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How bubble bath is ability comfortable and healthy? What does bubble bath notice?

In warm winter, we are OK and fixed the body that bubble bath will come to issue his warm up, bubble bath can help the body come loose powdery algidity, increase the metabolism of the body, let you feel especially other and comfortable, also can feel very square to loosen, also conduce to slow of mental pressure, so, how bubble bath is ability comfortable and healthy? What does bubble bath notice? Actor or actress accordingly below actor is young make up will look.

How bubble bath is ability comfortable and healthy? What does bubble bath notice? (1)

1, the note of bubble bath

Water Wen Jie is spent at 39 degrees of ~40

Be in systemic dip interpose the water at this interval is warm, not only effect of bath of bubble of can sufficient play (buoyancy, steam, hydraulic 3 person achieve a balance) , still can make haemal circulation more smooth. Additional, tepid too won't very hot water Wen Ke in order to spend carefree bubble bath time, take a book to adjust body and mind is why one kind is enjoyed?

To achieve favorable result, the Wen Shuiyu that suggests to undertake can extension bubble bath time

Pass through hydraulic the result that produces with buoyancy interplay, jiashangyi nods simple extend movement to be able to raise haemal circulation rate.

Proposal choice adds the bubble bath agent that keeps wet part

Choose add the bubble bath agent that keeps wet part, those who go up stay in the body to keep wet part, the skin after the moisture in can avoiding bubble bath process not only evaporates too too dry, still can take care of the back skin that does not brush in one's hand at the same time. It is at the same time when bubble bath, choice water, tea kind, tea of flowers and plants sweet degree in 6 % the following drink is drinkable, won't create a burden to the body, the process of bath letting bubble is more cheerful.

Hold the gold that the body maintains 10 minutes

The hot meeting that produces into the body place after bath and moisture evaporate together, before the skin after passing ten minutes can compare bubble bath drier, because this should hold bubble,be over the gold of the bath undertakes the body maintains ten minutes measure. Notice water is warm at the same time not exorbitant, when water Wen Taigao destroy the Pi Zhicheng that has protective skin effect easily to distribute prediction of a person's luck in a given year.

2, allow skin water light method

PART1: DAY20: 00~22: 00 " zone of demon sex time " before maintain end

Japan considers to point out, 8-10 is nodded in the evening " demon sex time is taken " , when skin defense force is the weakest. The habit just bathes before sleep, the person that discharge makeup maintains, come home the first thing asks the discharge on the horse makeup, simple and easy 2Steps protects reoccupy wet, in " time of 8pm~10pm demon sex is taken " before appearing, finish maintain the job, stop harm caustic answers archives, depth of travel of the reentry before sleeping is repaired protect.

Demon sex time takes 20: 00~22: 00 defense force and protect hydraulic low ebb period

Gold repairs protect period 23: 00~1: 00 cells are repaired protect the new student is exuberant period

Expert all with one voice: Protect effectively wet, helper " opportunity " it is crucial!

Gold is nightly maintain Daily, Special two protect wet key to want to remember well greatly:

Daily makes up water + elite fluid + latex / lacteal frostlike powder is devoted at 3 o'clock, the foundation protects Shi Chao essence of life allows

After washing a face, use protect Shi Pinwei to hold moisture, especially drying flesh or Qiu Dong season, tie-in a bottle truly effective protect wet latex or breed frost is indispensable.

Of Special+a spend again protect wet, Facial mask raises profit giving water 1 week flesh

Skin condition is particularly poor, or drying flesh encounters change garments according to the season to work uncultivated land, want what execute 1 week thoroughly to protect wet noodle film to nurse centrally only, the skin instantly full water level.

PART2: DAY8: 00~20: 00 makeup before maintain + prevent bask in + hour is protected wet

Passed nightly keep wet gold time, diurnal nurse measure also cannot be saved. Do good the following, those who make oneself round-the-clock water embellish full marks, be far from dry.

Cent time ground throws Daily, Special, PRO3 to keep wet key greatly:

Daily rises early do good complete set to protect wet nurse arrive from early water late

Skin is passed one all night breath, piled up inside the cell not only many rubbish, and the cell is in exceeding the condition that lacks water. Purify pore rubbish to begin from clean extent depth so, to finish effective and abiding maintain the wet total order that protect skin, makeup before maintain cannot ignore. Such ability help skin arrive from dermal layer corneous layer releases filling water factor, make skin water portion continuous.

Special+a even if autumn winter also cannot be prevented less bask in measure

Accept ultraviolet ray when the skin excessive after insolating, acid of amine of cheese of activation of; of cell of meeting injury skin is enzymatic, quicken pigment synthesis, destroy cutaneous to maintain wet function, make the skin becomes dry. And the bounce fiber that also can make dermal layer medium is damaged, make microgroove arises. Because this does not think autumn winter season need not be prevented,bask in, go out to want to be in at least daily SPF15 above just is kingcraft.