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How to balance cutaneous water oil? How does control skin give oily case?

If the water oil of skin is balanced, so the problem of skin also can decrease, and skin water oil is one of main base requirements that keep skin health evenly, when our body skin appears long blain, grease is secreted exuberant, when growing the problem such as furrow, also be the expression of oily unbalance of our skin water, so, how to balance cutaneous water oil? Will look.

How to balance cutaneous water oil? How does control skin give oily case? (1)

1, the method that balances water oil

Point1 filling water is protected wet from inside to outside

Should accomplish defend wet filling water truly, need drinks water more, feed the moisture that place of human body of complement of fresh vegetables and fruits requires and microelement more. On this foundation, use filling water to defend get twice the result with half the effort of wet product ability, dietary respect notices even little absorb fat and acrimony wait for bad to the skin food.

Point2 does good clean work

Summer on the face give oil easily, because this pair gives the place with much oil to want key cleanness, strengthen filling water to control oily job, ability is protected for skin further wet. Divide this beyond, suntan to prevent, MM is met everyday Tu Fang is basked in, accordingly discharge makeup works absolutely cannot lazy, thoroughly clean ability prevents blain blain to arise, maintain good skin to pledge.

Point3 is used keep wet product suitably

After cleanness passes, need is used protect wet product to undertake nursing. In summer, use relaxed latex shape or of quality of a material protect skin to taste, the requirement that can satisfy skin filling water already can avoid too fat; again the skin of oily to slanting easy long blain, have those who accuse oil to protect blain of blain of wet, precaution to arise to protect skin to taste, it is the optimal option that holds relaxed good position.

2, defend wet method wrongly

1. Facial mask every day apply

Better for pursuit ensure wet result, a little beautiful eyebrow can choose everyday apply keeps wet noodle film, this kind of practice is wrong actually. Maintaining in tasting, Facial mask belongs to tall nutrition protect skin to taste. But even if is such, protect wet noodle film to also cannot be done every day, can cause burden and harm to skin otherwise. Protect a week of wet noodle film to use it is OK to arrive twice.

Apply of 2. Facial mask arrives dry

Some people think, Facial mask all the time apply arrives dry, the in recruiting Facial mask elite of skin ability maximum, actually, when present film begins desiccate, can absorb the moisture on the face instead, protect wet noodle film not to take care to be able to be met turn bibulous face into film, cause prediction of a person's luck in a given year of facial ministry moisture, be just the opposite to what one wished. Accordingly, Facial mask is general apply 10 to 20 minutes enough.

3. is excessive clean

Wash a face often, those who bring is corneous layer as a result be destroyed, facial ministry cannot secrete grease to come from me protect normally, can cause sensitive, flood even the symptom such as red, desquamate. So, one day washs a face to cannot exceed twice at most with the grandma that wash a face. In the meantime, also should control good water lukewarm, cannot too hot, skin otherwise can become drier and drier.

4. sparge gush keeps

The cosmetologist says, when feeling skin is dry, can one gush protects gush wet sparge. But although can bring moisture for skin temporarily,protect wet sparge, because do not contain the part that can lock up water, if use spray often, can take away the normal grease of skin instead, the principle that this follows to wash a face often is same. So, had better use spray when feeling skin is very dry only.

5, summer does not need protect wet elite

As the growth of the age, skin can begin ageing, because this need gives,skin proper nutrition. This moment, it is quite important to protect wet elite, do not think to only Qiu Dong season just can be used protect wet elite. Want you to skin always removes a skin or give oil only, perhaps feel general to protect skin to taste cannot improve cutaneous condition, so you are used with respect to need protect wet elite.