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Is photon tender skin safe? What effect does photon tender skin have?

Let skin more water is tender the pursuit that is a lot of people glossily, now a lot of hairdressing places rolled out the project of photon tender skin nowadays, can help skin become more exquisite tender slippery, photon tender skin does not have what keenly feel commonly, make a lot of people that love the United States special one's mind disturbed, so is photon tender skin safe? What effect does photon tender skin have? Everybody introduction is below.

Is photon tender skin safe? What effect does photon tender skin have? (1)

1, photon tender skin is safe


Photon tender skin is a kind of advanced high-tech hairdressing project, use light of one specific wide spectral variety, direct illuminate at skin surface, it can penetrate to skin depth, alternative action at hypodermic pigment or blood-vessel, decompose splash, close unusual red blood silk, remove all sorts of flaws on your skin, at the same time photon still can stimulate hyperplasia of hypodermic collagen albumen, the skin that lets you becomes relaxed, young, healthy luster.

And technology of photon tender skin is the naturopathy that a kind of blame exfoliates, those who have height is directional, very high density and continuity, photon tender skin can be collected to very little cure place, its action position is consequently exact, won't right all round organization and skin are accessary the organ causes loss.

In the meantime, photon tender skin is not the remedial method that intervene to get used to different skin position, safe and effective, won't cause damage to the skin. So, photon tender skin is a kind of safer treatment method.

2, the action of photon tender skin

(1) solves skin pigment problem

Remedial principle: Photon tender skin is tender heat up action through light, can strike broken pigment member, stimulative pigment decomposes eduction. Because this does photon tender skin can achieve the following goal

1, the United States is white. Suit the skin black, dark heavy person.

2, weak spot. Can spot of desalt splash, fleck, senile plaque, coffee, gravid spot.

3, ameliorative black rim of the eye, pouch.

4, purify blain imprints and lesser birthmark.

5, improve silk of wine chamfer bazoo, red blood.

(2) treats skin loss

Remedial principle: Use photon of strong pulse of appearance of photon tender skin, the actinic action of generation, the chemistry that exciting skin makes fiber of dermal layer collagen and bounce fiber produce molecular construction changes, the amount increases, arrange afresh, can treat skin loss, help skin regains flexibility, become young change.

1, contractive pore.

2, go knitting. Basically enhance skin flexibility, solve petty furrow.

3, antiseptic dispel blain. Benefit consumed hot reaction is OK and antiseptic, because this is right,dispel blain has certain effect.

4, repair blain hole, scar. Show IPL upgrade edition is flowing repair light heats up a technology (PTF) , still have the effect of repair blain hole, scar.

3, photon is depilated

The alternative smooth heat that uses light source of patent strong pulse sees effect, undertake to normal skin scatheless illumination is shot, penetrable skin arrives directly at ministry of wool bursa root, the melanin cell in using wool bag is right the smooth absorption of specific wave band, make wool bursa produces heat, destroy wool bursa optionally thereby, avoid at the same time organize all round injury, return the result that can achieve purify hair.

4, does photon tender skin have side effect

Without apparent side effect.

The side effect with apparent it doesn't matter of photon tender skin, sole insufficient office depends on can rebounding, not be the hairdressing method of get sth done once and for ever, treat a period of treatment, maintained time is 2-3 commonly year. Of course if the operation is undeserved, cause the side effect such as infection of facial and burnable, skin possibly also.

5, does photon tender skin have aching feeling

Have hardly.

Photon tender skin is small achieve cure, aching move is smaller, do not need to hit anaesthesia to be able to be operated. Treat 20 minutes or so, those who spend much time do not need to nurse after art, can wash a face instantly, go to work, do not have any influences to normal life, should notice to prevent only bask in, the ministry that hold a face is not kneaded forcibly inside 24 hours can.

6, what person suits photon tender skin

The first kind of crowd: Facial have punctate pigment spot, no matter be of solar sex,still be fleck, normally these spot give your feeling the sense that is " of dirty face of a kind of " , although commonly used pink goes cover, but always also cannot cover is dropped.

The 2nd kind of crowd: Facial begin to appear flabby, petty furrow, sexual skin changes occurrence old age.

The 3rd kind of crowd: Want to change skin character, hope cutaneous flexibility is better, the skin is smoother, improve skin dark and gloomy.

The 4th kind of crowd: Coarse, pore enlarges facial skin, whelk impress, facial blood capillary is outspread.

7, the note after photon tender skin

1, it is good to do prevent bask in

Finish after photon tender skin, the skin is very delicate, be harmed very easily by ultraviolet ray, must have done so prevent bask in nurse, do not want daub to prevent bask in an index too tall prevent bask in frost, be in commonly prevent bask in an index to be 20 to of 25, OK. Needing what everybody remembers is, those who use prevent basking in frost must be excitant small, nonalcoholic, of the composition such as flavor.

2, dietary attention

During accepting photon tender skin to treat, should prohibit on food the food that edible contains photosensitive part or medicaments, say celery for example, pineapple, mango, leek, caraway, aspirin.

3, the skin nurses

Every time after art nurse the remedial effect that matters to an operation, must take seriously so rise. After making photon tender skin, skin metabolism is fast, feel easily dry, this paragraph during must on time film of apply filling surface, besmear protects Shi Shuang, , still can put humidifier inside the room, prevent air conditioning room inside dry. Finish after photon tender skin, some people can have the skin red, slight and scabby phenomenon, nevertheless these are normal reaction, do not touch a face with the hand, can stimulate skin to produce inflammation in that way.