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What sequela can the operation that cut bone leave? Go doing the operation that cut bone to you can leave sequela?

Plastic surgery can say be advance rapidly in last few years developing, basically be people is spent to the acceptance of plastic on one hand rise somewhat, another technology of plastic medical treatment also is developing and progress namely in the center, for instance double-fold eyelid operation may be to move the simplest kind inside the plastic surgery of the knife now, and the operation that cut bone is more difficult. So, whether can the general operation that cut bone have sequela?

What sequela can the operation that cut bone leave? Go doing the operation that cut bone to you can leave sequela? (1)

1, occurrence infection

Bigger cut can keep after cutting bone, if be carelessly if, the situation that very incidental cut affects. After cutting bone especially if have the case of haematoma, appear more easily infection.

2, nerve damage

Cut bone to may appear nerve is involved in operation process, basically be mental nerve and nerve of chamfer issueing a tooth are pulled to pull more, it is to appear commonly slight coma, in a month the left and right sides can restore, if appear relatively serious coma is unsuited as soon as possible go to a doctor.

3, mandibular joint suffocate suffocate

Flesh is bitten to be excised because of the part after cutting bone, may appear mandibular joint cannot significant activity, the circumstance of occurrence activity suffocate suffocate. This kind of case appears after mandible horn cuts bone commonly, continuously 1 week of or so meetings improve slowly.

4, two side asymmetry

Cut the condition that two side asymmetry may appear after bone. This kind of circumstance is the doctor experience that operates because of undergo surgery is not worth or art hind nurses more undeserved, bring about after cutting bone asymmetry of size of two side cheek, very the influence is beautiful.

5, serious minatory life

In process of the operation that cut bone, if be of the operation,make offerings to if bad anaesthetic perhaps technology closes installation nevertheless, may cause serious sequela, the most serious is the death of the person that can cause an operation.

6, plastic note

1. prepares sufficient

No matter you are to had undertaken big much smaller perhaps face-lifting project, measure plans in what must want to had made each field before undergo surgery, the assures operation effect and success odds with such only nicer gift. Want the communication of attention and doctor especially, before the operation the doctor can let you make the inspection of each respect, do dispute to often be necessary so, for is as far as possible the complication after reducing an operation. At the same time the female notices even, operation time must want escape physiology period.

In the examination project before the operation, convention of blood, make water, thrombin yuan time these are indispensable. Notice oneself prepare a few antibiotic even at the same time, will prevent the infection after art with this.

2. professional hospital

The expert reminds, face-lifting ten million cannot blind, when selecting a hospital especially more want special scrupulous. Do not want blind to believe advertisement of edge of a few streets and TV ad when making a decision, can let your operation failure not only so, at the same time possible still meeting lets you hold regret in the arms lifelong. Must want to notice when selecting a hospital, see its whether be had " medical establishment hold licence of course of study " , " doctor qualification certificate " , " doctor hold industry letter " , " medical treatment hairdressing advocate certificate of examine doctor qualification " wait for licence and certificate.

These are the most fundamental conditions that pursue service of medical treatment hairdressing, also be doctor of crust of hairdressing of eligible medical treatment's indispensable qualification certificate at the same time. If these certificate are not all ready, suggest you had better change a hospital additionally.

3. does not stay up late

At the same time the expert returns the special crowd after reminding face-lifting operation, later it is likewise special and important to nurse, otherwise if can cause inflammation not only, at the same time possible still meeting brings about place to be out of shape. Want to notice to avoid to stay up late for long especially, stay up late healthy to human body and character harm is very great, just finished especially the crowd of the operation. Long rest is insufficient can affect operation result greatly, at the same time possible still meeting brings about operation place to go badly form.

Besides should notice to avoid to stay up late besides, notice even in living at ordinary times a bit, that is the time of work and rest with good nurturance. If have the word with conditional time, had better be to often go to a hospital checking.