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Rise outside ear scurfy how to do? How is the skin dropped to return a responsibility outside ear?

When a lot of people do not have a thing at ordinary times, like to catch flinch oneself skin, it is especially when Qiu Dong is seasonal, weather is originally dry at that time, the skin removes a skin easily also Sao is urticant, and meeting discovery catchs more urticant more, the case that has a skin is more and more severe also, some people are the skin rises outside ear, rise outside that ear scurfy how to do? How is the skin dropped to return a responsibility outside ear?

Rise outside ear scurfy how to do? How is the skin dropped to return a responsibility outside ear? (1)

1, do not use hand cut

Ear ministry has a lot of blood capillary, rise outside ear scurfy later the first reaction uses a lot of people namely hand lane comes down, there is rich blood capillary above ear, the dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed that use a hand injures the blood capillary on ear very easily, cause local organization damaged.

2, often clean ear

Outside ear scurfy it is the body likely very those who fall off is local epithelial, ear is place of haemal circulation end, produce cellular death more easily than other position, so, when shampoo bathes, should notice to undertake cleaning to ear at ordinary times, can prevent the scurfy accumulation on ear so.

3, examination of go to a doctor

Rise outside ear scurfy still be ear ministry disease likely, the feeling is incorrect, or oneself cannot be judged can consider to go to a hospital doing a comprehensive body to check, examination of go to a doctor is the directest and effective method, the doctor also can have specific aim open medicaments.

4, notice food

The complement of cellular desquamation and vitamin is relative also, the proposal eats some of fruit and vegetable more at ordinary times, contain a lot ofthe food of vitamin C and vitamin E especially, the Ying Jishui fruit such as orange, grapefruit, persimmon is pretty good.

5, moist protect wet

Arrived in the winter, a lot of people are protected to cutaneous carelessly, the skin on ear is flimsier, blow hair drier dry, slow down of breast of smear embellish skin had better be after bathing in the winter dry circumstance.

6, defend skin desquamate method

1. heats up towel apply face

Weather is too dry, often feel facial ministry skin stretchs tight closely is hair good? Suggest everybody uses face of hot towel apply first below this kind of circumstance, stimulative cutaneous blood circulates, but want to notice, ten million cannot use very hot bath face, because can make in that way,the skin becomes more dry. Be over in cleanness skin, should divide enough latex to protect with battalion nurturance wet, massage skin, let color of skin become more healthy and ruddy.

2. is massaged skin

Undertake the skin is massaged more, can assure color more luster. The product that selects major undertakes massage massage to the skin, can promote cutaneous metabolism, be helpful for nutrient absorption, can improve skin to deliver yellow state more.

3. notices to skin filling water

The person that often works below air conditioning environment can discover his skin is very dry, accordingly we should give skin in time compensatory moisture above all, carry filling water sparge for instance, or daub protects wet latex, but the person should notice those oily cutaneous, complement as far as possible the latex with little grease.

4. fixed chamfer pledges

Night is the best period of time that skin maintains, light washs a face insufficient still, chamfer can help the skin character better absorb nutrition. Before undertaking keeping wet job so, undertake cutin is shown loving care for going above all, should note the alternative of chamfer simple product particularly, the attention should choose to provoke little kind, gentle chamfer is qualitative.