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How to protect skin to shrink is pore effect good? How nurturance " porcelain baby " flesh?

The pore of some females friend in the life is very thick, when making up repeatedly, see, this makes them exceedingly difficult, because pore is bulky very influence skin is healthy, also be the expression that skin flexibility drops, so, how to protect skin to shrink is pore effect good? How nurturance " porcelain baby " flesh? Taking these issues, actor or actress accordingly below actor is young make up will look.

How to protect skin to shrink is pore effect good? How nurturance " porcelain baby " flesh? (1)

1, cleanness is not complete

Layer of cutaneous skin base makes a cell ceaselessly, carry superstratum, after waiting for cellular ageing, be like carelessly clean skin, make its metabolism not successful, cannot fall off as scheduled, cause wool stoma to expand.

Your wool stoma is maintained big reason, do not have cleared and clean skin namely, the result that bilge remains for a long time.

This and discharge makeup measure is done not have serious, complete carry out about. When discharge makeup, the variety that uses discharge makeup oily discharge to eliminate eye lip position first makeup, again discharge drops facial ministry makeup. Scarcely should forget the measure of discharge makeup oily emulsification, after soaking a hand with water, the circle is drawn on the face with the clockwise, complete discharge divides rudimental colour makeup.

Finally, clean with the grandma that wash a face, in order to ensure no risk at all. Additional, once a week clean Facial mask is indispensable also, help deep-seated and clean pore.

2, leather fat is secreted exuberant

Superfluous leather fat accumulation is in wool bursa, expand pore, can appear slowly pore is bulky. The person that is oily skin normally compares such many worry.

3, corneous layer is too thick

To you, it is very important that periodic depth cleanness and chamfer work character, want to accomplish double cleanness everyday.

Do basic cleanness with the grandma that wash a face first, after washing a face, make up on facial arsis water is done " 2 cleanness " . Can choose those who contain convergent part to make up water, flap by next upgrade, the meeting after lasting for some time makes pore looks more meticulous, also have at the same time restrain effect of leather fat excretive.

Additional, every other uses chamfer simple product 3 days, if cutin is not seasonable cleared, skin secretion cannot effective eduction, also can make pore greatens.

4, skin ameliorates nurse

◆ attention protects skin to taste composition, specific aim protects skin.

If think contractible pore, so be about to pay close attention to the part that protects skin to taste more when choosing cosmetic. Choose a few contain the salicylic, EGF, product that keeps the part such as albumen of wet amino acid, collagen. They pledge to chamfer respectively, protect wet, fight ageing to have very good effect, all conduce to contractive pore.

◆ retains skin moisture enough.

Skin lacks water, can make every cell becomes shrivelled, the aperture between the cell increases, pore nature also becomes bulky. So, had done filling water to work to be able to make skin tender slip already, conduce to contractive pore again. The proposal is fighting Laohe while the United States is white, also should choose a few keep wet product high.

◆ Wen Shui, cold water washs a face alternately.

Use lukewarm bath face commonly, wen Shui can keep clear of thoroughly more the bilge of skin. But after be over with lukewarm bath, remember use cold water relapses hold up spills facial ministry 20 times or so. Cold water can contract quickly pore, and won't make facial ministry feels dry.

◆ makes up water-cooling apply.

Use heat to bilge likewise cold the method that shrink, with the makeup that contains convergent effect paper film water is soaked, enclothe in facial ministry. Reoccupy finger is pressed gently pressure, cold compress is controlled 10 minutes, very can fast meticulous pore.

5, skin ageing

Grow as the age, blood circulates gradually not smooth, cutaneous subcutaneous tissue is adipose the layer is easy also and flabby, if did not maintain appropriately again, can quicken skin ageing, wool stoma nature is bigger and bigger also.

6, fight often crucial

Pore is bulky cause as a result of skin ageing, because this fights oxidation and control skin consenescence,speed is your urgent affairs.

Above all, should everyday morning and evening uses a few tall nutrition moist composition, have those who tighten up action of facial and flabby skin to fight frost of old elite knead dough at the same time, cooperate to massage stimulative skin to absorb.

Additional, convert the moist and relaxed, pore that does not have stimulation delivers bright skin water closely also is indispensable, will help contractible pore with flapped means.

7, undesirable habits and customs

Daily work and rest not the rule, often stay up late work overtime, smoking drinks, make up the habit is undeserved etc, if be lacked again,nurse appropriately, will more and more serious, wool stoma is bulkier also.

8, protect skin view correctly

Your urgent affairs is give up the bad habit of these cloggy skin health, use the accurate method that protect skin more. If you insist to protect skin to maintain, if skin is improved without a bit however, the method that shows you gave a fault, not be everybody think " idea " the medium common sense that protect skin is right certainly.

For instance, use Facial mask to be able to send skin and pore closely appropriately, but if the word of overspend can be brought,combat the effect (film of face of a lot of deep-seated cleanness maintains pore above all big, ability development pore oily dispenses smudgy belt comes out) .

9, facial ministry massages a method

Massage method 1: ? ? of mew of Zou of hole of   collect begins from chin place, ordinal to cheek, nose, forehead is advanced stage by stage. Can go oedema and pouch, send skin closely to discharge poisonous hairdressing.

Massage method 2: ? ? of  of Nie of deceive of Yong mew knock by inside and outside, from left to right, massage slowly, promotion skin close fact is spent. Contractive pore is clear about skin rubbish, make face of beautiful small V.

Massage method 3: ? ? of Ci of vanadium of Mendelevium of Fu of the  that use benefit is in point of eye ministry point to be pressed gently pressure, remove the flabby condition that eye ministry skins. Go pouch and black rim of the eye are the good method that eye ministry nurses.

Massage method 4: ? ? of Piao of ⒀ of cut up with a hay cutter of official of  of  of Yi of  wisdom Kong increases the haemal circulation of facial ministry. The blood that improves eye ministry skin circulates, contend for strong skin resistance, go black rim of the eye, furrow is very effective.

Massage method 5: ? Kong haze chimney is ticked off tell? of difficult ㄎ of У fearing Qi to massage facial ministry up by corners of the mouth, promote a face the outline of the ministry. Skin of ministry of lip of autumn winter season is very easy and dry drop a skin, to labial ministry nurse, oil of essence of life can be protected already wet protect skin to be able to reduce labial grain again.