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How to abstain a poison to raise colour tea? Does platoon poison raise Yan Charu why to be done best?

Respecting platoon poison is raised colour problem, the woman always has the topic that does not say, actually woman to oh the pursuit that loves Dou Yangyan had not changed all the time, drinking tea is a very good means, of course it is best that he is made, because be the safest, also be to do useful, so how to abstain a poison to raise colour tea after all? Does platoon poison raise Yan Charu why to be done best? .

How to abstain a poison to raise colour tea? Does platoon poison raise Yan Charu why to be done best? (1)

1, abstain a poison to raise colour tea

Teach you to abstain a poison to raise colour tea! Scented tea can reduce weight effectively a poison, the most important still can hairdressing is raised colour, next small make up the hairdressing scented tea that recommends a few kinds to abstain.

Gong Lianhe foliaceous tea

Effect: The pure natural and herbaceous composition in tea can strengthen adipose metabolization, help intestines and stomach is expedite, body of litter all eduction outside.

Material: Flower of god of red lotus lotus leaf, rose, the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces, sweet chrysanthemum leaf, dried tangerine or orange peel and definitely pine torch.


1) in putting all stuff in clear water, immerse 15 minutes, next abluent.

2) in putting abluent stuff into boiler, add right amount clear water, bao the flameout after 30 minutes.

3) go broken bits can drinkable.

Note: Had better be anteprandial and drinkable, everyday right amount.

The root of red-rooted salvia capillary artemisia tea

Effect: This tea is make by pure medicinal material, drinkable hind the haemal circulation that can accelerate the body and metabolism, conduce to the eduction of trash and toxin. Can increase the peristalsis of intestines and stomach at the same time, reduce constipation, make the body more lightsome.

Material: The root of red-rooted salvia, definitely punt-pole of pine torch, capillary artemisia, licorice.


1) immerse with clear water all medicinal materials half hour, then abluent in be being put into boiler.

2) add right amount clear water, boil with conflagration, turn again for slow fire.

3) slow fire boils 30 minutes can, lie between dregs of a decoction finally, take juice drinkable.

Note: Intestines and stomach is bad, especially often the MM of have loose bowels careful drink, do not drink everyday at the same time exceed 3000cc.

Aloe black tea

Effect: Drinkable hind can enhance cellular vigor, quickly adipose digest, adjust the physiology mechanism of human body, recovery is lightsome posture.

Material: Bag of aloe, chrysanthemum, black tea, honey.


1) will all material is abluent, aloe flay, take lining plain boiled pork only.

2) put aloe flesh and chrysanthemum into boiler to add clear water to boil.

3) black tea bag and honey are joined after waiting for water to leave can.

Note: This tea sex is cool, weak of intestines and stomach is little drinkable.

Rose tea of candied date or jujube

Effect: The rose has scanty liver to see the effect of gloomy, can promote metabolism accelerate, can go effectively at the same time fat. And cellulose of candied date or jujube is rich, long-term and drinkable, OK and cleared constellation, reduce adipose accumulation, achieve goal reducing weight thereby.

Material: Rose of pink of candied date or jujube, one small rub with the hands.


1) material abluent, next candied date or jujube goes nucleus, the rose is broken into pieces.

2) put different stuff into boiler, add right amount clear water, have conflagration Bao.

3) the flameout after waiting for water to boil, go juice is drinkable.

Note: This tea cannot be made too thick, cause diarrhoea easily otherwise. Should not be long-term and drinkable at the same time.

2, the note that drink tea

avoid drinks cold tea

The old person often says 3 type thing most injury body: "Thin wine, cold tea, old woman. " drink cold tea it is thus clear that bad to the body. Cold tea has sluggish to the body cold, get together phlegmy side-effect, especially for cold to body female, more unfavorable drink cold tea.

After bubble good tea drink in time, if be not drunk,answer, after cannot putting freezer and of the previous night, drink again.

2 avoid hollow drink tea

Hollow drink gastric juice of tea party dilute, reduce digestive function, still can cause " tea is drunk " , expression is flustered, dizziness, have a headache, lack of power, stand flabby etc. Additional, hollow drink hunger of tea party accentuation to feel, serious person can deliver hypoglycemia sex shock hollow drink tea. Hollow drink tea to be equal to " open the door to a dangerous person " , our country has since ancient times " do not drink hollow tea " say. Hollow or after getting up in the morning, answer to drink a cup of plain boiled water first, eat a few snack again, drink tea again next.

3 avoid anteprandial drink tea

Anteprandial drink tea to approximate hollow drink tea. Anteprandial drink tea party diluent saliva, make dietary insipidity, the function that still can make peptic absorbs protein temporarily drops. Hollow drink tea to have direct stimulation to gastric bowel, can make digestive juice by diluent, dilute, the influence is digested, and cause the appearance with drunk tea easily.

Take some of mug-up or appetizing course first, drink tea again, perhaps have a meal during drink tea.

Tea is drunk immediately after 4 avoid meal

Meal hind drinks tea on unfavorable horse. Meal hind drinks tea instantly, can diluent gastric juice, influence food is digested, at the same time the tannin in tea can make the coagulative in food qualitative, increase a burden to the stomach, affect protein absorption.

Had better be after the meal one hour hind drinks tea, can promote digest, eliminate fat.

5 avoid are drunk iron tea

The pharynx and larynx to the person, esophagus and stomach stimulate too hot boiled water stronger. If drink too hot boiled water for a long time, the likelihood causes the pathological change of these organs. Consider to show according to abroad, classics tipple temperature exceeds the person of 62 ℃ tea, gastric wall is damaged more easily, the disease of easy occurrence stomach trouble.

After tea bubble is good, just a minute, wait for refrigeration of boiled water temperature to come 60 ℃ again slowly drinkable.

6 avoid drink strong tea

The ancients cloud " weak tea warm water most raise a person " . Strong tea contains more caffein, tea is alkaline much, stimulation is strong, leave a head easily painful, insomnia. Still can cause a heartbeat at the same time too fast, the patient of coronary heart disease that quivers to having tachycardia, early wrestle and house is adverse. Especially the woman is in period, pregnancy, produce period, inside lactation more unfavorable drink strong tea.

The scale of tea and water wants measurable, unfavorable put too much tea and too little water.

7 avoid pass to bubble frequency much

Determine according to concerning an experiment, 50% what the head opens tea soup to be able to contain gross of water soak content, 30% what 2 tea soup contains gross of water soak content, 3 tea soup is 10% , quarto tea soup has 1-3% only however, the certain and harmful composition that can make tea medium to bubble for many times again also by soak, because the minim in tea is harmful,the element often is finally bubble goes out.

General tea is developing bubble 3-4 second hind basically do not have what tea juice, so most bubble 4.