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Protect skin to taste must want whole set to use? Is whole set used protect skin to taste effect better?

Nursing cutaneous moment, paper of a lot of younger sister is easy blind follows suit, feel others is used protect skin to had been tasted, oneself also are used accordingly, but little imagine skins the skin that nursing is need him union undertakes character, so, protect skin to taste must want whole set to use? Is whole set used protect skin to taste effect better? Actor or actress accordingly below actor is young make up will look.

Protect skin to taste must want whole set to use? Is whole set used protect skin to taste effect better? (1)

1, the choose and buy protects skin to taste a principle

Taste according to skinning the circumstance chooses to protect skin, do not want the prison that be covered by whole set

MM people the choose and buy protects skin to taste have two errors, it is " follow suit " the phenomenon is serious, those who see others is used is good, oneself also defeat the home accordingly, do not see composition function, the affirmation that big housekeeping money has worn is good. Lucky it is good to encounter what suit oneself truly to protect skin to taste nature, but most circumstance is to do not have so lucky, do not suit oneself protect skin to taste resemble chickening ribs, the insipidity that feed, those who abandon regrettablly. Still one is plant is shop guides buy recommend a phenomenon at random serious, guide buy a regular meeting basis brand advocate the set that turn will have subjective sale, composition of divine horse effect is cloud drift completely, only their product just is all-purpose, buying is, buy to calculate more. Face such market level, must be us " face " feel sad, guide besides the whole inside the industry buy quality to be strengthened urgently, MM people the choose and buy protects skin to taste also should drill with respect to brilliant of brilliant of a pair of pinkeye ability avoids by " flicker " .

Protect skin to taste want form a complete set to use, differ want whole set to use surely

The skin of everybody is qualitative different, the skin problem that encounter also is met different, even if is young skin the problem that encounter is opposite less, also not be onefold. Still need to protect yellow gas of wet, dispel, weak spot while need beauty is white, the protects skin to taste issue that such whole set use came, often it is onefold that one protects skin to taste the problem that can solve, be like: Beautiful white series, keep wet set, fight knit set, solved this problem, another skin problems cannot get significant improvement. The use of complete set product is not perfect the law that protect skin, nurse according to what skin demand chooses to differ the product just is to nurse kingcraft.

The product of close effect uses effect of meeting influence product together

Because the effect of whole set product is consistent mostly, such meetings cause the effect between the product mutual disappear is weak, dermatology expert thinks: Of product ingredient or effect similar, after tie-in combination, efficiency can be lost by mutual disappear instead, quits. Suggest everybody does not use what be the same as effect in phase to protect skin to taste at the same time. The truth is very actually simple also, the part that the product place of same effect contains and working principle are similar, the absorption that adds skin itself ability is limited, same nutrition is absorbed also be not absorbed too much, the phenomenon that appears to offset each other even.

Timely change the brand that protect skin, give skin brand-new environment

Use a brand protect skin to taste feel pretty good still to be used for a long time, this must say also is greatly error, use for a long time like the body same kind of material, itself also can produce certain immune effect, even if is again good product also won't produce effect to acme. Timely choice changes of different brand protect skin to taste, taste have a taste of what is just in season to skin, the metabolism that ability lets skin and it is better to absorb effect. Change a brand to use, must not a complete set of is changed completely, because,such skin cells are met of the outside " choppy " and get " fright " , cause skin generation is unwell, best method or sheet are tasted use, sheet is tasted change.

Mix build also should build knowledgeably, mix a few principles that build to must be written down prison

If you are to be good at a choose and buy protecting skin to taste really, look below mix build protect skin to taste principle of choose and buy, you also can become very quickly protect skin to taste amount to a person, act on to oneself " face " the manner that bear the blame, abandon those protect skin badly to taste use habit!

1, protect skin to taste a choose and buy not to follow suit, try out understanding very be necessary

The choose and buy protects skin to taste, want to understand the brand somewhat not only, should be in to the main effect of the product, bases choose and buy when it is clear to seek advice, spot try out is very be necessary, try out hind does not do a decision to whether be bought immediately, can continue the product with other choose and buys, look again after half an hour had used the skin that protects skin to taste whether to it before have difference, whether to have allergy red wait for a phenomenon, if feel good,can be at ease buy. If feel such too complex, guide is bought or outfit of the try out of orgnaization of a few professional try out that get also is the method of very good test, after oneself are used, feel the result is right with respect to OK, after all each bottles value does not poor, serious consider is responsible to oneself, right also oneself " face " responsible.

