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How to carry bright color of skin effectively? Is skin dark dumb how is the United States white?

Is color of skin dark heavy how is the United States white? If skin fair-skinneds in vain not quite, can appear so the person is gaunter, also can let you want to appear it seems that order of seniority among brothers or sisters year old, the color of skin of skin is to need what can change to will nurse the day after tomorrow, so, how to carry bright color of skin effectively? Is skin dark dumb how is the United States white? There are these two issues below, actor or actress accordingly actor is young make up how do reading an article together say.

How to carry bright color of skin effectively? Is skin dark dumb how is the United States white? (1)

1, promote method of bright color of skin

Fixed chamfer is qualitative: Cell of new student skin makes the skin smooth bright lustre, chamfer is character most promote the method with bright the directest color of skin. Skin is qualitative not easy and sensitive MM people can choose those who carry grain to grind arenaceous cream, with means purify dead skin of physics, and the chamfer qualitative gel that sensitive skin can choose to contain salicylic part, thorough pore undertakes flaking effectively blandly. Use 9 times every week what can maintain skin for a long time is meticulous and smooth.

Lock up water with oil: To appearing the skin of ageing evidence, want to choose to protect the type of quality of a material that skin tastes afresh, relaxed sex protects skin high to taste had suited you no longer. Moisture prediction of a person's luck in a given year is the another big question that age growth brings, grease secretes exuberant skin to become very dry previously. The skin with normal water content is in age growth span of 8 years, skin subsequently anile 22%; and be short of skin of ability in swimming to be in same time span, criterion ageing 55% . It is moment protects yours Shi Shuang to upgrade into the oil protecting skin with dense quality of a material. Contain sesame seed, sweet apricot, carry on one's shoulder carries on his shoulder or back cling to the oily oil that protect skin, cooperate to massage gimmick, can let skin restore to be filled with bright. The method is very simple also, heat up control rub first, next abide wears what lymphatic system has whole face to massage, toxin of light relaxed loose eduction, let skin tactility becomes tender and slender.

Fight freedom radical: A of the antioxidant that adds pea bulk in protect skin oil or protecting skin frost, dimension is acerbity or the cell grows factor (TNS) , can help you resist the oxidation of freedom radical. Antioxidant is like vitamin E, green tea, can protect health of fibrous of collagen albumen, bounce effectively. And dimension A acid and its ramification grow like A alcohol, cell factor, can stimulate collagen protein generate, help skin restores to tighten the flexibility that send.

Prevent in the round bask in: Fight consenescence, prevent the topic that basking in is eternity. Ultraviolet ray can make collagen albumen and bounce albumen degenerative for an instant, activation and quicken the generation of melanin, cause a variety of skin problems such as Chloasma, fleck. Even if intensity of winter ultraviolet ray also cannot be loosened infirmly relatively, any moment should choose to prevent bask in an index to be in of SPF15 above prevent bask in a product. And prevent basking in frost can be dissolved by sweat fluid, be what type no matter prevent bask in a product, want to notice instant and compensatory daub.

Compensatory collagen albumen: Raise cutaneous glossiness and diaphaneity, collagen albumen is very good choice. The food that contains a lot ofcollagen albumen has pig hoof, gallinaceous albumen, but if be afraid that fat word can choose albumen pink and vitamin B and calcic magnesium piece, can short time improves skin glossiness, can prevent furrow and consenescence more.

2, vapour maintains method

Much performance vapour maintains law:

1, vapour discharge makeup

Face of the evaporate before discharge makeup 1 minute, make pore sufficient after diastole, reuse discharge makeup product discharge makeup, undertake cleanness 2 times with the grandma that wash a face finally, can fast clean colour makeup.

TIPS: Also can use discharge makeup oil first / lacteal besmear is on the face, one all over evaporate to hit a circle to massage, the colour on the face makeup discharge is divided clean.

2, vapour except acne

Evaporate face 5 minutes, after skin temperature is elevatory coriaceous happening metabolization changes, help pore open thereby let acne rise to, next reoccupy acne is clean implement suck acne.

TIPS: If be the blackhead in pore, evaporate does not give rely on steamer.

3, vapour is protected wet

2 are joined to contain rose, foreign Gan Ju, jasmine to wait in steamer have the oil of essence of medicine made of two or more ingredients that keeps wet effect evaporate face 10 minutes, can emphasize in relatively dry area especially, do massage help elite composition simply to absorb.

TIPS: If in hour of evaporate face second half certain daub keeps wet lock of water maintain article, skin otherwise can become before comparing, work.

4, vapour shines skin

After the vapour that use heat opens pore, use first make up the moisture with will redundant water and grease erase, reoccupy makes up cotton soaks beautiful Bai Hua makeup water, apply is on the skin, evaporate face 3-5 minute, make the skin sufficient imbibe and composition of beautiful white cream.

TIPS: Sensitivity skin may produce allergic reaction to high temperature character, do not suit vapour to maintain.