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What does the snacks of beautiful flesh have? What snacks to eat to protect skin to raise colour?

Female friend likes snack, and some snacks are healthy to ours have undesirable effect, but some snacks can help us maintain skin health, skin wants to become beautiful, cannot leave these sock, so, what does the snacks of beautiful flesh have? What snacks to eat to protect skin to raise colour? Actor actors or actress below small make up will solve for everybody below.

What does the snacks of beautiful flesh have? What snacks to eat to protect skin to raise colour? (1)

1, the snacks of beautiful flesh

1. fruit is dry

Nutrient composition is condensed, even peel can the fruit doing of edible can say the good associate that is a female. Special recommend fig, apple, La Mei, persimmon, with mango. Contain a lot of β not merely - carotene, gao Kang oxidisability can give skin water the simple sense of embellish. Fruit doing is special still the welcome of the member that the air that gets Thailand and Singapore is taken. Cent outfit is in pouch or it is to last the person that the edible inside machine takes in the box is not little also. Fatigue when can absorb candy at the same time portion, vitaminic with food fiber, also having good effect this a little bit to hairdressing can be very make a person glad.

2. firm fruit

Firm fruit is the closest because of be helpful for hairdressing and be covered extensively, return even for a time be in short supply. It is OK to contain the benign grease with dry antagonism (oleic acid) , can prevent skin occurrence microgroove. To the person of easy when different country travels constipation, edible contains rich fibrous firm fruit can prevent constipation.

3. chestnut

Chestnut is very popular between the member that Chinese sky is taken beautiful flesh food. Chestnut can make gas blood circulation smooth, slant in what cause oedema easily can saying inside cold engine room is the beautiful flesh food that suits most. Additionally chestnut still can promote a woman hormonal secrete. The woman will be extraordinary want to eat chestnut. Additionally chestnut also has very good effect to restoring exhaustion, the meeting in happy viatic road wants to have its company.

Tea of 4. rose fruit

Rose fruit tea has individual name to call vitaminic C bomb. Light sees this name can experience rose fruit tea to contain how rich vitaminic C! Have beautiful flesh effect not only, vitaminic C still can alleviate pressure, because this is narrow to be in,dimensional Xuan can feel can be very helpful for irritating person. Have inside machine provide hot water, and can take tea by oneself be wrapped.

2, the item that protects skin

1, do not need by day with elite

Maintain trivally in the program, base fluid and elite can omit completely, carry protect wet sparge, fill at any time for skin water, can maintain water oil of a day to balance, remember, just need not use elite by day.

2, use purify of discharge makeup product corneous

At ordinary times when discharge makeup, can pledge in T area and chin isogon the part of easy accumulation is added more massage, straight line feeling has dissolve of grain shape grease to go out can, this kind of method not only OK and deep-seated clean pore, return can gentle chamfer to pledge, and not exciting skin.

3, protect wet noodle film to replace makeup before breed

On makeup before apply keeps wet noodle film one piece, the moisture of skin is enough, go up next makeup meeting is lightsome docile, and hold makeup time will be longer.

4, sparge type make up water

Can spray directly at facial, leave out with make up the measure of cotton daub, and be after clean face be skin filling water quickly. Still can carry with each passing day, alleviate at any time skin is dry.