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How long can be laser dispel spot maintained? Effect of laser dispel spot how?

A lot of females in the life have the worry of long spot, the thing with a special beautiful effect is if the stain on the face is more, so a lot of females want to seek the way of spot of a kind of can effective dispel. Laser dispel spot is dispel spot one common kind is compared in means, have very good dispel spot effect, how long can be spot of that laser dispel maintained?

How long can be laser dispel spot maintained? Effect of laser dispel spot how? (1)

1, effect of laser dispel spot how

Spot of laser hairdressing dispel is current most popular dispel spot operation, splash of laser hairdressing purify not only the effect is good, and still do not have anguish, also won't leave scar, laser hairdressing is the optimal choice of spot of dispel of female love the United States. Spot of laser hairdressing dispel can treat spot of mole of fleck, cheekbone, liver, too usable laser treats cropland mother spot, old person spot, insolation spot. Thorn blueness and the usable also laser such as civil eyebrow are eliminated.

2, the attention after laser dispel spot is prevented bask in

Spot of laser hairdressing dispel is to use the beam of light of specific wavelengh to apply hit in the skin to have a department, every bundles of light generates the white bubble of diametical 0.2-0.3cm, aching move is slighter. Be located in more as a result of the place of spot of laser hairdressing dispel facial, the doctor can be in normally suffer from a ministry to do small skin to check first, if had reacted, the cure that redo bedding face accumulates. The skin after cure is particularly sensitive to sunshine, should avoid sunshine illuminate, lest affect remedial result.

3, laser dispel spot hold time

Go in laser in spot, the successful rate that eliminates fleck is higher, but pigment spot is cured likely, relapse likely also. Laser hairdressing can the pigment with existing purify, can not prevent splash to reemerge. The birthmark effect with laser hairdressing congenital cure is idealer, won't have a relapse, whether can acquired fleck grow once more after cure, after wanting to see tactics, nurse circumstance. The splash with different purify of spot of laser hairdressing dispel, persistent time may be different, to a few laser cannot the splash of heal, the effect that maintains possibly is opposite a few shorter.

4, attention of the food after laser dispel spot

1. The vitamin is fed content

No matter be laser hairdressing or laser dispel spot, should undertake proper adjustment to diet after the operation, only such ability can assure main effect. The expert is special remind, the patient should eat more as far as possible after art some contain a lot ofthe food that has a vitamin, especially food of C of a few vitamins, material of this kind of nutrition is had to cutaneous ego rehabilitate very good help and stimulative action. And vitamin C still can promote iron to absorb on certain level, enhance the disease-resistant ability of airframe and stimulative cut heal thereby.

Contain a lot ofthe food that has vitamin C to have a lot of, wait like chili, spinach, tomato, cauliflower, balsam pear for instance, besides vitamin C vitamin A wants special attention to complement likewise, because it can accelerate cut,cicatrization.

2. Adipose

The patient after laser surgery still should notice to eat more appropriately in diet some rich contain adipose food, the refreshment of this pair of cut and cutaneous ego rehabilitate are very effective. If fat kind cut heal can be brought about to be short of caustic if be being lacked for long, rich contain adipose food to have a lot of, resemble fish oil for instance. Contain a large number of rich high grade fatty acid among them, can promote the refreshment of cut not only, still have at the same time fight phlogistic action, infection of precaution of this pair of cut is very effective.

But want to notice when complement is adipose, must want choice and some healthy, high grade adipose origin food, wait like deep-sea fish, plain boiled pork for instance. all sorts of pair of red meat are medium adipose should eat less, lest bring about get fat.

3. Tartly food

Besides should notice adipose and the supplementary food of the nutrient material such as the vitamin, laser also has certain contraindication in the food after dispel spot, a lot of food should avoid edible as far as possible to the patient. Resemble all sorts of acrimony, excitant food for instance, this kind of food can stimulate the skin very likely to cause an existing sky thereby medium, Sao is urticant wait for a symptom. Also should avoid food as far as possible to the food of all sorts of easy allergy besides, wait like milk, egg, crab.

Want to let cut restores as soon as possible and avoid inflammation, also should notice avoid certain food to all sorts of patients that send thing so, wait like all sorts of seafood food, potato, polished glutinous rice for instance, these food can affect cutaneous badly to restore.

4. Candy cent

The complement of the heal dextrose of cut also is to compare cannot little, it is human body is offerred basically can person, the candy cent with only many complement just can let skin cut as soon as possible recover from an illness. During cut cicatrizations accordingly the patient mights as well eat some of fruit that contains candy to abound more appropriately, not only OK and fast compensatory candy cent, still can absorb enough vitamin at the same time, it may be said is kill two birds with one stone.