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Does bigger skin meet age not oily? Can close skin water shrink pore?

The skin of a lot of people is in a kind of condition that lacks water, your skin is very fat, cause, the person of oily skin meets such wanting: Does bigger skin meet age not oily? Can close skin water shrink pore? There are these two issues below, actor or actress accordingly actor is young make up how do reading an article together say, will learn.

Does bigger skin meet age not oily? Can close skin water shrink pore? (1)

1, the error that accuses oil

Error accusing oil one: After age became old, grease is secreted can decrease, such pore problems were solved naturally.

Pore structure itself does not have retractility, when wool bursa passageway inside for a long time overmuch grease piles up, can cause wool bursa passageway to expand for a long time. This moment, although grease is secreted,decreased, wool bursa passageway also won't restore unvarnished. In the meantime, increase as the age, the fiber structure of dermal layer loses flexibility gradually, bring about wool bursa passageway outside pressure is decreased suddenly, more the problem with meeting aggravate bulky pore. Accordingly, oily / pore of mixture sex cutaneous is bulky the issue cannot be ignored.

Error accusing oil 2: Use close skin water to be able to have the effect of contractive pore.

Using close skin water merely is far insufficient. Only from the proceed with of cause of formation with bulky pore, restrain grease to secrete from germ, passageway of dredge wool bursa, ability has the effect of get twice the result with half the effort.

Error accusing oil 3: Diurnal skin glossy is more serious, so I pay attention to diurnal skin to accuse oil to nurse more.

By day the glossy of skin surface, it is sebaceous glands in night excretive. Accordingly, undertake specific aim nurse in night only, ability is controlled effectively by day the glossy of skin surface.

Error accusing oil 4: Protect skin to taste normally very fat, do not suit oily skin to use.

This is a kind of misunderstanding. Consider to discover, sebaceous glands is more active in night. Accordingly, oily skin needs to use night especially the special product that protect skin, so that restrain grease effectively to secrete, in order to reduce diurnal skin surface glossy, alleviate effectively blain blain, glossy, pore is bulky wait for skin problem.

2, skin filling water is protected wet

Protect wet blind area one: Between the eyebrows

Symptom: Desquamate

Eliminate illiteracy: Daub of escape eye week

When, did not forget to take care of between the eyebrows and brow, especially between the eyebrows can repeat much besmear a few times.

Protect wet blind area 2: Ear hind

Symptom: Tighten stretch tight

Origin: Here skin is very sensitive, this place also chooses to test allergic level mostly when try out cosmetic, because this is very easy because of dry and taut facial skin, produce unwell move.

Eliminate illiteracy: Maintain facial hind, did not forget to be in auditive all around daub a few protect Shi Shuang, reoccupy both hands is massaged gently, still conduce to slow and nervous nerve.

Protect wet blind area 3: Nose

Symptom: Desquamate, aglow, Sao itchs

Origin: The place with systemic the most concentrated sebaceous glands, even if drying skin also is met character herein secretes grease, in the winter instead because nurse excessive and bring about dry.

Eliminate illiteracy: Reduce the number that nose film nurses, if feeling an oil is too much, alone daub is compared facial maintain more relaxed cream.

Protect wet blind area 4: Canthus

Symptom: Wrinkle

Origin: Want to see through one the individual's age, choose an eye. The skin that sees this position has much too weak to stand a gust of wind, suffer an environment the most easily to affect and dry unripe grain.

Eliminate illiteracy: The eye frost with right choice is very important, the ring finger that uses both hands tries to massage, the strength of this finger suits to massage eye ministry most. Make eye film every week.

Protect wet blind area 5: Neck neck

Symptom: Coarse

Origin: With double eye, the neck also can be in the secret that reveals the age for a short while, the skin join of here is facial with the body, crucial and special.

Eliminate illiteracy: Choose special neck frost, abide by massage by the gimmick that fall and goes up cervical, avoid skin effectively to be mixed flabbily the generation of horizontal grain. Be in especially Qiu Dong is seasonal, hold to cervical massage not only can Shu Jie is fatigue, still conduce to cervical blood circulation, cause skin closely, promote outline. Notable is, cervical skin pledges thinner, flexibility is differred, the movement when massaging must gentle, strength moderate, the action that be just the opposite to what one wished reachs since the meeting otherwise.