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How to protect skin is weak spot beauty white? What does tall efficiency protect skin method to have?

The skin fair-skinneds in vain some if, so skin also cannot see spot, if skin fair-skinneds in vain, more can conspicuous, bai Xi's skin is one of pursuit protecting skin of female friend, but how to nurse the skin can let us be far from stain, with aggravating skin problem? Actor or actress accordingly below actor is young make up will look how to protect skin weak spot beauty is white, tall efficiency protects skin method what to have.

How to protect skin is weak spot beauty white? What does tall efficiency protect skin method to have? (1)

1, the efficient method that protect skin

The first pace, wash come out Bai Xi

Daylong by day job, face all sorts of pollution and electronic radiate, skin water distributes a large number of prediction of a person's luck in a given year and bacterium of adherent very much dirt jams pore. Often we can see him complexion is gloomy apparently in the evening without light, serious below this kind of circumstance clean skin is attached most importance to especially should. Clean with clean colour oil above all colour makeup and prevent bask in frost, using the gentle grandma that wash a face 2 times clean, the bilge in pore complete broom.

The 2nd pace, those who pat is clear

Make up water everybody is used, but very few somebody can make his efficient produce effect. Cleanness make up water cooperates cotton piece use effect is optimal, but the United States is white model make up water we suggest you flap with the hand use. The movement that dabs with the hand can let skin excitement rises, quicken what battalion nurturance divides to absorb. Particular way is: First rub heats up both hands, make up water is in the centre of the palm, take the department that make a face gently next, a few for many times, flap 50 times or so, skin can have the apparent feeling that drinks full water.

The 3rd pace, brush come out be too busy

Fluid of beautiful white cream contains a variety of beauty to become minute of complex matter in vain, the expressional strength of white weak spot compares its beauty make up ambitious interest essence allows water, late frost. When choosing beautiful Bai Jinghua, we suggest you choose to have beautiful white, weak spot, protect wet multiple effect. In concentration desalt melanin while, can compensatory water divides bate cutin, let skin present burnish feeling. Beautiful Bai Jinghua is used at making up after water. A little beautiful Bai Jinghua can be used in the late evening only, notice to look clear to use a method please.

What the 4th pace, apply comes out is tender slippery

" black flesh bottom " become " fully white flesh " , how can little beautiful flour film. Apply Facial mask when time does not exceed 20 minutes, had better follow the service instruction of the product, time is too long from the back the moisture that velar desiccate can absorb skin oneself instead, be just the opposite to what one wished. And, inside beautiful flour film because added unique beautiful white part, 2-3 of average a week second can, because beg Bai Xin,do not cut use every day.

2, hairdressing protects skin food

1, spinach

Spinach can make the skin stronger, special plant nutriment is contained in spinach, fight oxidation complex matter, conduce to prevent the skin to be basked in. The β in spinach carotene and lutein are ameliorable the skin is stretch.

2, Hei Zhi hemp

If you often stay up late, perhaps like to drink, black sesame seed can help you restore cutaneous flexibility and luster. Black sesame seed contains a lot ofthe fatty acid with indispensible human body, oleic acid, amino acid, Potassium and fiber, so rich nurture is qualitative, suit to add each meat.

3, beet

Through stimulating lymphatic system, beet can turn round skin dark heavy, conduce to dark dumb, lacklustre skin returns bright lustre, take away the rubbish inside body at the same time. Beet still can promote the capability that oxygen carries in blood to 400% , make the skin has energy more, help those who reduce adipose group possibly even appear, strengthen cutaneous true cortex.

4, litchi

Litchi has promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, gas of beneficial wisdom, hurried raises Yan Xiaoguo, often eat fill Yue Yan of lienal beneficial liver, heart's-blood, raise mind, motherland medicine thinks, often feed litchi to be able to make person complexion ruddy, healthy.

5, abelmosk

Beans of renown sheep horn, originate in Africa formerly, contain a variety of plants colloid, taste rise icy read smoothly, liver of peptic, protection, be good at stomach rectifies bowel. In addition, abelmosk is rich vitaminic C and water-solubility fiber, eat more can raise Yan Meirong, make skin white tender slender.