2, much effect protects skin to taste, regular meeting brings a burden to skinning

Have too much protect skin to taste advertisement to allege oneself can be solved consider skin issue more, much effect all-round, ask you to must remember a bit: Much effect protects skin to taste is not to do not have, have, but also meet to the harm of skin the biggest change. Carrying a chemical reagents on the head to go to work all the day, as time passes, skin also is met " complain of being wronged goes on strike " . It is OK that the choose and buy protects skin to taste according to his demand choice distinct category differs the product of effect, for instance clean face uses deep-seated cleanness, elite use beauty is white, cream is used protect wet, such with one action are much, different the product that covers a department can solve multiple skin problem likewise.

3, product part is very important, duochaduo sees a choose and buy have ensure

The composition of the product must be cleared up before the choose and buy protects skin product, be in what the country pledged check total bureau is promulgated 2010 especially " cosmetic label administers a regulation " in point out cosmetic of all and homebred, entrance clearly, must indicate composition, check product ingredient is more Anacreontic changed, website of a few cosmetic still rolls out product ingredient major to inquire a tool, protect skin to taste li of contained part effective, be clear at a glance, protect skin to taste for the choose and buy also added a safeguard.

2, how to defend wet filling water

1, will clean things trades milder kind. Avoid to use grind the arenaceous grandma that wash a face, change composition is pure, gentle protect the wet grandma that wash a face. In the meantime, hot water can destroy film of cutaneous skin fat, reduce the cuticular capacity that defend water, and capillary of exciting face ministry is outspread, make a person dry itch uncomfortable. So, moderate clean range tastes face of lukewarm clean of tie-in and gentle water to be able to avoid skin moisture " evaporate " . Protect skin to want to use in the morning protect Shi Shuang skin water, protect wet eye frost to reach protect wet latex to wait for at least 3 kinds to protect wet kind protect skin to taste, give skin enough thick covering layer.

2, before sleeping, must brush protect wet protect skin to taste, especially eye ministry and labial ministry must notice to protect wet, lest cause microgroove. Overmuch water is not drunk before sleeping, lest cause body dropsy.

3, complement to protect wet fruit vegetables appropriately everyday, by inside and outside fight dry. Water content of vegetable, fruity exceeds 70% commonly, even if eats vegetables of 500 grams fruit one day only, also can obtain moisture of 300 much milliliter. Celery has clear hot relieve internal heat or fever, exuberant to irascibility, skin has profit very much for coarse Mm, and it still has a large number of crude fibre, have promote stimulate peristalsis of intestines and stomach. Pear is everybody know fall igneous fruit, exceptional balsam pear, tomato, banana, it is the good vegetables and fruits of can compensatory moisture.

4, carrot is qualitative fragile delicious, nutrition is rich, the function that people protects vision to it is not unfamiliar, but in dry season, eat some of carrot, still have moist cutaneous effect. Carrot contains rich β - carotene, it can be changed into vitamin A inside small intestine. Vitamin A expresses cerebral cortex to have protective effect to cutaneous, can make the person's skin soft embellish, burnish, bouncy, because this is called again " hairdressing vitamin " . In food if lack vitamin A, can cause the skin dry, corneous metabolization is wrong, easy flabby ageing.

5, a few small plants are raised on desk, wait for hydrophyte like narcissus, perhaps raise two little goldfish to accompany copper cash grass in small aquarium, the lunt that evaporates naturally not only the humidity that can increase local environment, form natural " vivid oxygen " , still can alleviate eyesight is fatigue, make working environment halcyon and sweet.

6, drinking water more is to protect wet the first gist of course, drinking water of course also is to have cultured, everybody can add bit of honey inside water, because honey has the effect of clear heat, alexipharmic moisten the respiratory tract, had better be in the morning when getting up, drink, it is wet to protecting so have very great help.