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Is winter skin dark how to fizzle out to do? Is winter skin dark how to fizzle out to carry bright color of skin?

Winter skins dark Huang Ye is common skin problem, in winter, when the skin of the body is being lapped almost, the skin that also has facial department only is dew outside, so cutaneous stand or fall also is very big to the influence of individual figure, is winter skin dark how to fizzle out to do? Is winter skin dark how to fizzle out to carry bright color of skin? Those who read an article will solve below.

Is winter skin dark how to fizzle out to do? Is winter skin dark how to fizzle out to carry bright color of skin? (1)

1, promote method of bright color of skin

1, skin lacks water dry model dark fizzle out

Regulations one: Protect wet skin

Skin is dry, have title of bits, desquamate, moisture to absorb inadequacy easily. Skin is short of the word that water, water content is not worth for a long time, also can let the skin look dark sunken luster, and be short of water for a long time to also can bring about microgroove and Gan Wen to arise.

Answer strategy: Strengthen protect wet maintain, use relatively moist maintain article, complete improvement is dry. The most effective in the winter defending wet method is apply Facial mask, and the United States keeps wet noodle film in vain much better. Still can choose additionally a few raise colour drink and fruit from inside move filling skin.

2, anile skin is dark fizzle out

Regulations: Fight cell of oxidation, purify ageing

Stay up late, angst, ultraviolet ray and the outside element such as pollution can bring about skin to be oxidized, collagen albumen follows an and his like to break, skin presents old state. After skin is anile, of skin put water, autogenous force to also can drop subsequently, form a vicious circle from now on, want take out only so the cell of these ageing, can make skin clean white, fully.

Answer strategy: What anile skin needs most is protection and enough nutrient, have repair resistance effect besides the choice outside fighting old product, the nutrition that beauty of even compensatory skin needs in vain, can choose to contain a lot ofcollagen albumen, peptide kind product.

3, bask in model dark fizzle out

The smooth ageing that brings about by ultraviolet radiate is the mainest factor of skin ageing, explode constantly bask in fall in sunshine, and did not do good prevent bask in measure, can bring about this to plant dark heavy occurrence.

Regulations: Precautionary go ahead of the rest, indispensable

Answer strategy: Do not divide Yin Qing, had done every day prevent bask in smooth ageing of the job, antagonism, use proper intelligent beauty to maintain in vain article.

Small Tips: Daytime goes out should brush the embellish skin juice that contains SPF recipe, if you are disrelished,prevent basked in a product to besmear uncomfortable, can choose SPF the cost is a few lower.

4, stay up late / pressure / difference in temperature dark fizzle out

Regulations: Circulation of platoon poison, stimulative blood

The woman that often stays up late, while Morpheus quality cannot get assuring quite, meet what cause function of intestines and stomach directly drop, make thereby digest absorption function to reduce, the immediate consequence of generation, make namely the skin cannot get enough nutrition quite, cause the skin bleak without light.

Answer strategy: Sleep early rise early, purify a poison, restore bright skin

Make appliance has fight oxidation to reach purify the toxin between the cell to maintain article, let skin be far from while freedom radical is harmed, eliminate to accumulate trash rubbish, adjust at the same time habits and customs, sleep on time make skin successful discharge poison.

5, cutin fleshy

Regulations: Seasonable and clean nurse

The metabolism of skin is not expedite, piled up to cross much old useless cutin to cannot take the place of newer, make corneous layer is arranged rough whole, coarse, let skin produce dark heavy problem.

Answer strategy: Had done accuse oil to nurse, the water oil that recuperates skin is balanced. At the same time to avoid sweet birch pore is bulky, use proper acidity composition to maintain article, the composition such as plant grain, ferment sends a product closely to maintain toward pore of corneous Ji Tianhua article.

Small Tips: Wash rice bath face, the Shui Zhongrong that clean out rice solved vitamin of a few starch, protein, ORGNITU to wait for nutrient, what can decompose a face to go up is smeary, desalt pigment and prevent bead of flesh of occurrence go to live in the household of one's in-laws on getting married to wait. Insist for a long time to use face of the bath that clean out rice, can make the skin becomes smooth and bright bouncy.

2, the United States' white dietotherapy square

Eye ministry encircles black dietotherapy

If you often work late night at 23 o'clock, the morning should go to work rapidly again at 8 o'clock, so, black rim of the eye can appear come out.

Dietotherapy method: Abluent horse's hoof and lotus lotus root, mincing hind put juicer, add agitate of two cups of water again. Lie between water broken bits, next apply follows 10 minutes. Lotus lotus root and horse's hoof contain a lot ofopaque, iron to reach protein character, have medicinal powder blood goes Yu action. Face result of the apply before sleeping best, can reduce black the opportunity that follows a group. Or the pollen that use bee, teaspoon + bee emperor oar, teaspoon, be in after mix up position of black rim of the eye is weak sparsely on apply one. With Qing Dynasty bath goes after 1 hour. Bee emperor oar contains amino acid, have blanch action, and the effect that has stimulative metabolism.

Facial thick black dietotherapy

Medicine thinks complexion is nigrescent in blood of essence of the much empty that it is kidney is not worth be caused by, but to be taken orally the filling kidney medicaments such as bolus of 6 flavour glutinous rehmannia. Dietotherapy method: Congee of longan of wild jujube benevolence square, apply to heart disposition blood to be not worth the face skin thickening of be caused by.

Ginseng yam congee square, apply to gas to decline the pollen of nectar source of complexion An yellow; that cause can eliminate facial shading, make appearance tender white, peach blossom food most apply to diseases with such symptoms as coastal pain not easy, travel blood not the countenance grey An of free be caused by is not had China person.

Lumbar abdomen black dietotherapy

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine learns to think, when empty of lienal deficient kidney, the function that carry of the five internal organs changes essence of life to enrage is maladjusted, make flow to lumbar and joint dish gas blood decreases, lumbar abdomen forms a coarse and flabby black skin group.

Dietotherapy method: Traditional and prandial a medium black rice congee square, have the effect of kidney of liver of color of skin of filling gas blood, Yue, beneficial, apply to lumbar abdomen aching and limp, decline mark is nigrescent person. Often eat the insect such as silk moth, young cicada to also have beautiful effect, because a variety of 20 dissociate are contained in this kind of cate amino acid, the skin that is ideal is strong and handsome material. Insist to eat cereal, vegetable, fruit, the calcium that contains among them, Potassium, natrium, magnesium a variety of mineral it is food of beautiful skin optimal.

Cervical coarse black dietotherapy

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine learns to think: Heart deficient blood is little, before cervical greenish yellow is dim: Gloomy of diseases with such symptoms as coastal pain writtens guarantee, hind sluggish of blood of lienal empty of; of cervical skin Hei Qing, cervical skin is black thick. Dietotherapy method: Nucleic acid is the nutrient food of first selection, japanese scientist discovers, the female is daily take nucleic acid 800mg, after a month, cervical skin can become white tender inviting. The food that contains a lot ofnucleic acid has fish, shrimp, yeasty, liver, dawdle, agaric, pollen to wait. The tradition that rice congee is beautiful neck is prandial, red jujube, Su Mi provides beneficial gas to raise the effect of flesh of abundant of skin of blood, embellish, the person that apply to weak be caused by of lienal empty blood.