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What does the method that eliminates furrow have? In daily life how to remove wrinkle?

Furrow is cutaneous killer, can let the skin look very old, because this is daily the job that protect skin is very main, so what does the method that eliminates furrow have? In daily life how to remove wrinkle? There is a lot of to eliminate the method of furrow in daily life, in daily life knows in detail below how to remove wrinkle, and what does the item that needs an attention have.

What does the method that eliminates furrow have? In daily life how to remove wrinkle? (1)

1, the method that eliminates furrow

1. beer goes knit

Beer alcohol content is little, be contained tannic acid, picric the effect that exciting appetite, help digests the heat that reach Qing Dynasty. Many vitamin B, candy and protein still are contained in beer. Right amount and drinkable beer, can enhance a constitution, reduce facial wrinkle.

2. tea goes knit

Tea contains a variety of 400 substantial chemical component, basically have tea much phenol among them kind, a variety of balmy oily compound, carbohydrate, protein, amino acid, vitamin, mineral reach pectic etc, it is natural strong and handsome beverage, outside dividing promotional health, still can maintain the skin bright and clean, the occurrence that defers facial furrow and reduce wrinkle, still can prevent a variety of skin disease, but should notice unfavorable drink strong tea.

3. rice group goes knit

After the appetizing rice in husband has been done, carry some softer, tepid too won't very hot rice kneads a group, put in facial knead gently, the grease inside skin pore, contamination is epispastic, know rice group becomes fat corrupt black, wash with clear water next, can make the skin breathes unobstructed so, reduce wrinkle.

4. chicken bone goes knit

The majority that skin derma organizes is by the thread that has elastic force place is formed, the skin lacked it to lose flexibility, furrow also rises with respect to gather together. Many vitriolic cartilage element is contained in the cartilage of gallinaceous skin and chicken, it is the mainest component in stretch fiber. the gallinaceous character that has surplus abluent, put Bao boiling water together with gallinaceous skin, not only nutrition is rich, tipple still can remove wrinkle, make skin exquisite.

5. fruit, vegetable goes knit

Towel gourd, the vegetable of melon and fruit such as skin of banana, orange, watermelon, tomato, strawberry has to the skin the most natural moist, go knitting the effect, can make range of Facial mask apply again, can make face bright and clean, furrow is extended.

6. mastication goes knit

Chew everyday chewing gum 5 to 20 minutes, can make facial furrow decreases, complexion is ruddy. Because mastication can move,this is facial muscle, change facial blood circulation, enhance the metabolization function of facial cell.

7. pig hoof goes knit

Count with old sow hoof (if search,be less than) of hoof of usable and general pig, abluent hind boil cream shape, ministry of face of the Tu Yu when sleeping in the evening, wash clean again in the morning the following day, hold to half month to be able to have go apparently knitting the effect.

2, the reason of long lines

1, often edible contains candy amount exorbitant sweetmeat

No matter you love,which kinds of sweetmeat can bring about your skin premature senility. It is premature that edible contains candy to measure exorbitant food one of main reasons of occurrence furrow, because itself meets the candy in your blood be united in wedlock and produce candy radical to change with protein photograph,this is, produce a kind of harmful material finally thereby, and the collagen albumen that this kind of child will destroy your skin to go up and stretch albumen, make facial generation very much thereby furrow.

2, adipose absorb insufficient

The body is adipose and superfluous the meeting is harmful to the body, but right amount adipose also be indispensible to the body, it can absorb antioxidant and vitamin, cause the skin closely at the same time.

3, hollow be on a diet

Hollow be on a diet reduce weight to make weight happening easily fluctuant, and weight wave motion is bigger, bigger to skin harm. When fluctuating because of your weight, the skin is met subsequently and Zhang Chi.

4, smoking

Smoking has to lung and heart not only damage, and can quicken cutaneous ageing significantly.

5, morpheus is not worth

Enough sleep to repair body each systems are very be necessary, of course this also can include pair of cutaneous repair. If you are long-term,Morpheus inadequacy can injure the skin very easily, the ageing that makes your skin premature.

6, sleep appearance undeserved

Often sideways sleeps can increase pressure to facial skin, form furrow thereby.

7, physical strength is used up too much

Exercise is good healthy, can make the person restores green vitality. But overmuch athletic sports can quicken skin ageing, will damage because of exceeding physical training collagen albumen.