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Can scar constitution become grain eyebrow operation? What does the no-no crowd of grain eyebrow operation have?

There is a lot of now half permanent and permanent makeup look, a lot of people basically are to feel more convenient, can choose this kind of makeup look so, for instance grain eyebrow is a kind among them, but grain eyebrow operation can leave cut on the skin actually, the course resuming after art so is more important. So, what no-no multitude does operation of general grain eyebrow have?

Can scar constitution become grain eyebrow operation? What does the no-no crowd of grain eyebrow operation have? (1)

1, crowd of grain eyebrow contraindication

One, facial or the person that eyebrow area has the infection such as furuncle, folliculitis.

2, the person that eyebrow area changes unhealthily, wait like dermatitis of sex of excessive of cyst of hemangioma, sebaceous glands, fat.

3, scar constitution person.

4, mental nerve obstacle person, to fruit of aftereffect of grain eyebrow art the requirement loses contact with reality or expectation is exorbitant person.

5, allergic to grain eyebrow preparation person.

6, the person that accept method has blood disease, if hemophiliac, plaque reduces disease.

7, affect to avoid across, the person that contract the infection such as hepatitis B should not have grain eyebrow.

8, congenital or the eyelid on posteriority is flagging person, position of patient side brow often prep above be good at side, cause an error extremely easily when camber is designed, the effect after often bringing about grain eyebrow art is dissatisfactory, reason is contraindication of grain eyebrow art.

2, item of grain headnote meaning

1, grain eyebrow good

For the person with grain beautiful to wanting pursuit eyebrow, be very good permanent have handsome the top margin of a page model method, but because grain eyebrow is artificial,undertake got-up to brow, among them hard to avoid can produce an effect to brow. The person that wants grain eyebrow so mights as well the conditional balance advantages and disadvantages according to oneself.

2, grain eyebrow advantage

The advantage of grain eyebrow basically is to reflect it is above beauty. Color of the color of skin that grain eyebrow is basis oneself, hair, face, the age waits an element a moment to be made integratedly most the brow figure that match undertakes grain is acted the role of. Look so natural, beautiful, have energy. And grain eyebrow is permanent, can resolve brow trouble.

3, grain eyebrow disadvantage

Grain eyebrow is bad advocate above the disadvantage that if reflect,brings in it. Grain eyebrow is right original fine-looking cause harm, meeting influence is opposite originally to brow the protective action of the eye, perspire for instance more when, brow cannot hold back sweat quite effectively, cause eye inflammation very easily; Be art hind next nurse undeserved cause the inflammation that achieve a face very easily red, some affects visual function possibly still to wait a moment.

4, grain eyebrow note

Having grain eyebrow still is opposite for more pretty good. The hospital that wants an alternative only commonly or plastic orgnaization is normal, in Ju Wenmei's process and after grain eyebrow nursing is strict disinfection, grain eyebrow is lesser still to the harm of the body.