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Fat be genetic? How is fat gene to return a responsibility?

? ? ? ? Of the person fat thin concern with heredity, this already was accepted by most person place. Fat formation and familial heredity are concerned, parental weight is normal the odds with its fat children is about 10% , one of parents are fat the odds with its fat children is about 50% , parents all fat the odds with its fat children is about 80% . We talk about the problem of genetic gene first, have two with fat and relevant gene:

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1. managing gene

? ? ? ? The first is " managing gene " , the times that this gene shorts in food is very important, there is not freezer in those days, the food that does not eat wants broken, be forced to endeavor to eat go down, exceed the share that the body needs, by " managing gene " its melt into adipose keep in storage rises, there will not be food tomorrow, of keep in storage adipose and OK the need that melt into energy supplies the body, the mankind passed developmental ability of hundred thousands of years to get such result.
? ? ? ? From the point of developmental course of the mankind, be in Stone Age hundred thousands of in front years, do not have too big distinction with the animal. Arrive 449 years previously, as agricultural development, food is rich rise, people need not be mixed bunny race, need not mix wrestle of beast of prey, manual activity decreases, human body bad news can be big the earth is managing, candy, adipose, protein stores inside body, among them adipose yield can be the biggest, the energy that place of costal region of 1 gram fat produces is 2.25 times of 1 gram candy or 1 gram protein, and the volume that adipose place takes reserve is the minorrest -- keep in storage 1 gram is adipose the bulk that needs 0.2 cubic millimeter only, because this considers from cost, still store adipose more economical, chair the gene that this storehouse lay aside works, call on biology " managing gene " .
? ? ? ? Come thousands of years, did not get settlement in problem of dress warmly and ear one's fill previously, "Managing gene " lay aside action is in administrative storehouse continuance is individual life, very big effect had in racial multiply aspect. But nowadays, the mankind is long deficient suddenly rich, the tooth is good, appetite good, eat sweet, food is rich, take food overmuch, and manual activity little, energy is entered be more than piece, kept very busy " managing gene " , completely its translate into adipose keep in storage rises, helped this time however busy, brought up fat disease.

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2. fat gene

? ? ? ? There still is additionally one kind of gene in human body, call it on biology " fat gene " , should cry actually " gene reducing weight " ability is right, because this gene can produce thin element. Thin element, just as its name implies, it is the hormone that makes a person thin, it is a kind of protein. Thin element is factor of a kind of gorge, can action adjusts at leaving grave head the drink appetite of human body, also can add those who add heat energy to use up, but it after all not enemy the human pursuit to cate. So much cate eats come in, lack an activity badly again, caloric greatly superfluous, although " fat gene " work hard, eventually have no alternative.

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