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How does cervical skin prevent flabby? How to prevent neck minister furrow?

Our cervical skin is very easy of occurrence furrow, and in daily life, how should avoid neck minister furrow? Because cervical the age that had furrow to be able to allow a woman appears old, and also the wife is willing to see least of all, so, how does cervical skin prevent flabby? How to prevent neck minister furrow? Actor or actress accordingly below actor is young make up will look.

How does cervical skin prevent flabby? How to prevent neck minister furrow? (1)

1, of cervical skin nurse

Cervical skin is very special, prop up without redundant skeleton besides cervical vertebra, hold gently, only thin thin a skin, have the 2/3 of facial skin ply only probably; Cervical sebaceous glands and sweat gland amount also have facial 1/3 only.

Leather fat is secreted less, retain moisture hard, plus a day in the center countless look up, lower one's head, bear even the weight of the head, as time passes, cervical skin very easy ageing and flabby.

The time of cervical occurrence furrow wants than eye grain absolutely early, and once appear, still can compare eye grain deeper, more conspicuous. If your age has exceeded 25 years old, so you can be faced with cervical cutaneous flabby with ageing.

Want to know, the neck once ageing cannot repair, even if hairdressing operation also beyond the reach of one's power, it is the most important to still nurse ahead of schedule. At once, cervical nurse add you everyday nurse in the center.

Everyday nurse, want outspread extremely cervical

1. If can be accomplished everyday bath is best of course, after the neck is clean, use makeup water wants with the latex that protect skin at the same time daub arrives cervical, flap gently or massage slightly.

Do not want to look down upon this small order that protect skin, it can defer the ageing horizontal grain on your neck absolutely.

If 2. is done not have everyday the condition of bath, also should be in wash in the evening everyday face and when protecting skin, neck nurse add.

3. had better buy bottleneck frost, neck frost is in the light of cervical skin design, have mostly protect the effect that be sent wetly, closely and promotes, can suit more than cream of course.

The skin flexibility of 4. neck is poor, need to be caressed everyday. After washing a face, neck frost goes up with respect to besmear when the moisture that should take the advantage of skin surface has not worked, flap gently or massage, help skin is absorbed quickly.

5. Can do every week arrive twice " neck film " , can defer cervical cutaneous ageing effectively.

The brand of film having a neck is not very much, the price generally speaking disadvantageous also appropriate, if do not have neck film, optional also choose is had protect wet, fight the Facial mask that knit or causes effect closely to replace neck film.

Cervical massage hold

This is massaged hold need to be in daub neck frost or massage when creaming, cooperate to use.

The 1st pace: The neck frostlike powder that takes volume of a yuan of coin or massage cream, both hands leaves by next consummate light jog.

The 2nd pace: The head slightly drive up, use finger to be pushed by clavicular upgrade, valuable assistant is done 10 times each.

The 3rd pace: With big toe and forefinger, push on direction of ground of neck grain key (avoid by all means too forcibly) , do 15 times about.

The 4th pace: Use the forefinger that controls both hands and middle finger finally, put at the lymphatic position below cheek bone, by press about one minute, expedite and lymphatic nucleus, have a poisonous effect.

Enjoy beauty parlour degree in the home cervical nurse

As we have learned, general component is the measure of beautiful neck purpose of professional beauty parlour clean, massage, a few paces such as apply film, the first pace is fast clean, chamfer is qualitative, qing Dynasty gets rid of cervical the dead skin that go up;

The 2nd pace undertakes cervical massage, the purpose is slow muscle, tighten up neck grain, promote cervical outline; Finally is apply neck film.

Neck film is had compared with other side film more of height moist with vigor complement action, can complement immediately for skin moisture and nutrition, improvement is dry the issue that lacks water.

Some beauty parlour still can cooperate an instrument, undertake to cervical skin repair promotes, still to cervical human body two big lymphatic undertake discharging poison, your cervical curve restores to tightened Hua Roumei to also promote facial lymphatic loop.

Be based on this kind to nurse professionally program, we also advocate household cervical nurse also follow the example of nurse at major, the professional and meticulous spirit hairdressing develops excellent house to nurse in the center.

2, yellow face mother-in-law protects skin method

Mother-in-law of 1. yellow face has these common features to drink water not actively. Jade of honey merchant treasure says masses boudoir, water does the wife, how is a woman that lacks water likely Where is fresh and juicy? The body is short of water body systematic circulation not free, nurture is carried character and skin cell metabolization is met suffocate suffocate, the skin sends Huang Fagan is explicit expression only just, it is body interior actually nutrient is carried and trash metabolization gave an issue.

2. is prevented carelessly bask in. The UVA in ultraviolet ray is cutaneous the biggest killer, it can be penetrable glass, cloud layer and water, harm the skin cell of dermal layer directly, bring cannot go against the harm that turn, so facial ministry does not prevent the feminine color of skin that bask in to blacken becoming yellow to grow spot is very normal thing. And prevent bask in this thing to want to do all the year round, it is summer not merely.

3. does not eat or eat a bit staple food only. A lot of wives eat very few staple food to carry a figure flat perhaps do not eat staple food, the movement that causes taste changes a function to be damaged badly, because taste needs to have food crops essence of life small will raise, issue the force with which sth breaks out for a long time to need gas blood is not worth, the watch is facial now it is look hair Huang Fa is dark, this also is one of main reasons that a lot of young girls turn yellow face into prematurely the mother-in-law.

4. rejects to eat the meat especially red meat. Have not only in the flesh adipose, still have the high grade egg white that we need, there still is rich iron in red meat, do not eat the flesh for a long time not to pay attention to collocation of other alimental nutrition again, cause anemia of the sex that be short of iron very easily, and iron is the carrier of locomotive oxygen inside body, the skin is in nerve and hemal end, oxygen and inanition won't have good color of course.