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How to have healthy and beautiful skin? How to hold skin beauty position?

Healthy and good skin position, can add cent for Yan Zhi, facial ministry is the significant position that our figure behaves, if there always is problem of a lot of skins on our skin, also can give others a kind of pie-eyed sense, natural, clean skin is beautiful, so, how to have healthy and beautiful skin? Will look below.

How to have healthy and beautiful skin? How to hold skin beauty position? (1)

1, of healthy beauty flesh maintain

1. measure one: Cleaner is made very important

Clean skin is the first requirement that keeps healthy! Mix in the morning everyday in the evening must clean face ministry, if you are the grandma washing a face that sensitive skin chooses gentle recipe, if you are blain blain skin, can choose acidity to wash grandma. The MM that makes up at ordinary times must choose professional discharge makeup oil, otherwise the face is washed sordid how beautiful do not rise!

2. measure 2: Chamfer pledges

Fixed chamfer is cell of take out dead skin character, it is important to restore smooth cutaneous link. A lot of MM do not do corneous work, guide deadly skin cell stays for a long time on the face, be in above these dead skin cells on daub of all kinds and high-grade protect skin to taste what is used again? Even if you are sensitive skin also should choose gentle chamfer simple product, do good chamfer to work character regularly.

3. measure 3: Remedial skin is damaged cell

Course cleanness and go dying after Pi Zhi, right now skin is already special and clean, be about to have a test to the skin at this moment, the skin that treats you is to attribute what kind, lack water want filling water, be short of nutrition want compensatory nutrition, appear those who bask in spot should go spot. Anyhow, want to make a simple evaluation in the light of individual skin, find caress product of cutaneous function sex.

4. measure 4: Protect wet skin cell

No matter your skin condition is which type, do protect wet it is the job that every MM must have. Although we spent big price to buy all sorts of maintaining to taste, but if the skin lacks water badly, these maintaining article do not enter cellular interior, again expensive maintain tasting also is no use! So belles must improve knowledge, do not look down upon filling water to protect wet important! Often do a filling water to keep wet Facial mask, after passing cycle of a cell, your facial skin can be full of Q to play for certain.

5. measure 5: Do adequately good skin is protected

Above you take 4 step did, but last you were not done, so with respect to all one's previous efforts wasted! The skin defends cannot be lost! Even if is winter, it is good that sisters also did not forget to do prevent bask in! Because hiemal ultraviolet ray exists as before, it is even in the world with white pure white snow, prevent it is more important to bask in the job! Those who forgot the SPF15++ on daub do not want to prevent before going out bask in frost!

2, light ripe flesh maintains method

Common danger " flesh " : Dry, acne, black head, dark sore

Understand danger point: Clean, go oily, filling water

Staying up late unendingly is the killer that causes the skin to generate dark sore, and have more second age paragraph the girl uses powerful effect sex for a long time protect skin to taste or all along buy skin maintains with disregard, make cutaneous metabolism is reduced, cause skin dark because of lacking water dumb coarse, at the same time also meeting extensive glossy, grow dark sore. Actually this age paragraph should pay attention to cutaneous foundation to maintain only, the water oil that carries skin is balanced, skin ability presents the position of the most healthy instinctive quality.

Ju Jiabao raises a focal point:

1. cleanness: Contain the milk-like liquid of deep-seated clean skin of plant part, because deep-seated clean skin breeds PH value and healthy skin close, can better open pore, cleanness crosses much oil. When using, in the face the ministry makes a group, special attention position of T ministry much oil, again complete and abluent, grease of such thoroughly can cleared skin, balance grease is secreted, prevent dark sore to generate.

2. protects wet: Water of water bright skin fills for skin Tuyi after clean face, and have the latex that accuses effect of oily filling water. After waiting for facial Gan Shuang, will protect wet product to dab come at facial ministry absorb. Every month does depth 9 times to dominate fat Facial mask, many water nurturance divides instantaneous infuse, make skin tender, full, the improvement with can rise better character to oily skin action.

3. prevents bask in: The cosmetologist thinks, if insolation decreases when 229 years old, prevent correctly bask in, the meeting when arriving 60 years old looks very young. Whenever wants daub why to prevent bask in frost, best choice not the relaxed series that oiliness differentiates.

4. fights decline: So young be about to fight decline? Fasten open-eyed, of the woman fight decline maintain should begin from 20 years old, nevertheless, at this moment fight declining basically is needle cross-eye ministry, because eye ministry skin is most first anile place. Should choose delicate model frost of water embellish eye. Lasting effect is protected wet alimentary, although extend Gan Wen; Form ultrathin diaphragm, caress eye ministry delicate skin.

TIPS: Proposal this age paragraph the female accomplishs the summer 10 days as far as possible, winter 2-3 Zhou Quyi second cutin, at ordinary times discharge makeup wants clean complete.

Dietotherapy nourishing

20-24 year old the generation of this one period as ovarian development and hormone, sebaceous glands secretion also can increase, because this wants to make the skin bright and clean and ruddy and be full of flexibility, must absorb enough protein, fatty acid reachs a variety of vitamins, be like Chinese cabbage, leek, animal liver, cod-liver oil, legume. At the same time the attention eats salt less, drink water more, can prevent the skin already so dry, can make again uric fluid grow in quantity, conduce to fat metabolizing character, reduce facial grease to secrete, prevent dark skiing ulcer, of acne generate.

Small secret recipe:

1. goes dark sore: juice of wear of fresh turnip gross, apply is in affected part, water of 15 minutes of reoccupy is cleaned, morning and evening 1 hind, to dark sore detoxify is reached disclose adipose intention.

2. goes black head: After washing a face, albumen besmear is on bazoo, wash face paper apply with what do not contain soft continous next above, wait for 10-15 minute after the paper that wash a face works, by below consummate pull a tissue, black head is OK take out, want to remember nevertheless, must take the bright skin water that does not have alcohol finally.