commonly?

How does mole of liquid medicine dot choose a venture low? What does liquid medicine nod mole to need to notice? (1)

1, dispel mole place

After touching mole of dispel of water liquid medicine, do not want anxious let this place touch water, the water of liquid medicine dissolve that lest besmear,goes up, affect medical effect, the bacterium in causing water possibly still inbreaks through cut skin causes infection. Want only after mole of dispel of general liquid medicine scabby water can be touched normally after falling off naturally.

2, dispel mole place

After avoiding a hand to feel mole of liquid medicine dispel, dispel mole place must notice to avoid to be felt with the hand, it is to affect medical effect, 2 it is to bring about cut probably to cannot cicatrization tardy, produce infection possibly also. Do not go with the hand additionally the effect effect such as the scab face of place of mole of dispel of dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed.

3, dietary attention

Want on food after mole of dispel of delicate nutrition liquid medicine much more delicate, and reduce pigment absorb, the food such as the soy with for instance heavy pigment, coffee is unfavorable lest cause pigment deposit to bring about dispel mole place to stay,take food imprint. The food that contains a lot ofprotein, vitamin eats to be able to promote skin rehabilitate more on food.

4, the attention after dispel mole

Prevent after basking in mole of liquid medicine dispel, must notice to prevent bask in. The illuminate of the sun will be aggravating skin melanin precipitates, skin is delicate after dispel mole, basking is aggravating more this kind of harm, cause the skin local blacken. Decrease to go out or avoid dispel mole place to contact solar energy to help dispel mole place restore directly.

5, liquid medicine appropriate

After mole of dispel of custodial use liquid medicine, must notice appropriate is custodial liquid medicine, the medicinal liquid that uses dispel mole commonly has strong acid sex, corrode skin very easily, inappropriate be apt to does in good condition skin not carefully to go up to leave scar very easily surely. When using mole of liquid medicine dispel additionally, also should take care to use.

6, go mole attention

Mole is the skin performance that grow in quantity of black element cell causes inside skin, derma, but think in traditional idea, mole has auspicious, fierce branch, fierce mole can affect a destiny, include carry of marriage, career, money to wait, to avoid shocking fate, be thought fierce mole person, must try to nod except. There is mole on the face, often because of the position too too apparent or the volume of mole is too large, the amount is too much, those who affect facial department is beautiful, a lot of people nod mole because of sight of be a hindrance to. The color of some mole, size, concave and convex figure can appear change, this may be skin pathological changes, some people nod mole because of this, in order to prevent purify focus of a disease.

Although had been nodded later solid however the face that can make a person heavy pick up a piece to be too busy completely, but after the event also should pay little price for beauty. Want avoid certain food inside short time namely, lest leave ugly scar. Cannot eat sauce inside 3 months after nodding mole normally, acrimony, exciting, have the food of pigment, still have cannot smoke drink. Have the place of cut, especially facial ministry does not take a surname, because can leave permanent scar to the skin. Do not eat sauce, can bring about scar to blacken.