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Facial paralysis of the meeting after sucking fat? Facial what undesirable reaction is there after sucking fat?

Sucking fat is quicker way reducing weight, a lot of people can choose to go hairdressing place makes the item that sucks fat, a lot of females are gone after more the face of thin and small, can want to do facial suck fat. Make him face ministry more delicate and cabinet, but some people may worry facial suck fat to have side effect, facial paralysis of the meeting after sucking fat? Facial what undesirable reaction is there after sucking fat?

Facial paralysis of the meeting after sucking fat? Facial what undesirable reaction is there after sucking fat? (1)

1, paralysis of facial meeting suction fat

Paralysis of likelihood occurrence face.

Pump administrative levels is too deep or the act is too violent, can injure facial nerve cheekbone to raise, buccal, mandible predestined relationship is raised etc, general situation can appear only provisionality injury, for instance local coma feels, the sense restores in the meeting inside a month. But if nerve injury is serious, cause permanent harm possibly.

2, how does the expression after sucking fat do stiff

Facial the strut that provisionality appears after sucking fat, purple or local coma, expression attributes normal phenomenon stiff.

Before strut disappears, avoid exaggerated expression action as far as possible, lest affect cut,the influence restores. In addition, want to avoid to insolate, the ultraviolet ray of sunshine insolates can increase skin freedom base, defer cut heal not only, still can increase pigment ad cool-headed, increase the risk that takes scar. Accomplish above at 2 o'clock, expression of paralysis of face of week of the 3-4 after art can get very good refreshment stiff.

Attention! If there still is coma feeling after a month, expression should feedback in time to the doctor stiff.

3, the likelihood appears what harmful response

1, the skin uneven

Pump plane is undeserved, pump is inhomogenous it is to cause the main reason with uneven skin. The experience of this and doctor and pump gimmick are relative.

Countermeasure: 2 pump are raised place, or to cave place infuse is adipose can.

2, the organization is necrotic the likelihood leaves scar

This and pump method are undeserved relative, some place skin is adipose too thin, the movement causes local skin derma too suddenly to issue hemal net to destroy can bring about the skin to be short of blood necrotic, this kind of circumstance may leave scar to destroy a look even.

Countermeasure: Choose normal hospital to do facial suck fat to be able to reduce a risk.

3, serum is haematoma, swollen

Pump administrative levels is too deep, the action is too tough, facial the pressurization after smoking fat is undeserved, it is to cause haematoma, serum swollen serious element.

Countermeasure: Haematoma can take out his into the needle at original cut, next new pressurization wraps up. Still can be in facial pressurization of the cold compress after art suction fat, in order to prevent haematoma, serum swollen happening.

4, inflammation infection

Operation process appliance sordid, gimmick is immature, or after art carelessly clean, it is the element that causes inflammation infection.

Countermeasure: Select normal hospital, ensure as far as possible operation process asepsis, without inflict heavy losses on, art hind does not touch water, maintain the cleanness that achieve a face to just can prevent inflammation infection.

4, facial suck fat how fast detumescence

(1) art hind pressurization wraps up

Pressurization wraps up reach the designated position, do not leave the cavity that achieve a face, can help form of model of subsidence of a swelling so, regain skin flexibility, avoid the sequela with occurrence flabby skin.

(2) avoids insolate

Art hind avoids sunshine to insolate inside 4-6 week, because the ultraviolet ray of sunshine is met skin of grow in quantity is free base, and still can make pigment ad cool-headed, affect a heal to leave scar easily still.

(3) sucks fat place does not touch water

Although facial suck fat to achieve a face and not quite, but still have small cut, to avoid to affect, should prohibit touching water absolutely inside 7 days. The skin all round cut can be wiped gently with cotton cloth only when washing a face.

(4) prohibits kneading by facial

After sucking fat, facial tissue is damaged, general metropolis occurrence strut, prohibit kneading absolutely right now by, this can aggravating organization is damaged, make facial ache, tumid fiercer.