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How to protect skin dispel blain with yoghurt? What does yoghurt protect the action of skin to have?

Yoghurt is a kind of common drink in daily life, and a lot of children also like to drink yoghurt very much, yoghurt can promote gastric bowel path to digest, can help defecate, nevertheless yoghurt still can help the body protect skin! Especially a few female friends that like DIY to protect skin to taste, can use yoghurt to protect skin hairdressing, so, how to protect skin dispel blain with yoghurt? Will look.

How to protect skin dispel blain with yoghurt? What does yoghurt protect the action of skin to have? (1)

1, yoghurt hairdressing effect is good

Yoghurt can dispel blain

Material: Flour 1 small spoon, strawberry a few of 4 bead, yoghurt, honey 1 small spoon.

Practice: strawberry abluent go the base of a fruit, cut agglomerate juice of the extort in putting juicer, fall into clean container, join the yoghurt that has had, flour, honey, a mixture agitate is become equably mushy. After clean face, besmear mixed liquor equably at facial skin, the time that holds 15 minutes is abluent can.

Hairdressing effect: The effect of yoghurt dispel blain is well known all the time, besmear with pure yoghurt means photograph of the face is compared, the hairdressing method of this yoghurt is more comprehensive, not only can dispel blain, return can beautiful Bai Zirun to skin at the same time, the effect is more powerful.

Can deep-seated cleanness skins

Material: Yoghurt one, flour is right amount.

Practice: Take one clean container, enter yoghurt and flour, an agitate becomes slimy state equably, but what the attention does not move is too rare, hang after the; on the face cleans facial ministry skin clean hard otherwise, besmear the mixed liquor of yoghurt and flour at facial skin, after maintaining 15 minutes, reoccupy warm water cleans facial ministry skin clean.

Hairdressing effect: This uses the hairdressing method of yoghurt opportunely, clever and as tie-in as flour, not only but deep-seated and clean facial skin, have the effect of beautiful white skin at the same time. What be worth to be carried more is, this method still can be become the grandma that wash a face is used!

Yoghurt can spot of beautiful white dispel

Material: Yoghurt is right amount, banana.

Practice: Become dolly of the skin since banana slimy state, join right amount yoghurt one case agitate becomes slimy state. After clean and facial skin, besmear banana yoghurt mud equably at facial skin, hold time of 15 minutes, final reoccupy clear water will be facial clean clean, maintain weekly 2-3 second can.

Hairdressing effect: Insist to use this method, not only can beautiful white skin, return at the same time can stain of desalt face ministry, no matter be shading, fleck, bask in spot to have pretty good desalt effect.

Yoghurt insurable wet

Material: Yoghurt, honey.

Practice: Will right amount yoghurt and a few honey mix together even. After clean face, take a face of clean hot towel apply 3 minutes to get off, besmear mixed liquor equably next full facial skin, hold time of 15 minutes, final reoccupy warm water will be facial clean clean can.

Hairdressing effect: The good stuff honey with moist skin is tie-in, expanded to ensure result of wet filling water, can alleviate effectively the skin is dry phenomenon.

2, the cure of skin allergy

1, weak brine washs nose

Rinse nose to conduce to with weak brine erode the allergic content in nose, decrease then or alleviate hypersensitive shape.

2, complement vitamin

Vitamin C is strong antioxidant, also be important corpulent cell stabilizing agent, corpulent cell causes eye ministry easily exciting, sneeze and snorty wait for allergy, proper and compensatory vitamin can alleviate effectively.

3, iced alleviates

Iced can be slow the trouble that allergy brings, after needing bedew of film of a piece of paper to rinse only, period of time is refrigerated in freezer, open paper film again enclothe go up in the face, the because of allergy crawly feeling on the face also can disappear for an instant.

4, vapour of oil of essence of life is fumed suck a law

Pan adds water to be burned, the drop after involving fire enters 4 ash oil, 1, 2 tea tree are oily, reoccupy a big towel covers facial ministry, do deep breathing to pan 5, 10 minutes, use the allergic rehabilitate frostlike powder that contains part of pot marigold, lavender direct daub allergy is in, the effect will be better.

5, drinkable nettle foliaceous tea

Nettle is stimulating, but tea of drinkable nettle leaf is absolutely and safe, drinkable before, immerse nettle leaf 10, 15 minutes, it is better to prevent allergic drug effect.