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What is black head? What is the method of mistake of dispel black head?

The person that there is black head on a lot of faces is exceedingly vexed, the generation because of black head can affect his appearance badly, the person that there is black head on those faces so must notice the purify of the black head that goes up to his face, return some even what is the person to black head not be exceedingly clear, so after all what is black head? What is the method of mistake of dispel black head? Everybody introduction is below.

What is black head? What is the method of mistake of dispel black head? (1)

1, what is black head

Black head, formal name calls cutin bolt or horny bolt, it is adherent at fat of skin of pore endmost oxidation, after when skin interior leather fat collects sebaceous glands excretive at pore extreme and be being oxidized by air, formed the corneous bolt with Brown palm, because outer view presents black it seems that, so we say chronically for black head.

Black head is in can not affect skin health usually, can make only the visual effect of corneous layer becomes poor. But, if appear sebaceous glands function disorder or bacterium of oxygen of experience be disgusted with is invaded, black head turns phlogistic sex into extremely likely the hidden trouble of dark sore.

2, method of mistake of dispel black head

1, with the hand squeeze

The means dispel black head that squashs with the hand may harm the skin all round pore, although can cast off the worry of black head temporarily, create more serious inflammation problem likely however.

2, powdery pricker

The pricker that use noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch carries black head to want to be in professional cure beauty orgnaization or beauty parlour undertake, harm wool bursa gland easily otherwise,

3, rip the side that help style film

Rip film of the face that help style pore of can excessive in use process drag in and all round the skin, use likelihood occurrence pore for a long time permanent harm.

Fight black method correctly

The proposal is daily use those who contain alkaline isotherm of salicylic, beet and corneous purify part to make up water or corneous recuperation fluid, cooperate to make up cotton wipes the place that has black head, additional, use the clean Facial mask that contains part of kaolin, deep-sea slop every week, balance skin fat is secreted, restrain the generation of black head from germ.

3, dispel black head note

1. accuses oil. Giving oil is the prime cause that black head produces forever, grease oxidation forms black head, if control an oil, skin ability is far from black head quite, can use those who accuse oil to wash grandma to wash a face, want to eat acrimony fry less additionally.

2. clean face. Maintaining facial cleanness is those who be far from skin problem is essential, also be to go the measure of black head key, want a clean job to do complete ability to absolve black head to trouble, everyday the cleanness of morning and evening is cannot careless, the deep-seated cleanness that a month has twice even and chamfer are qualitative, ability maintains skin health.

3. uses those who control a bacterium to wash grandma. Have a relapse no longer for black head, can use curb bacterium to wash grandma, can prevent black head very well.

4. notices to rest. Stay up late, eat and drink too much to be opposite not only splanchnic harm is very great, also can reflect go up in skin, mix for health so beautiful, ten million should have regular work and rest to be used to!

5, it is very easy to keep clear of black head keep clear of black head at a draught, but after keeping clear of, it still is meeting reappear. So, use those who use cleanness of the bacterium of high grade curb grandma that wash a face and control grease excretive to protect skin to taste dispute to often be necessary everyday.

6, it is not to suggest to use commonly squeeze with the hand go the method of black head, cause infection so easily, cause scar, let pore become bigger more.

7, use black head to derive fluid and bazoo are stuck go the principle of black head is same, it is to pass the action that sticks gum to get black head, this strong to be being mixed greatly quite black head result is better. Although, the meeting when firm lane gives black head leaves a lot of bulky pore, but won't harm the skin. But small black head is done commonly do not come out, still cannot reduce black head generate.