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How should spring maintain the skin? Spring is day dry how to protect skin?

In warm spring, the ultraviolet ray in sunshine is met gradually become intense, and because cannot suit temporarily,our skin also is met and produce a lot of skin problem, change garments according to the season when, of skin nurse the method also needs a change, so, how should spring maintain the skin? Spring is day dry how to protect skin? Actor or actress accordingly below actor is young make up how do will read an article say.

How should spring maintain the skin? Spring is day dry how to protect skin? (1)

1, spring skin maintains method

Spring, human body skins especially facial skin look is gotten changeably dry, coarse; Chun Nuanhua leaves, skin skin is very sensitive, flimsy, easy also and dry lack water, become coarse; Sao itchs disease, eczema, urticaria is good hair disease. Accordingly, strengthen pair of skin maintain, the attention prevents skin disease particularly crucial.

Outside: Correct clean skin is protect skin the first pace

Should solve the skin actually dry the idea that has a skin, feed skin to drink full water namely of course. But " drink water " also be to have cultured.

1, correct clean skin. Clean skin can promote cutaneous metabolism, increase cutaneous to absorb ability. Cope with dry and coarse skin, clean face also is crucial. Clean face product can choose to breed without foamy clean face, without bubble clean face breast is compared commonly gentle. In addition, clean face does not cross frequency. Neuter skin is OK everyday, drying skin wants everyday 2 arrive 3 times, oily skin a day advisable.

2, the choice is protected suitably wet protect skin to taste. Protect skin to taste, choose to suit oneself, the latex with ensure wet result good or cream.

Inside: Conduce of complement dimension A defends water

Besides use facial filling water measure, still can use immanent filling water means. For example, drink water more, the prediction of a person's luck in a given year of the moisture inside compensatory skin and body. In addition, as a result of the person humoral appear alkalescent, absorb alkalescent food to wait like vegetable, melon and fruit, bean products more so, can make the skin exquisite and smooth. Proposal spring eats some of carrot more, because of inside contain many β carotene.

Having again is honey, honey is right each systems have human body to move filling action well, the immune force that can allow airframe and resistance get the promotion of certain level. Additional, the scientist considers to discover, pork can have relieve internal heat or fever to the fuliginous, heavy metal inside inspiratory body appropriately. In the meantime, there still is many vitamin A inside pork, have flesh of moisten the respiratory tract of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, abundant the action of lustre skin.

2, white method of summertime skin beauty

One: Notice labor protection:

When the labor outdoor, must avoid to issue insolate in sunshine directly, can be in expose place put on the skin a few prevent bask in add Bai Shuang.

2: Dietary appropriate is reasonable:

Eat salt less, in order to reduce the formation of melanin. Want to water more at ordinary times, eat fresh vegetable more, eat hawkthorn, carrot to reach all sorts of fruits more.

3: Ban with the ointment that contains estrogen or cosmetic:

The reason is estrogen can promote melanin to form.

4: C of vitamin of mufti large dose:

Vitamin C can be cleared the freedom in skin cell base, achieve the result of beautiful white skin.

5: With egg Qing Dynasty and honey:

Egg Qing Dynasty is taken before sleeping, with knead of two tactics palm, besmear face ministry crosses 1-2 after minute, with hot towel rub-up, besmear again next honey, the next day the morning is abluent, can make the skin delicate, white .

6: The almond that use silver can rise whitened action:

600 grams flay goes to almond extraction silver nucleus, insolation grinds delicate last stage, add honey or egg to mediate. Besmear hand is mixed in the evening facial ministry, wash in the morning the next day, can prevent or reduce wrinkle.