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Why to skin absorb force to become poor? Is skin absorbed hard protect skin to taste how to return a responsibility?

Paper of a lot of younger sister is nursing cutaneous moment, like pyramid style will nurse oneself skin, feel only much Tu Xie protects skin to taste, the skin just can become better, actually our skin is to have certain absorption force, if your besmear face is very much,protect skin to taste, the skin can be not absorbed completely certainly, and still can cause blain, so, why to skin absorb force to become poor? Will look

Why to skin absorb force to become poor? Is skin absorbed hard protect skin to taste how to return a responsibility? (1)

1, the reason that absorbs hard

Actually this and air temperature matter absolutely, torrid weather can promote sebaceous glands to secrete, and we often room of air conditioning of pass in and out, skin water branch evaporates quickly, cause crass cutin an accumulation of a close together ground is on the skin, cause the inflammation reaction of skin cell plus ultraviolet stimulation, so much problem is in cause trouble, pardonable maintain article can be by archives outside the door.

Before telling everybody settlement method, think back to together first, fall ill when us when doing not have effort to have a meal, are you to you can choose the beefsteak of one guest great deal to eat and drink too much, still boil clear congee a few much food? The answer should be apparent, when us skin lies problem state when, must not take one caboodle to maintain article brush toward the face, skin not only cannot absorb, still can cause blain blain problem.

Above all you want method is cleared the corneous accumulation on the face, originally the chamfer of weekly pledges or deep-seated cleanness can consider to increase a week twice, and be in everyday after morning and evening washs a face, should use make up water flaps, make up water not only can offer water share for skin, have clean effect 2 times more, remember must be being used please make up cotton.

Because make up,cotton can take away the dirty stuff above together while the contact skins, make up water can be patted more again after be brushed, mix because of skin the body is same, when you hungry thirsty when, regular meeting drinks water first, etc solved thirsty (compensatory moisture) just can want to have a meal (absorb nutrient) .

And maintaining those who taste choose go up to also can add a few acid kind composition, for example acid of salicylic, fruit, almond acid, contain acid kind maintain article can help bate cutin, raise the metabolization rate of skin, especially with gentle almond acid more appropriate, must remember strengthening nevertheless prevent bask in, avoid ultraviolet ray to stimulate thinner skin, no matter you are brushed,contain acid however kind maintain article should so do.

Solved the problem of corneous accumulation, be about to treat the condition of inflammation next, summer often feels the skin red iron again, this can not be the malic flesh of white snow princess, however your skin is stimulated by ultraviolet ray and " catch mad " , you must think method pacifies its mood, the choice has aplomb slow, those who restrain the effect such as inflammation maintain it is very important to taste.

Ten million avoids to contain the product of alcohol composition, you may feel cool to be absorbed coolly again very fast, actually it volatilizes, and the skin pour oil on the fire that still can let you, I suggest to resemble is the natural plant part such as golden detailed plum, small cucumber, lavender, compare the effect that can have conciliation to human body, caress like tender to skin ground touch, it with respect to anger total need.

Of course, without giving thought to Chun Xiaqiu winter, maintaining best always is after bathing, help facial ministry be done first massage, write down so that I am saying all the time " protect, knead, hold, pull, play, pat " , the skin appetite that can let you absolutely is big, play knife and fork.

2, wintry day protects wet skill

1. optimal keep wet time

Consider to point out, in the evening at 8 o'clock - at 10 o'clock this paragraph of time is skin defence when force is the weakest. In the evening at 11 o'clock - before dawn 1 o'clock is the cell is repaired protect a new student exuberant period. The proposal has been done before Duan Zhi of these two time keep wet job, in long protect period have deep-seated repair.

2. protects wet elite + latex

Protect the property with relaxed quality of a material of wet elite itself to make it is become in keeping wet job " main force " , if feel skin is coarse, 3~4 drop is joined to protect wet elite in lacteal frostlike powder, will protect wet composition development to permeate skin through massaging, ensure wet moist result remarkable.

3. protects wet elite + film

Want to center filling water, the most effective method is apply Facial mask. Before apply Facial mask smear protects wet elite fluid, can seal the excellent part of elite fluid effectively. If skin is special,lack water, can connect apply 7 days, wait for elite fluid to be absorbed again apply Facial mask, the instead after improving is weekly 2.

4. makes up water + protect wet elite

Make up the effect of water is the 2nd cleanness, soft change corneous layer, fill again to skin water, promote maintain absorb effectively what taste. Use first make up cotton is touched make up ministry of face of water wet apply 5 minutes, again daub protects wet elite fluid to be able to be absorbed weller by skin, make skin gets enough nutrition.

5. control protects wet elite dosage

Winter is used protect wet elite, every time dosage should be controlled drip in 3~5, the summer every time 2~3 drips. T word area needs paint only everyday, all round eye ministry and labial ministry 2 enough, if elite fluid is brushed too much,bring about a bacterium easily to cause.