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Does sensitive food let skin easily really blacken? Eat sensitive food to affect the United States white?

Sensitive alimental type has a lot of kinds, believe female friend is relative also to sensitive food understanding, if you want to make your skin a bit whitener,be, should avoid the food with photosensitive edible so, so, does sensitive food let skin easily really blacken? Eat sensitive food to affect the United States white? Actor or actress accordingly below actor is young make up will look.

Does sensitive food let skin easily really blacken? Eat sensitive food to affect the United States white? (1)

1, sensitive food lets the skin blacken

Beauty of vitamin C external use is white the effect is differred

Dimension C can the common sense that beautiful white skin appears to had become widely known, but a lot of people to dimension C why can beautiful still be water of a mist in vain. Before paragraph time has a netizen to quiz on small gain, can dimension C allow external use more easily does skin blacken?

Doctor Mao puts forward, vitamin C can remove the beauty's white effect to basically have two requirements. It is absorbed more easily by skin and the maintenance with oneself can very good character is stabilized. And allude how does vitamin C make skin easily more beautiful with ability white? She thinks, c of vitamin of profess to convinced can reduce the speed of skin, can raise the beautiful whiteness of skin. Do not encourage external use at the same time vitamin C. Because become when vitamin C chroma is exorbitant, stimulate skin easily, and vitamin C oxidizes extremely easily, external use can not have the effect of beautiful white skin. Although external use dimension C not can very good beautiful white skin, but also won't make skin easier blacken.

Sensitization feeds material to let really easily skin blacken

The feeds material to enhance skin easily speed with intense odour? Let skin more easily really like the celery caraway vegetable that has excitant taste blacken, the woman that loves the United States is in summer as far as possible little absorb the vegetable such as this.

Although be put in sensitization to feed capable person really, but the normal intake in daily life can not is opposite skin causes harm. The experiment makes clear, the celery in normal cookbook " photosensitive is vegetable " won't reach harmful capacity, to most person character can need not worry: "In common vegetable, photosensitive material content is highest is celery. And normal celery eats on 229 grams to also won't have a problem, so other ' photosensitive is vegetable ' need not worry more. "

2, skin change garments according to the season is protected wet need to notice

Nightly need is strong change protect wet

Should be in nightly keep wet job for skin aggrandizement, because,not be only nightly the gold time that is skin get rid of the stale and take in the fresh, more important is the need that stems from self-healing and metabolization, the exterior temperature of nightly skin can promote 0.5-1.0 Celsius, right now so moisture evaporates more easily, cause skin dry and coarse, especially the airtight space to air conditioning room, the rate of moisture prediction of a person's luck in a given year of skin will be rapidder, so nightly aggrandizement protects wet job to appear more important.

Oily skin is short of actually oily

Most person knows, because the water oily function of skin is disorder,oily skin gives oil easily is, those who lack moisture content is alimentary, actually this is exterior phenomenon only. Oily skin the clean face product with normally more powerful force of apt use cleanness, this meeting causes the protective screen damage of skin, function of leather fat film degrades, what right now skin lacks truly is oily cent actually. Consideration of the need when so oily skin is choosing to keep wet product is skin to complement appropriately a few oil that can rival place of Pi Zhibing barrier to need are divided, can reduce glossy effectively so.

Stick moist of ≠ of be bored with

Speak of moist use move, emerge the likelihood in our brain is the condition that the sort of glossy is full of, actually not certain, simple sense sticks heavy full figure of be bored with keeping wet product is to be normally ripe age and light ripe age dry flesh research and development, among them fat photograph composition is more. And to common skin and young skin character, a lot of products are met in the recipe with a few transparent qualitative acid kind protect wet composition to replace oil, more pure and fresh on use feeling bright slips. Protect wet sparge should how gush?

Can buy on market it is roughly OK to protect wet sparge cent is 3 kinds, pure dew of natural mineral water, plant and make up water recipe sparge, have in skin protect wet appeal to when begging, hind both it is OK use alone it is certain to be skin filling water and have maintain wet ability, but if be use mineral water kind sparge, need to use face paper blot after spray redundant moisture, pledge wet product is kept on besmear according to skin next, may let skin become drier otherwise.

Glossy blain flesh defend wet strategy

The meeting on the choice that the blain blain flesh that glossy is full of defends wet product in summer very headache, or it is to feel fat, or it is to feel skin cannot control really product accusing oil that nearly can skin blot accuse oily force formidably. Actually, the summer of oily skin is protected wet should with relaxed give priority to, dan Runze also is necessary, use product is not certainly with all sorts of accusing oily composition piles up and become, can use first protect wet latex lightsomely, be in next glossy of facial and easy extensive or the area of blain length blain use product accusing oil alone.

Of Morpheus Facial mask suffer numerous actually very Xiao

Will look from the recipe, morpheus Facial mask and cream or it is gel kind keep wet product and do not have too big different, and Morpheus Facial mask is stemmed from those who sell the consideration of the photograph to be able to join a few macromolecule normally is colloid, this kind of composition as lasting like film can keep apart skin and air basically, prevent moisture to evaporate thereby, from the point of another angle, this will naturally affect the normal metabolization of leather fat, do not suit sensitive flesh and the blain blain flesh that have inflammation to use so.