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What habit makes you mad grow furrow? What does the habit that makes you mad grow furrow have?

No matter be male friend or female friend, hope oneself can always nurture is green, but, we know this is impossible, without the person can appearance is not old, as time elapse, the age of people can grow, also begin to grow furrow on the face, do then you know? Besides growing furrow along with time, still having a few bad habits also can bring about furrow.

What habit makes you mad grow furrow? What does the habit that makes you mad grow furrow have? (1)

1, the habit that makes you mad grow furrow

1. is sedentary. Canada considers to discover, the old person reduces sedentary time, can improve old person skin to form significantly, make the skin young 10 years above. Researcher expresses, take exercise twice every week, every time 30 minutes, let the skin look younger not only, return the effect that can have changeover skin ageing.

2. loves to take the flesh and candy. A new research that involves the person that many 450 ginseng tries discovers, the flesh kind the person that absorb most ginseng to try with milk products produces the skin to be basked in the most serious. And damage of skin of the person that eat the ginseng with vegetable, olive oil, legume and most cruelly oppress to try is least. Meeting data shows American dermatology, tall sweet content can make the skin old faster.

3. takes a car to be used to window relying on a car. American dermatology is met Dr. Ronald Moyi expresses former wrinkle, car windshield and car window can hold back UVB of sunshine ultraviolet ray, but cannot prevent harmful ultraviolet smooth UVA, if things go on like this can increase skin consenescence and skin cancer risk. Drive everyday commuted person may discover, side face, neck and arm are basked in more serious.

4. loves to use straw. Facial movement can bring about any reduplicative furrow. Often use straw to drink beverage to be able to add labial ministry wrinkle.

5. does not wear sunglass. Dr. Moyi expresses, go out not to wear sunglass, besides skin of ministry of the eye that bask in an injury, always be eyeball of have sth in mind of narrow one's eyes sees a thing also can bring about an eye ministry lines adds.

6. sleeps to always love face a side. Sleep total love is left lie or on the right side of lie, bring about furrow of facial a side more easily to increase. Those who prevent furrow is optimal sleep appearance is to lie on one's back. Bostonian university cosmetic and laser center director Dr. Aimi Gelabai suggest, when lying on one's back, a pillow can be filled up below knee, sleep more loosen.

7. rubs an eye too forcibly. All round the eye the skin already thin tender, produce furrow easily. Dr. Gelabai suggests, eye ministry makes up or glasses of Dai Yin form when, should avoid too tug, pull drag eyelid.

8. washs a face to cross frequency, protect wet inadequacy. Wash a face to cross frequency or use not in time protect Shi Shuang, bring about skin cell desiccate easily, color of skin is dim, furrow grow in quantity. Expert of dermatological department of center of Maryland university medicine suggests, wash a face with Wen Shui, seasonable daub answers to protect Shi Shuang after washing a face.

2, the food that fights wrinkle

1, cherry -- cherry juice can help facial skin tender going knitting clear spot in vain is hairdressing fruit from of old. Cherry juice can help facial skin tender Bai Gongrun, go knitting clear spot, be many beautiful white products love most. Cherry contains a lot ofvitamin C not only, and contain iron to be abounded extremely, it is 13 times of hawkthorn, 20 times of the apple. Besides containing iron to measure Gao Zhi, it still contains a balance coriaceous secrete, the vitamin A that defers ageing, help skin of activation cell, beautification.

2, carrot -- contain rich pectic material carrot to be known as " skin food " , can moist skin. Carrot contains rich pectic material, can be united in wedlock with mercury, make the harmful composition in human body is gotten with eduction, skin looks more exquisite and ruddy. It contains β carotene, can fight oxidation and beautiful white skin, prevent the precipitation of melanin, the much complement of OK and cleared skin is qualitative. It also is contained fight oxidation cannot little vitamin E.

3, pomegranate -- have very strong fight oxidation, take a skin to extract juice effect more delicate and charming the red pomegranate that is about to drip has been confirmed to have very strong fight oxidation. It contains the part with a kind of acerbity flower calling tan, can make the cell avoids the harm of ray of the pollution in the environment, UV, alimentary cell, the consenescence of slow down human body. Research makes clear, tan beautiful acid compares the much phenol that contains in red wine and green tea in radiation-proof respect more " fierce " .

4, Chinese olive -- enroach on of outside of antagonism of cell of skin of conduce of elite of Chinese olive leaf is in early Gu Xila times, olive is life and health is indicative, besides can regard healthy food as edible besides, have outstanding hairdressing effect more. Arrive by the leaf fructification, olive whole body can abstract an elite that protect skin. Cell of skin of conduce of elite of Chinese olive leaf defies pollution, ultraviolet ray and pressure bring the oxidation that send; And another powerful effect is contained to refuse oxidation class status in Chinese olive fructification -- phenolic compound, after it and olive bitter element are united in wedlock, can offer double fight oxidation to repair protect.

5, apricot -- the appearance that a variety of vitamins contain to have Ming Yan not only in apricot flesh, and contain a lot ofthe mineral element such as C of material of acid of carbohydrate, fruit, prandial fiber, yellow ketone, vitamin and iron, phosphor, zinc, vitamin B17 content is abounded especially. Almond also contains a lot ofthe nutrition such as C of vitamin of protein, adipose, carotene, B a group of things with common features, vitamin and calcium, phosphor, iron composition. Those who abound is mineral reach plant sex not saturated grease, have good Rou Runzi to raise the effect.

6, grapefruit -- 2005 research that contain a kind of some citric acid to already was applied generally at protecting skin domain to be undertaken by some research organization confirm, the odour of grapefruit can make a female look average and young than the male 6 years old. Now, a kind of citric acid that contains in grapefruit already was applied generally at protecting skin domain. This kind of composition can help metabolization of dead skin cell and eduction, make the skin replies thereby smooth, returning glorious.

7, cucumber -- can defy effectively skin ageing, the produces it flavour that reduces wrinkle is delicious, fragile tender faint scent, suffer the praise highly of thin body personage fully. And it contains a lot ofhuman body to grow a variety of saccharide with development and life activity indispensible place and amino acid, and rich vitamin, offer enough nutrient for the skin, muscle, can defy effectively skin ageing, reduce the generation of furrow. What contain rich fruit acid, can clean beauty skins in vain, eliminate bask in injury and fleck, alleviate the skin is allergic.

8, grape -- fight often protect wet beautiful to taste it to contain many grape much phenol, have fight oxidation function, can block breaks free gene hyperplasia, defer consenescence effectively; It still contains tannic acid, citric acid, strong convergent result and softness defend wet action. Additional, grape pulp accumulate contain vitamin B3 and material of abundant rich ore, but deep-seated and moist, fight consenescence and stimulative skin cell reborn.