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What does Qiu Dong season protect the skill of skin to have? If season of oily skin Qiu Dong nurses?

Oily skin can let the skin resemble be the feeling that wiped an ointment it seems that, especially a day in midday always, it is the hour that the easiest glossy is full of, also be most the hour that yields female friend skin to become bad, so, what does Qiu Dong season protect the skill of skin to have? If season of oily skin Qiu Dong nurses? Actor or actress accordingly below actor is young make up the content that will read an article.

What does Qiu Dong season protect the skill of skin to have? If season of oily skin Qiu Dong nurses? (1)

1, Qiu Dong season protects skin skill

Qiu Dong protects skin detail one: Cold hot water is washed alternately the face does not fit all people

If your skin is able to bear or endure,suffer degree pretty good, and a few problems that do not have other (be like) of blain of silk of sensitive, red blood, blain, inflammation, your maybe can use this method. But cold hot water washs a face to be able to accentuate alternately the susceptibility of sensitive flesh, exciting blood capillary is outspread, thereby sensitize and problem of red blood silk are more serious.

Protect skin small make up a proposal to connect general reason condition to fall, wash a face with Wen Shui, and the person does not want oily cutaneous to wash facial time less at 3 minutes.

Qiu Dong protects skin detail 2: Fear skin is fat and do not use late frost

Some females finish facial cleanness, attack water need not late frost, feel use late frost rises the following day the skin too too fat. But as a result of Qiu Dong seasonal climate becomes dry, the skin lacks water easily, use merely defending wet water is to cannot chain the water of whole evening is divided, the skin is short of water nutrition and the word that water separates, appear easily small microgroove.

Qiu Dong protects skin detail 3: Want to prevent already in the office bask in also want radiation-proof

Prevent bask in:

Ultraviolet ray has powerful penetration, can enter through glazing reflection indoor. Because this is where to be without giving thought to, be existence ultraviolet ray all the year round. Prevent the effectiveness that basks in frost to be able to last two hours only, if be exposed for long,stay in the office that has glazing, every two hours should fill besmear is prevented bask in frost.


Often clean face ministry, filling water, become depth every weeks clean Facial mask and keep wet noodle film

Segregation is the most important, the society uses segregation frostlike powder. Drink fresh fruit juice and lettuce juice more, balanced nutrition, eliminate put oneself in another's position endotoxin

Qiu Dong protects skin detail 4: Face film cannot apply too long

The time of apply Facial mask is too long, the skin cannot absorb the hairdressing fluid in Facial mask and nutrient not only, can make the nutriment on Facial mask evaporates instead, be lost, absorb the moisture with original skin likely still. If be the weaving Facial mask that contains hairdressing juice pieces, apply 15 after arriving 20 minutes, be about to be taken, clean clean with water next, if be Morpheus Facial mask,need not use wash.

Qiu Dong protects skin detail 5: Colour makeup still is used less as far as possible

The harmful to human body part that and so on of composition of many artificial pigment, metal, French chalk contains inside colour makeup, use too frequent, consequence is met very serious. Natural protect skin, scientific hairdressing, ability from go up at all solve skin problem.

Protect skin small make up recommend - 4 greatly natural protect skin article

○ cleans out meter of water

Clean, protect wet, bright skin, the battalion nurturance that contain a lot ofis divided, raise cellular metabolization effectively, prevent resistance of ageing aggrandizement skin.

○ cucumber

Clean, filling water. Skin of prevention and cure is dark heavy, stain, coarse wait for a problem.

○ bean curd

Vivid skin, moist, beauty is white. Prevent consenescence and effective and moist, beautiful white skin.

Breast of ○ actor cheese

Protect wet, newer cutin. Contain lactic acid part, have protect wet reach newer corneous function.

2, the skill of autumn filling water

The clean skin with 1. proper choice method

The T division grease of oily skin is secreted particularly much, cleanness should be emphasized when clean face, clean should knead a bubble to massage T area again first when the face, next reoccupy water is rinsed clean, if skin appears red, should choose cleanness of gentle clean face latex, face of clean of oily skin autumn needs to note the balance of skin.

2. clears nurse instantly after the skin to death

When the pore on the face becomes bulky, meant skin to pile up a large number of rubbish and dead skin, need to undertake general cleaning, after cleanness is over, skin dew wakes on besmear first, hit a circle to massage next, use next make up water wipes clean skin, press gently press nose pore, can conduce to pore systole so.

3. is compensatory vitamin C

Autumn skin filling water, outside drinking water except how, still need C of compensatory and many vitamin, can rise to defend wet action so, the water oil of adjustable oily skin balances vitamin C, and still have beautiful white effect, it is outermost layer of skin protects skin necessarily to taste.

4. makes up water is protected wet

Make up water not only filling water protects wet effect, still have clean effect, with make up ministry of water graze face, but take out grease, let skin restore luster, in the meantime, also but moist skin, let cutin restore to protect a function.

Fall weather is dry, oily skin always also cannot ignore filling water, valued the job that protect skin only, such ability always retain skin water benefit