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Is the operation that cut bone safe? What sequela does the operation that cut bone have?

Plastic surgery has a lot of kinds, contrast simple double-fold eyelid operation what we see possibly in the life at most namely, double-fold eyelid operation also is opposite risk is lower kind inside plastic surgery, and the operation that cut bone is not so simple, the difficulty that is an operation above all is taller, another it is a risk bigger. So, whether is the general operation that cut bone safe?

Is the operation that cut bone safe? What sequela does the operation that cut bone have? (1)

1, more show old

After cutting bone old may appear the person's older than actual age circumstance. Because cut bone hind to support cutaneous muscle bone to decrease originally,this is, young when contract plus the flexibility of skin oneself through tightening skin, can restore. Skin fibre force is weak after age became old, appear more easily flabby prolapse.

2, face change

After cutting bone old may appear the circumstance of face change. Some people can be in after aging, facial ministry line produces change, can become exceeding even strange, ugly, even some is factitious maintain aesthetic feeling must again undergo surgery with be being maintained temporarily.

3, facial and inflexible

After cutting bone old may appear facial and inflexible circumstance, because some people cut the facial ministry effect after bone to inject again to maintain,this is more fleshy toxin. old later, facial muscle becomes inflexible, the facial ministry expression of whole person is incontrollable.

4, dental pulp nerve is necrotic

After cutting bone old may appear the circumstance with dental pulp necrotic nerve, the if be not careful,hurt nerve word in cutting bone operation commonly, appear very easily this kind of circumstance, expression comes out even if the below half part of facial ministry does not have a feeling, it is be lost function even.

5, chin appears cave

After cutting bone old may give the case that shows chin to cave. After this kind of circumstance cuts bone operation many now, restore not the influence that beautiful perhaps pledges from the body. When talking especially or doing countenance exceedingly apparent.

6, plastic contraindication crowd

(The person of 1) allergic constitution

The person that has allergic constitution may is opposite the drug allergy in the operation, also may produce allergy to embedded material, so consequence cannot expect, so this kind of person does not suit to do plastic surgery very much, meeting generation is dangerous, can endanger life even.

(The person of 2) scar constitution

The purpose of plastic is to should make oneself more beautiful, but very apparent scar may appear after the person operation of scar constitution, so can serious effect is opposite to the person that beg the United States beautiful pursuit, the person that do not know to beg the United States whether accept this kind of scar.

(3) has the person of serious viscera disease

The person that has serious viscera illness does not suit to do plastic surgery not just, also need Shen Zhi when becoming other operation careful, do not want because of pursuit beauty oversight the health of the safety of life and body.

(4) has the patient of contagion

The patient that has certain contagion does not suit to do plastic surgery, for instance second liver patient and AIDS patient wait.

(5) contracts certain blood disease

Once the patient of a lot of blood diseases is to bleed to be able to not stop, so the doctor won't risk a risk to do plastic surgery for you.

(6) has the person of invigorative disease

If suffer from invigorative kind disease doctor won't become an operation to you. For instance depressed disease patient attributes drive kind a kind of the disease, the patient is being taken fight depressed medicaments, if must it is good that the word of the operation needs to drink anesthetist to do communicate, may produce undesirable consequence otherwise.