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Is the skin is acidity alkalescent still? Is healthy skin acidity?

The skin also has soda acid sex, the body that resembles us should be to slant basic ability is health, so do you know of what property skin is? Healthy skin also has certain soda acid sex, so, is the skin is acidity alkalescent still? Is healthy skin acidity? There are these two issues below, actor or actress accordingly actor is young make up read an article together.

Is the skin is acidity alkalescent still? Is healthy skin acidity? (1)

1, weak acerbity skin is the most healthy

Weak acidity skin is healthy and rich stretch

Will tell commonly, the skin of healthy and rich flexibility shows weak acidity, interpose comes at PH5 between PH6. The skin of weak acidity is OK the bring down is ab extra bacterial harm, metabolism is normal. Contrary, if the skin appears alkalescent (PH7.5 above) cause a bacterium very easily to affect and inflammation.

So, the PH that how judges oneself skin is worth? We can give understanding from the 3 big states that skin can appear:

Give oil / do not give oil, lack water / do not lack water. Have without allergic phenomenon, the skin has without red, face sore or powdery lunge show. Whether does observation skin have color of skin not all, lax reach microgroove, black rim of the eye to wait.

The case appears to be alkalescent skin more under

(1) skin gives oily amount big;

(2) often give birth to aggravating face sore and acne;

(3) cutin is thicker;

(4) pore is bulky;

(5) nose sweat is much;

(6) skin surface touchs bilge very easily.

PH value should be in healthy Oriental cutaneous 4.5 to 6.5 between, weak acidity is shown on chemical reaction. Cutaneous sweat gland and sweat of leather fat excretive and grease itself have acid-base value, skin oilily the more, PH cost is lower. Corresponding, skin is jumped over character dry, PH cost is higher, jump over deflection alkalescent.

Protect skin to taste want acidity ability more protect skin?

Since skin wants to show acidity ability to had calculated, whether should also go to on the choice of the cosmetic that protect skin so does acerbity direction choose ability to protect skin quite? 2 courtyards dermatological department Doctor Mao Yueping expresses Zhongshan, acid-base value is an aspect that affects skin, the force that arrives since is not large, the health of skin is the combined influence of a lot of elements. And, the soda acid that skins itself has certain limits mediates ability, because this need not go painstakingly,manage the acid-base value of skin.

Although say skin has the capacity that mediates automatically, but if often contact alkali sex material, also can weaken ability of skin oneself rehabilitate. When choosing to protect skin product accordingly, should notice whether gentle product ingredient is moist not exciting.

The skin can be taller to the neutralization of kind of milk frostlike powder such as vanishing cream, and to toilet soap, beautiful whitening kind the neutralization of goods ability is weaker. So if often use toilet soap and paint when alkalescent cosmetic, the skin is easy and sensitive perhaps have rash. The skin is coarse the part that needs to notice a product more with the skin that perspires easily is gentle. Because this is overall for, have the product with amortize acidity and stronger capability to skin it is the most appropriate.

2, acidity constitution protects skin measure

Wake everyday skin: To the person of acidity constitution, a lot of problems come from cutaneous at circulating not free. Accordingly, want to improve skin problem, the most crucial it is to should change cutaneous small loop, stimulative cutaneous is metabolic.

Nutrition massages: Massage the effect that can have metabolism of aggrandizement blood circulation, stimulative skin, but massage below the condition that lacks nutrition in the skin, bring about skin exhaustion easily however dry.

Fill first water protects again wet: The rate that the person blood of acidity constitution flows is slower, skin moisture is insufficient, if encounter the dry environment such as air conditioning room again, the skin lacks water more easily, dry even remove a skin. Protect purely wet seem not to have what effect to the person of acidity constitution, when the skin is in the serious condition that lack water, must fill first water is protected again wet.

3, prevent alkali to protect skin measure

Maintain cutaneous cleanness: The person of alkali sex constitution, perspire easily, overmuch sweat fluid causes cutaneous acidity to drop again, disease-resistant ability is abate, cause the infection of all sorts of skin surfaces. So, to alkali skin, protective skin is the most important is to maintain cutaneous cleanness, often wash bath, avoid overmuch sweat fluid and secretion to stimulate the skin.

Everyday bright skin: The person of alkali sex constitution, metabolization rate is rapid, the skin not only easy and fat, and can appear more easily than the person of acidity constitution coarse. Seasonable provision wants after cleanness hygroscopic good cosmetic, make corneous layer retains enough moisture, increase cutaneous plasticity, make the skin moister.

4, filling water defends wet method

1, filling water notices when washing a face

Mm can wash very much oily cutaneous one day a few times face, also can fill easily when you are washing a face water oh, after face of the bath that use Qing Dynasty, need not wear urgently the drip that wipes a face to go up with towel, leave it to work naturally or pat gently with two tactics palm pat a face, make skin sufficient imbibe!

2, with lukewarm bath face

Oily skin can cause facial skin pore to contract with cold bath face, make pore medium fluid of smeary, sweat cannot be cleaned in time to come out, the pore that the sequential meeting that such doing lets skin expands, accurate method is to use Wen Shui. Can make sure pore is stretched adequately already, won't make cutaneous natural again protect wet oily cent to be lost overly. Clean face when should choose Wen Shui, still clean face does not use towel please, the face tissues that chooses softness or hairdressing towel.

3, wash a face blandly with property grandma

Very much oily cutaneous MM, like to use clean capacity to accuse oil very strong alkalescent the grandma that wash a face, little imagine, this kind of grandma that wash a face is very big to the harm of skin, oily skin had better pledge gentle weak acidity washs grandma optionally.

4, wait for protect wet breast to be in facial after staying a few minutes, can press gently with face tissues facial, suck redundant latex, improve glossy appearance.

5, film of face of deep-seated clean skin and film of water portion face are used alternately. Film of deep-seated and clean face often has decontamination to reach action accusing oil, had better lie between a day again portion of water of complement of film of face of portion of apply pure water.

6, with Wen Shui wet noodle, choose liquid of milky face of black sex clean, massage gently with finger tip, next reoccupy warm water is clean.

7, use close skin water, it already OK and contractive pore