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Why pore meeting ageing? How to prevent skin pore ageing?

Pore is bulky because skin pore ageing is caused,also be likely, our skin the growth as the age, collagen protein substance can decrease, so pore can lose flexibility, pore with respect to ageing, the incorrect of course means that protect skin also can let your pore ageing become bulky, so, how to prevent skin pore ageing? Actor or actress accordingly below actor is young make up will look.

Why pore meeting ageing? How to prevent skin pore ageing? (1)


1, the prevention and cure of pore ageing


Excessive and clean

You cannot think of certainly, excessive cleanness can be the prime criminal of pore ageing. Likelihood in the concept, total bulky end is a pore grease is excessive secrete, little imagine, if be dry the pore with ageing, excessive cleanness can let your one disaster after another only.

Adding you always is long-term below the circumstance of excessive cleanness exciting skin, invite the problem of skin occurrence agnail very easily, protect water to spend at the same time also can drop, skin is in imperceptible in ahead of schedule ageing.

In addition, if often use film of deep-seated and clean face, also be the account that lets pore become bulky. The function of film of deep-seated and clean face lets skin skin warms up quickly through enclothing namely, open pore and the leather fat of adsorptive pore depth, so regular the ground makes pore passive open, pore closes rate can fall slowly, if or else offers correct and essential convergent program, pore is met necessarily first bulky hind flagging.

Prevent bask in segregation does not reach the designated position

Ultraviolet illuminate is the number one killer of skin ageing of course, ultraviolet ray can let skin bask in an injury to suntan not only, the leather fat that still can create skin appearance oxidizes, skin immunity ability drops, base film is damaged, can cause loss to cellular DNA more. Additional, increasingly foul dirty air, can make skin cell generation many free radical and toxin, let them lose original spring, also appeared accordingly ageing phenomenon.

Be short of water is dry

Skin healthy foundation is moisture, dermal layer, cuticular layer, corneous layer is like with brick one layer upon layer the wall that has built, protective skin does not suffer outside harm, skin cell is together piece brick, need moisture will join bind, little moisture, brick goes down with respect to easy cave in, form uneven skin surface, get pore appearance drag irregular, time grows, pore condition inevitable go from bad to worse.

Tips: How to prevent skin moisture prediction of a person's luck in a given year

Protect wet factor when what our oneself can secrete already far when the demand that short of skins, must pass explicit complement, let skin from inside moisture is full of outside arriving, rely on proper grease, let water distribute not easy prediction of a person's luck in a given year. If skin each moisture is full, do not have naturally cave in, rough whole worry, and originally if bulky pore fills water is proper, because expand,also be met and become not apparent.

Old useless corneous accumulation

Cutaneous basic level can make new cell carry consummate layer ceaselessly, move toward extrapolate after cellular ageing become outer old useless cutin, fall off naturally when washing face or perspiration, come off. Corneous layer is updated ceaselessly, old useless cutin is in everyday generation, should be metabolized by nature originally, the cutin that comes off, because the meeting is ageing, clean not complete, insolation, give oil the reason such as variation of change of overmuch, work and rest, weather, affect the rate that its fall off, once old useless cutin piles up on the face overmuch, pore also is met be risen by these redundant corneous dilate.

On the other hand, by the pore that old useless cutin jams, what still can affect imbibe and nutrition is smooth, skin basic level cannot get the nutrient of need in metabolization process, production new cell quality can sell at a discount, once the skin of exquisite moist also can sell at a discount greatly of course character.


2, the profit that uses segregation frostlike powder


(1) is prevented bask in

The essence that keeps apart frost is prevented namely bask in, embedded prevent bask in the composition such as the agent, can resist effectively ultraviolet ray, protective skin is not suntanned to be basked in by ultraviolet ray.

(2) segregation

Since make keep apart frost, how can you do not have the action of segregation? Besides defending the action that bask in, segregation frost still can keep apart bound of substandard of colour makeup, dirty air, dirt to pollute, have protective effect to the skin, can reduce the outside to pollute pair of cutaneous stimulation, so if if making up even, want those who keep apart frost to besmear for certain.

(3) ode is lubricious

Segregation frost still has the function that endows with color at the same time, the segregation frost of different color can decorate the skin of different color, for instance purple keeps apart frost, can decorate slant yellow skin, make skin looks more white fair-skinned; Green keeps apart frost to be able to decorate red skin of blain blain skin and extensive, your skin is more white fair-skinneding nature.