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Do pulse light to you can cause cancer? Does pulse nurse after smooth art how to do?

Pulse light is method of a kind of treatment, basically use at medical treatment respect to treat all sorts of skin problems now, but the light energy that pulse light is a kind of high-energy quantity quite, still can have heavier radiant so, so also a lot of patients can take the side-effect of pulse light seriously quite, meeting concern says to whether can cause cancer. So, what should general pulse smooth operation notice?

Do pulse light to you can cause cancer? Does pulse nurse after smooth art how to do? (1)

1, pulse light did not send cancerous sex

If visible light is done not have,cause cancer only misgive

Before reasonable Jie Lei shoots light and pulse smooth difference, should affirm everybody is right first " visible light " concept. So called visible light servantchooses a person for a job namely the eye can differentiate the light that gives facial expression, in the spectrum that knows in human place, visible light is a very narrow wave band actually, wavelengh uprights at 380 accept rice (the brim of violet light) to 750 accept rice (the brim of glow) between, under 380 accept rice call ultraviolet light (or it is ultraviolet ray) , of rice of more than 750 accept call infra-red light (or it is infrared ray) .

"Lei She " originally means " suffer stimulate radiant light to magnify " (Radiation of △ of Of of Emission △ of △ of Stimulated of △ of By of △ of Light △ Amplification) , abbreviation is shot for thunder (LASER) , basically itself or a kind of visible light. The Lei Sheguang that uses on solid Wu uses special technology to arise, can ensure the photon of output is specific energy each, if be to give out green light, that is the green light that whole beam of light is same wavelengh; If be to give out glow, that is the glow that whole beam of light is same wavelengh. Use Lei Sheguang to make treatment so, can be aimed at certain the organization that absorbs light of specific wave band has exposed to the open air, can achieve curative effect very businesslikely.

"Pulse is smooth " the concept that is the technology that combines Lei Sheguang and natural light and the technology of generation. Pulse light uses thunder to shoot a technology, those who produce all sorts of differring is pure can beam of light, typical limits is about 430 to 1200 accept rice, visible light of over or across arrives the limits of infra-red light, again these pure can lump of beam of light, and blast off with intermittent means, the advantage is to be able to sweep the organization that shoots all sorts of differring, but there still is difference with Lei She on remedial effect.

No matter be Lei Sheguang or pulse light, can you cause cancer after all? Do Lei She and a few pulse light to treat in fact, cutaneous can have a few reaction truly, but since be visible light, the misgive that did not cause cancer of course, although pulse light won't cause cancer, but still want to accept treatment below the doctor's proposal.

2, strong pulse nurses after art solely

Ease skin reaction, shorten erythema reacts period, alleviate aching. Prevent infection, reduce color to sink, stimulative skin is fast repair.

(One) react according to the skin weight gives ice appropriately apply or 15-20 of cold in season after cure minute. Left and right sides of 40C of cold compress temperature is appropriate, but apply keeps film of wet, calm surface. Do not wash a hot bath, not evaporate sauna.

(2) food of abstinence photosensitive sex reachs drug during cure, prohibit smoke wine, acrimony seafood kind food.

(3) the scab skin between convalescence is general 7, 10 days of or so meetings fall off by oneself, cannot use a hand artificially to exfoliate, lest generation pigment is ad cool-headed,mix scar.

(4) as a result of individual difference, after individual person is treated, local conference appears temporary pigment ad cool-headed or pigment drops, changes of these brief sex pigment all can return to normal gradually, restore time to make an appointment with 1~3 month, can amount to 9 months individually longer even. When necessary E of C of vitamin of profess to convinced, vitamin or external use are hydrogenous Kun frost, left C of vitamin coming back.

(5) the color after cure is all subsidise or go further when remedial color is invariant, to treat inactive standard, remedial interval is 3 months.

(6) should notice to prevent between convalescence bask in, go out daub security prevents those who bask in function beautiful high bask in frost, prevent after laser method bask in an agent to should choose: SPF > 30; PFA > + + medicine protects skin to prevent bask in article. Use sunshade.

(7) 3 months after be being treated come inside half an year, apply appropriate medicine to protect skin to taste undertake effective skin nurses (protect wet, rehabilitate, fight skin of phlogistic, embellish, prevent bask in) in order to promote cutaneous second birth and rehabilitate.

(8) eat the food that contains a lot ofvitamin C, E more, the food with microelement iron, fast zinc; Feed vitamin of B a group of things with common features, folic acid less to reach contain the food with fast copper, sink in order to reduce quality. Notice to water more, process of promotional cutaneous repair.

(9) once accept remedial operation, should abide by doctor's advice strictly (contain word-of-mouth doctor's advice) , contact with the doctor at any time, please not processing of do sth without authorization.

3, the advantage of pulse light

1, without cut, not aching, because do not have special cut, also do not need after art special take care of cut, and do not need rest, can go to work normally instantly. Pulse light goes the time that blain Yin Wei holds nurses after the art with everybody concerned; duration is errant, general metropolis is in 24 months above.

2, smooth whole face controls pulse 1000 yuan about 6, do not cross place of courtyard of every medical treatment collect fees not quite identical, pulse light is to use be not the illumination therapeutics that invades a gender, can improve blacker-than-black of static microgroove, pouch, facial capillary, black rim of the eye, color of skin and color of skin dark heavy wait for a problem, period of treatment is quite safe and be without sequela. After passages through which vital energy circulates develops smooth effect but proliferous collagen albumen, the skin recombines all right again, reinforce skin close fact. The doctor suggests the pulse phototherapy Cheng of each phase is gross 5 times, every time removed 3-4 week, skin with respect to can effective settlement problem. The skin problem that anticipates not only wins clear improvement, and the flexibility of the state return youth that lets skin, also create the color of skin that gives clean health at the same time.

3, pulse illumination shoots point of main and collateral channels, can organize related point of exciting main and collateral channels, to the skin the organization won't cause harm, absolve disease to have the scared feeling to the needle, and classics acupuncture point spurs curative effect action. Because OPT pulse light has powerful beautiful skin effect, can solve the problem such as stubborn blain blain and the blain mark that after eliminating blain blain purify, leave, simple, life is taken care of after depending on art insusceptible, safe, efficient wait a lot of advantage a moment, and become present when red beautiful skin technology.

The expert suggests to accept pulse light though cure is faster than besmearing daub is wiped, but every 3 weeks are done or need the 6 effects with arrive 8 times to just can have better. And after be being mixed during OPT pulse light nurses after dispel blain art, still need to cooperate to be protected actively wet with prevent bask in maintain the meeting that taste ability has best effect!

4, distinction of as tender as photon skin

Photon tender skin says photon tender skin is light of a kind of strong pulse simply, pass the specific wavelengh of strong pulse light namely, this wavelengh is wider, it is to be in probably 560 - 1200 so inside limits of a wavelengh, the colour light inside this specific wavelengh limits has optical treatment, strong pulse light achieves the goal that we want to achieve after giving off light on facial skin.

What photon tender skin suits most is the skin flaw that cure grows along with the age and ultraviolet illuminate causes and ageing, do not suit everybody. Color of skin is inherent the crowd such as blemish of system of blacker person, smooth allergy, immunity, pregnant woman, do not suit to make photon tender skin. Photon tender skin is treated not just bureau be confined to is facial, adversary of photon tender skin cervical, bosom, it is hand and brachial ministry even effective.

Pulse light is to use be not the illumination therapeutics that invades a gender, can improve blacker-than-black of static microgroove, pouch, facial capillary, black rim of the eye, color of skin and color of skin dark heavy wait for a problem, period of treatment is quite safe and be without sequela.