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How does the skin answer allergy of change garments according to the season? How to reduce skin allergy symptom?

Spring is the tall hair period of skin allergy, in warm spring, the skin of friend of a lot of females often can be overcome temporarily and appear allergic symptom, change garments according to the season when, can appear if skin is allergic red, smartly, it is the symptom of storm group even, so, how does the skin answer allergy of change garments according to the season? How to reduce skin allergy symptom? Will look below.

How does the skin answer allergy of change garments according to the season? How to reduce skin allergy symptom? (1)

1, skin allergy alleviates method

The first pace: The water that washs a face lukewarm

Above all, prevent quick the first thing has mastered the water that washs a face namely lukewarm. Some people feel to be cold, wash a face with hot water, perhaps pursue save trouble, also give the face together when bathe washed, actually this is incorrect, hot water lets pore easily increase, destroy the leather fat film of facial ministry, cause allergy to also cannot wash a face with cold water thereby, because skin is below easy and sensitive condition, no matter hot water still is cold water, skin metropolis generation is stimulated undesirably, so, had better be to use lukewarm bath face, water is warm should compare cold water in a way to go a bit higher only. In addition, also do not want to be blown by air cooling, also do not bask. Some people like to take face of hot towel apply, actually this causes the resistance of skin easily also to drop, so spring had better not hot compress.

The 2nd pace: Of clean face gentle

Some people are oily skin, total meeting feels the face is washed sordidly, rub exerts all his strength when washing a face so, some still washs grandma with two, these are incorrect, too dry skin is more easy and allergic, and excessive cleanness can let skin desiccate, waited to increase the chance of skin allergy then so. When accordingly spring washs a face, must remember " gentle " 2 words, measurable cleanness is OK. Still have the link of water of the skin that tap feel well, also be to dab can.

The 3rd pace: Protect hold to wetly

Somebody thinks, the humidity in air raised spring, it is so important that filling water is done not have, protect actually wet very important still to the skin, be opposite especially drying skin. Early spring when had better use a few pure protect wet vegetal sparge, often give facial filling water, skin is healthy, also do not have so easy and sensitive.

The 4th pace: Prevent bask in protect

Prevent quick prevent ultraviolet ray even, so although be early spring, go out to also want to remember brushing prevent bask in. Prevent bask in frost to choose as far as possible excitant low, prevent bask in coefficient to be in 20-30 is enough, the place with these tenderer skins wipes the inside after preexistence antebrachium inside or ear a bit, undesirable reaction did not produce inside 48 hours, can use.

The 5th pace: Protect skin to also want to decrease negative

Protect skin too much to taste also can accentuate the possibility of skin allergy, if you discover skin is like,not be so comfortable so, be about to begin skin " decrease negative " , prevent for instance bask in and it is good that segregation chooses a kind, since was used,prevent so bask in frost, segregation frost was not necessary to use. If still fear the burden of skin is overweight, so go out cap, maintaining an umbrella is to be sure already practical good method. Still some people can be walked into prevent quick error, for instance some people discover him skin is redder, be built with larger powdery base, can stimulate the skin instead so, aggravating skin burden, can develop dermatitis even, if discover the skin,compare so red, skin does subtraction and be about to be is not to make addition.

The 6th pace: Of the doctor help

If skin is already allergic, be about to seek the help of professional doctor. The person of sensitive skin's common phenomenon has blood capillary dilate, protecting skin commonly cannot be solved, the methodological ability that must want to use medicine is solved, one is photon tender skin (common calls colour smooth) , one is pulse dye laser, these two kinds are OK. Of the symptom that sensitive skin appears easily in spring is acne and dermatitis of fat excessive sex, often happen at oily cutaneous quite person, acne scarcely can squash with the hand, after extruding appear easily scar and pigment are ad cool-headed the expressional symptom of dermatitis of sex of; fat excessive is leather superficial red, take off bits, Sao to itch, besides measurable cleanness should notice when washing a face besides, also want to cooperate on food, eat a bit more delicately as far as possible, eat a bit bean products more. Dermatitis of fat excessive sex crossed acute period, also can be treated with photon tender skin.

2, the method of skin filling water

Subtle move one: Cup cold boiled water is drunk before bubble bath

Winter is so cold, for should drink cold boiled water? Because cold boiled water can help the moisture of light prediction of a person's luck in a given year,maintain all the time in optimal level. A cup of cold boiled water is drunk before bubble bath or shower, prevent quantity of heat to evaporate quickly hypodermic moisture. Namely so !

Subtle move 2: Do 2-3 every week keep wet noodle film

Face film is a magic weapon of filling water, does winter protect skin how can little Facial mask? Weekly 2-3 second, with protect wet noodle film to come the skin with dry baby, can become very quickly of profit of water water profit.

Subtle move 3: Add apply lasts two pieces film

With nostril on Facial mask the fluctuation that it is a bound increases spread two last film, last film prevented what water divides faultlessly to evaporate, make be absorbed completely what hairdressing fluid is without waste by skin place, for this even if a minute enough also the coequal result that achieves ideal.

Subtle move 4: Skin water adds bright protect wet filling water

Drying skin is in every time after clean face, had better use filling water function to make up formidably water. Use the makeup with relaxed quality of a material first water does cleanness 2 times, wipe on one again moist model make up water, water water overlay, embellish skin effect is better.

Subtle move 5: Try depth to protect wet nurse

Do depth every months at least 1 times to protect to beauty parlour wet nurse, although a bit more expensive, can improve the skin the most quickly to do a state especially however.

Subtle move 6: Sleep before 12 o'clock

You can ask again, sleep with protect wet what concern is there? This learns among them ask but big, slept at 12 o'clock more than, cutaneous water branch is poured unhorse, so, the person skin that always stays up late has the problem that lacks water flabbily. So, of the conscientiously before 12 o'clock sleep!