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How should be oily skin improved? What does the method that oily skin improves have?

The skin of everybody is different character, some people are drying skin, some people are oily skin, and some people are mixture sex skin, arrived every time when weather becomes very burning hot, resembling simply on the face of the friends of oily skin is cropland of a lard, it how you know oily skin improves ability then is good that then you know oily skin improves ability? Reckon a lot of people still do not know, below, provide body introduction to everybody.

How should be oily skin improved? What does the method that oily skin improves have? (1)

1, how is oily skin improved

, do good cleanness the foundation maintains

To oily skin nurse, cleanness is to need to do good foundation to maintain absolutely. Our skin sebaceous glands is secreted exuberant when, skin gives oily appearance with respect to meeting occurrence love, and if beautiful eyebrow people in the process that skins in cleanness, destroyed skin to have the sebaceous glands that protects action, skin is met more sensitive give oil with love, accordingly, cleanness is crucial, also need to take care to caress. Beautiful eyebrow people the cleanness to oily skin, need chooses lukewarm bath face, in the meantime, want forcibly downy, and the choice has the grandma washing a face with clean bilge stronger capability to use, water is warm and clean product chooses appropriate, it is to be skin to accuse oily foundation to maintain.

2, protect wet nurse adjust skin water is oily evenly

To oily skin nurse, besides crucial cleanness, it is quite important also to protect wet filling water to nurse, if beautiful eyebrow people skin lacks water badly, bring about water oil to secrete lopsided, so, skin can resemble opposite way bringing about love to give oil, the beautiful eyebrow skin of the oily skin of 80% lacks water badly, accordingly, beautiful eyebrow people still do not fill rapidly water is protected wet nurse rise. In choosing to keep the process of wet product, beautiful eyebrow people should choose soft texture as far as possible, without protect wet product excitantly to use, filling water protects wet job to cannot have the laches of a bit, let skin drink full water, the appearance that gives oil naturally is met abate a lot of.

3, dietary build up one's health by rest and by taking nourishing food

Although the oily skin of transmissibility follows the likelihood,dietary relation is not very big, but if can be on food the word of special attention, also be can as far as possible the circumstance that reduces the skin to give oil, this maintains to the skin for also be to be able to have very big help effect. Want to accuse oil to the skin, so be about to decrease eat fat with hot food.

Epilogue: Nurse the skin is a long-term course, nursing must hold to in the process, if if be used to,making up at ordinary times, must seasonable discharge makeup and want discharge clean, ten million cannot be taken makeup sleep. Also want great movement additionally, motion can undertake the body discharges poison, but seasonable compensatory moisture content wants after motion, hold healthy dietary convention as far as possible, eat fiber vegetable and vitamin C content to compare tall fruit more, water of a cup of citric honey can be drunk after getting up in the morning, citric honey water can discharge poison to raise colour, and can maintain the skin to fair-skinned in vain, before sleeping OK also much hubble-bubble foot, maintain good Morpheus, it is good to made sure enough Morpheus talent sleeps only appearance.

2, the feature of flesh of oily blain blain

, pore is bulky

Leather fat is excessive secrete bring about pore bulky. Pore is bulky because the hormone inside body is secreted,be normally disorder, pressure is polluted with the environment greatly too, clean job did not do those who wait for a reason to cause good. In addition, the skin loses flexibility gradually, lack supports a construction all round wool bursa, make pore appears bigger very easily the dry skin environment inside the oil outside; , also can make pore becomes bulky.

2, black head runs rampant

Black head is content of sclerotic grease block, appear in the place such as the forehead of face, nose normally, be stimulated overly when grease gland, when pore is full of redundant grease and creating block, its are reached in the nose all round part, classics regular meeting has fat feeling. These grease are met finally sclerotic, it is black bit via oxidation epigenesis, these bit are called the grease block thing of black head namely.

3, hair of blain blain frequency

Skin gives oil in great quantities and do not have by complete cleanness clean, can make overmuch fat accumulation brings about pore block in pore, the contamination that cannot be eliminated in time causes the generation of acne and blain blain very easily. Long blain blain the phenomenon that it is a kind of agnail, the formation of blain blain is to have bacterium of a blain calling blain, it exists all the time actually above the skin in us, bacterium and the dirty stuff that these grease place form were created under the environment that does not have cleanness in when your skin, bacterium of this blain blain became active, one vivid capriole comes to blain blain bacterium to form the phenomenon of your pore block agnail easily, become blain then.

4, color of skin is dark sink

Coriaceous secrete much place to be formed easily dark heavy, and adhere to when pore bilge, the problem is more serious. On the other hand, continue to contact ultraviolet ray again when oxidized pink bottom, can have formed oxidation fat to pledge, throw into confusion the rhythm of skin metabolism, bring about color of color of skin not very black, but An heavy, hair is yellow. Although sleep is enough, the skin still does not have glorious. How can end the day that fights blain at an early date, skin is smooth 0 pore, with ' oil field face ' Where is good-bye? Small make up introduce a few kinds of solutions for everybody.