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Use protect skin to taste is there order? Is summer used protect skin to taste an attention what?

In burning hot summer, our skin appears more easily of the problem, secrete because of skin grease exuberant, and mosquito of easy also action bites on the skin, nursing cutaneous moment, younger sister paper people daub of constant regular meeting is very much protect skin to taste, or medicaments is on the face, use actually protecting skin to taste also is to have ordinal cultured, those who read an article will solve below.

Use protect skin to taste is there order? Is summer used protect skin to taste an attention what? (1)

1, use should note order

At the same time daub prevents stage woman bask in frost to prevent midge fluid " toxic "

Recently, according to news of hookup of much home TV station, the skin of some patients arises because of what chemistry reacts and roseola, swollen mark, the skin of some people because this agnail, it is the measure that protects skin originally, rose unfortunately however to harm cutaneous consequence, news says, taiwan woman Wang Mou is used because of repeating even both and showed to faint phenomenon, the reason is prevented just about bask in breast and composition of the fluid that prevent midge to hand in chemistry of the generation after folding to react.

The expert expresses, majority is prevented in basking in breast, contain " ketone of 2 benzene armour " (Oxybenzone) composition, as common as midge of the drive in the fluid that prevent midge chemical composition " the appropriate that need second " (DEET, say again enemy avoid, enemy avoid amine, avoid midge amine) wipe each other, can bring about " the appropriate that need second " composition is cruel increase 3 times amount, in case skin infiltration is too much dosage, the person lets produce be addicted to to sleep with respect to the likelihood after 10 minutes, insensible, break out epileptic, nerve even toxic.

Interview a dermatologist with respect to this matter according to Taiwan media, latter expresses, "The appropriate that need second " can cause muscle and neurological paralytic, brush prevent after basking in breast, fasten as far as possible again gush prevents midge fluid, if have to is used together, want interval half hours above.

Were you ignored? The summer is used protect skin to taste require an attention " early or late "

In fact, the expert that protect skin expresses, the skin of everybody is qualitative each different, in the various variety protecting skin that the summer uses, what Everyman needs to be used is not much, also use a kind only or a few kinds just, compare complex skin issue in the light of partial crowd, the expert expresses, even " suit the remedy to the case " , usually, do not suggest at the same time " mix build " a variety of products. If need to use a few to protect skin to taste certainly, when be being used together, should be orderly first " dew " , hind " fluid " , finally " frost " .

For skin good: ? Q  dash forward  equipment? minute maintain the program lies between 30 seconds

So, for the angle from skin, maintain taste " is interval used " what profit is there? Original, because of day frost or prevent the itself of quality of a material that basks in frost thicker stiff, maintain so and make up between the program, want interval the least 5 to 10 minutes, absorb lacteal frostlike powder adequately with enough time to skin. Otherwise, with respect to the likelihood float is in by pink skin surface, if after this goes up then colour makeup, makeup look is very hard also " docile " .

For the angle from science, summer protects skin, interval answers between every working procedure that protect skin 30 seconds come 2 minutes, this is the skin is absorbed maintain taste need " reaction time " , also can effective avoid a few chemistry react hand in fold generation. Patting make up the latency time after water, people also can flap with finger tip skin help is absorbed gently, also should hit a circle to massage after latex smear, sensory skin is absorbed end, time interval also arrived.

2, relaxed the means that charges oil

Do not use black radical kind clean face product

The clean face product of the alkali sex such as black radical although can effective grease " blow " clean, but the leather fat film that will naturally damage skin surface layer, leather fat film was not perfected, sebaceous glands is about to quicken the exudation of leather fat, bring about more leather fat gushing pore, in the meantime, the leather fat film of damage cannot have normal defence function, sensitive and coarse wait for skin problem to be able to search subsequently come.

Will tell to oily skin, complete cleanness differs to want to want deep-seated cleanness together, "Deep " control very hard to what degree, have a bit can cause harm 2 times to skin carelessly, because this is in day-to-day clean work, want to accomplish proper cleanness, amino acid kind clean face product is optimal choice.

Physisorption method is feasible, but should not use at whole face

Contain grain of adsorption accusing oil to be like kaolin, silicon through using kind of composition maintain taste the effect that can have safe and adsorptive oil, but the force accusing oil of this kind of adsorptive composition is extremely powerful, have a bit can cite the skin problem such as detonate skin carelessly, fill position in the Pi Zhiwang such as T area so local use best, avoid whole face to use.

Gentle acerbity kind shine skin composition

Salicylic acid reachs its ramification, hydroxyl second acid can rise to restrain the effect of sebaceous glands effectively below condition of low pH indicator, this is the route that controls leather fat from skin fountainhead, in the meantime, this kind of acidity shine the old useless cutin that skin composition still can pile up all round the rubbish in effective and clean pore and pore, restrain grease excretive to still can go blandly at the same time corneous.

The active zinc that curb bacterium accuses oil again

Activator has the effect that accuses oil not only, still be agent of bacterium of a kind of very strong curb, in antagonism skin fat while prevent blain blain generation.

The Chinese traditional medicine that mite of antagonism squirm form cannot leave material

Use contain anguine bed child, the tuber of stemona, of the part of drive bug plant such as dandelion maintain taste or the first selection plan that lotion is the leather fat problem that mite of antagonism squirm form poses, parasitism the wool cysticercus in pore is eliminated thoroughly, avoided wool cysticercus to promote leather fat to quicken excretive vicious circle again for food with leather fat.