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Is skin basked in how repair? What does precaution skin the method that basks in has?

Summertime weather is exceedingly torrid, very much person is in what the skin dispute when often basks in the summer easily, if oneself skin has the problem that basks in, the appearance that is special him effect is very healthy, be in so the summer when should notice to oneself cutaneous nurses, the skin that wants him precaution is basked in, so skin after all bask in how repair? What does precaution skin the method that basks in has?

Is skin basked in how repair? What does precaution skin the method that basks in has? (1)

1, the skin that bask in an injury how repair

Aloe: Natural Lu Hui is had fight phlogistic antiseptic action, and the ramification of the glucoside of natural anthracene Kun in Lu Hui or anthracene, can absorb ultraviolet radiation, prevent the skin red, speckle arises. The experiment makes clear, aloe leach thing is right the animal of artificial scar, have shorten cure day of number and the action that spend stimulative heal gently. After be being basked in so, you can choose natural Lu Hui, undertake sticking apply to injury place, also can buy aloe glue to undertake handling to injury place to drugstore.

Boiled water: The tannic acid in tea has very good convergent effect, be basked in by the sun like peel skin red, the boiled water put on the skin of usable refrigeration is being basked in red place, in order to reduce the feeling with painful bright.

Watermelon skin: Take the watermelon skin of right amount size, will most the harder green skin ream outside, cut watermelon skin small chip next, put the recipient that is in clean equably inside, the watermelon skin that cut these small chip puts the cold storage inside freezer period of time, take out next, get on apply of skin of small chip watermelon in the face directly can, after OK and very good rehabilitate is basked in, skin flimsily, the effect of watermelon skin rehabilitate after the course is refrigerated is better, OK and very good help skin drops in temperature, compensatory moisture, lock water is protected wet.

Strawberry: Strawberry contains a lot ofvitamin C, eat conduce to reduce more bask in. Vitamin C not only can keep clear of the human body that ultraviolet illuminate produces is free base, still synthesize in collagen albumen additionally, maintain skin flexibility respect to have tremendous effect. The food that contains a lot ofvitamin C still has red sweetbell redpepper, Chinese flowering quince, on the west orchid, orange.

Young soya bean: The bean products such as young soya bean and bean curd, soya-bean milk contains many plant compound different yellow ketone, have protective effect to skin collagen. Animal experiment makes clear, through food compensatory different yellow ketone can reduce the wrinkle that brings about as a result of ultraviolet ray, make the skin smoother.

Green tea: Take right amount green tea powder, right amount honey, will both mix together, agitate is become mushy, film of fine synthesis green tea face puts the iced inside freezer, take out next, even ground daub is on facial skin, after waiting for 20 minutes, clean clean, every week 3, can be like the skin rehabilitate after basking in first. It can help facial ministry adequately drop in temperature, protect the skin of damage, and the effect that adds honey to more heal is injured, also make facial department more slick fine and glossy.

Tomato: Tomato contains many tomato red element, have smooth cutaneous effect. Level of tomato red element is higher, the skin is smoother. Additional, watermelon and carrot also are very good choice.

Cucumber: Clean cucumber clean first, cut small chip next, put in dish, will rectify dish of cucumber next piece put the iced inside freezer, take out direct apply to be on the face after that, the skin effect after the cucumber rehabilitate after iced basks in caustic is wonderful. Cucumber water content is sufficient, because bask in loses many moisture,can complement, in the meantime, many nutrition element is contained in cucumber, can make skin second birth, in order to help repair.

The makes people occurrence skin is basked in easily strongly circumstance of summertime sun, the working dispute that makes good skin repair at this moment often is necessary. The method that hopes above rehabilitate basks in skin can help you.

2, the method that precaution basks in

The preparation before insolation

1. gives even and beautiful color of skin to make the skin is basked in, before undertaking sunbathe, come to the body certainly general cleaning: Clean and facial skin, dispel body ageing is corneous, also do not want even the place such as elbow, knee, calcaneal to let off.

2. escape shot relatively intense period of time to in relief at 3 o'clock afternoon illumination at 11 o'clock in the morning. The UVB activity in ultraviolet ray of this paragraph of time is normally brisker, although your complete equips, facial ministry, foot ministry still can stay bask in mark.

Insolation is medium caress

1. drinks water more. Because pass the skin of insolation to be able to become dry, lose moisture, exterior cutin hardens, thereby slow down metabolizes, the time with whiten skin also can be lengthened consequently.

2. is wiped frequently prevent bask in frost, and must notice, daub is even, once bask in,become otherwise " panda " , it is so easy to want to change to be done not have. General two hours left and right sides, be about new daub is prevented bask in frost. In the seaside, prevent bask in a product should 15- - 20 minutes or so complement, SPF value must be in 30 above. But also cannot too tall, can bring a burden to the skin otherwise.

Insolation hind is repaired protect

The beautiful Bai Xiufu after 1. comes home is very important also. Beautiful white product conduces to those who restrain melanin generating, the melanin of cell of desalt cutin layer, make the skin restores Bai Xi.

2. outer insolate after a day, cooperate dispel cutin and the body breed that have beautiful white part, desalt trace.

3. undertakes depth nurses. Most person skin is basked in after was being spent, arrive with respect to go to somewhere for shelter in beauty parlour, one kind this is effective really is repaired quickly protect. Nurse through depth, can keep clear of the corneous layer that loses a function because of insolation, the corneous layer that allows li of layer is shown come out, complement to these new cells next ionic water is efficient protect wet, make pigment nature is decreased weak a lot of, color of skin also bleachs subsequently, will alleviate thereby cutaneous chromatism.

Nurse the program includes cleanness probably, massage, bate cutin, cleared dead skin, protect wet, beauty to nurse in vain reach ultraviolet segregation to wait.