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How to measure the level with sensitive skin oneself? How is judgement skin sensitive flesh?

Sensitive flesh is a kind of skin kind that serves hard quite, the female friend of sensitive flesh nurses doubly in daily life need oneself skin, and return need society alleviate symptom of a few unwell when skin is allergic, so, how to measure the level with sensitive skin oneself? How is judgement skin sensitive flesh? Actor actors or actress below small make up be solved for everybody.

How to measure the level with sensitive skin oneself? How is judgement skin sensitive flesh? (1)

1, skin is sensitive test


Test: Which are you kind sensitive flesh

A few simple questions, can help you quickly find solve skin change garments according to the season sensitive and vexed method

Choose A -- 1 grading B -- 3 grading C -- 5 cent

1 your skin exterior how?

A pore is exquisite but lack luster

B is more exquisite, but T word have glossy a bit

C pore is bulky, float glossy

2 your skins tactility how

Tactility of A whole face is exquisite, softness

B two buccal tactility are smooth and exquisite, nose a bit fat

Tactility of C whole face fat

Do 3 your skin produce acne easily?

A not, never

B yes, occasionally

C yes, often happen

4 wash facial skin to be met normally

A produces take up move very quickly

B has a little stretch tight closely feel

C did not stretch tight closely feel

5 your faces can the ministry appear have leather appearance?

A often appears

B weather is special the two buccal conferences when working appear

C never

6 your skin the current situation how

A is sent quite closely, bouncy

B has a bit flabbily

C is special and flabby

The furrow of ministry of 7 your faces circumstance

A basically is done not have, canthus has soft grain a bit

B canthus has microgroove

C forehead has microgroove to appear, canthus, furrow of corners of the mouth more apparent

What do 8 your cream give you normally feel

A is quite moist, return sometimes feel dry

B is not bad, without what especially other feeling

C is willing to besmear not quite, like a few more relaxed feel

9 you feel your skin should how improvement

A is protected wet, because drier

B two buccal protect wet, t area is best can go oil

C is relaxed, because of too oily

Choose A -- 1 grading B -- 3 grading C -- 5 cent

Evaluate a result:

10-15 cent drying is sensitive skin -- skin should drink full water

Your skin arrives change garments according to the season always is dryasdust and coarse and rough, water makes up to be able to feel a bit on one put on the skin smartly, scratchy, meet sometimes desquamate, the person that has these a few kinds of symptoms belongs to dry sex sensitive skin. Because skin is held,the reason with sensitive skin is dry, bring about defensive function to reduce, should plant adequately only protect wet can.

16-21 divides neuter and sensitive skin -- avoid exciting part

Neuter skin is the skin that is worth pride most undoubtedly, but red blood silk also may be come up against when change garments according to the season, red wait for trouble, bring about sensitive because protect skin to taste a choice,be undeserved, because this neutral skins cannot excessive chamfer is qualitative, avoid to use the product of excitant composition, maintain skin water oil to be able to avoid change garments according to the season evenly appropriately sensitive.

22-35 cent mixes a gender sensitive skin -- it is more important to nurse apart

Mixture sex is sensitive flesh is the most unmanageable skin undoubtedly, every time change garments according to the season, t word with U word must nurse apart, but need to had held a T word only accuse oil, u word keep wet secret, can avoid blain blain very the trouble that desquamate is raided at the same time.

35-50 divides oily and sensitive flesh -- accuse oil to protect wet should hold concurrently provide

On your face easy appear blain blain and little grain, can red, agnail, wait for even the cheek easy dry place also wrinkle blain. Sensitive because superfluous and adherent skin fat and water portion inadequacy cause skin to defend function is reduced,be former, the Pi Zhihe that wants purify to be made more only is protected adequately wet can.

2, summertime filling water needs to notice

1, juice of saline taste soup either first selection

If the quantity containing salt of soup is 0.5% (major person likes saline taste of this pH indicator) , so the boiling water that drinks 1 cup of 200 milliliter, absorb 1 gram salt. By city carry out all sorts of soup makings, soup expects piece recommend the quantity that add water, saline content of Shang Zhong is in normally 0.7% ~ 1.0% between.

So, do soup to want to put salt less as far as possible, especially the soup of the sort of for preserve one's health Bao, want to drink two bowls more, must very little salt, control is in 0.3% the following, just had a bit saline taste can, do not put salt completely even.

Otherwise not only cannot preserve one's health, increase nephritic burden instead, draw high blood pressure even.

2, sweetmeats of a thick soup adds boiling water less as far as possible candy

Besides beverage, self-restrained soup a thick soup and drink add candy likely also. For instance a thick soup of red sweetened bean taste, green sweetened bean taste, tremella, Xue Li a thick soup, almond is suckled, walnut grandma. If be not to add candy to drink no less than going to really, add less as far as possible, increase the lowermost limit amount that oneself can accept.

3, contain candy beverage is drunk less as far as possible

Alleged little candy, sugar is not put as far as possible when drinking soup, a thick soup, water namely, or put sugar less. All sorts of sweet taste beverage on market, the breed that tags low candy contains sugar volume to be in 4% ~ 6% between, common product is in 8% ~ 10% between, the product that do not have candy is in 0.5% the following. If contain sugar,the quantity is 8% , so drink 500 milliliter a bottle beverage, besides water, still can absorb 40 grams candy, be equivalent to the carbohydrate quantity of half bowls of rice. In 1.25 litres big coke, contain candy to make an appointment with 130 grams, be equivalent to the quantity of 1 bowl of half rice, and drink rise and lightly.

So, world each country proves, drink sweet beverage is the main reason that sends fertilizer. Should avoid city as far as possible carry out is sweet beverage, pure even fruit juice also does not suggest to exceed a cup everyday, because sugar content is very high also, be in normally 8% ~ 16% between.