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How to check pore status? How to cast off pore bulky?

Pore is bulky it is a kind of common skin problem, the skin that we can let if facial ministry pore is too thick appears coarser, coarse meeting lets the skin the person feels to do not have what aesthetic feeling, woman should well maintain oneself cutaneous, so, how to check pore status? How to cast off pore bulky? Will see the method of article introduction below.

How to check pore status? How to cast off pore bulky? (1)

1, the condition that measures pore oneself

Horny bolt is horn spends pore by horny bolt out-of-the-way, show pore sex horn to change hammock rash, it is the predecessor of black head, hoary head, can cause skin flexibility to drop. The account that bulky phenomenon produces pore: One kind when comprise by bits of leather fat, cell and bacterium " bolt " type thing, block is in place of wool bursa mouth.

At present cutaneous state: Give oil superfluous, force pore bulky reach occurrence glossy, give oily T word position easily especially.

Pore present condition: Raised shape acne of white arises near nose.

Means of settlement:

1. fixed chamfer pledges

2. is divisional protect wet

Black head says blackhead again, to open model acne, smell is nigrescent. Appear in the place such as our forehead, nose normally. The account that bulky phenomenon produces pore: Jam the leather fat surface layer of pore is exposed directly outside, with air, air medium dust is contacted, oxidize and cause.

At present cutaneous state: Grease of T word place is secreted exuberant, corneous layer jams pore, have blackhead appearance.

Pore present condition: Acne of shape of black circle aperture, meet sometimes have acne prominence.

Means of settlement:

1. grinds arenaceous chamfer to pledge

2. partition accuses oil is mixed protect wet

Secrete when skin when moisture is too little, oily branch is corresponding ground grow in quantity, jam easily pore. It is easy also that the skin lacks water ageing. The account that bulky phenomenon produces pore: As the age illuminate of growth, ultraviolet ray, skin is dry the ageing appearance that create, what what produce is open model pore problem.

At present cutaneous state: Skin is short of water, pore to be like those who dry up is sloughy, and begin appear facial and flabby, flagging state.

Pore present condition: Open elliptically model pore, flesh lines is more distinct at the same time.

Means of settlement:

1. is strengthened protect wet and fight often

2. gentle chamfer pledges

2, of outermost layer of skin nurse method

Symptom of Chu Xia skin: Allergic, go out spot, fat

Chu Xia, the pollen in air, catkin swirls, adhere to easily in skin surface layer, jam pore, pose the problem such as face blister, scurfy, allergy. Because protect skin to taste,skinning easy allergy returns a likelihood is use undeserved be caused by. Say according to a personage inside course of study, turn to Chun Xia from in the winter, protect skin to if changeover is undeserved,be tasted make the skin easily also allergic, cause macula, appear a series of allergic phenomena.

Insolation also is one of reasons of easy damage of Chu Xia skin. According to professional personage analysis, chu Xia skin is delicate, be able to bear or endure difference sufferring a gender, even if the sunshine with weaker light also can make the skin appears bask in spot, especially facial and original the person that has fleck, Chloasma, after basking, on the face grow spot more easily.

In addition, the damp and hot of summerly climate makes sebaceous glands secrete first increase, the growth of blain blain is more exuberant also. This moment weather is windy, the dust in air is more, air is dirtier, plus incorrect clean measure, make skin incidental spit quick, the aggravating symptom such as occurrence blain blain.

Means of settlement

Key one: No matter why be planted,prevent allergy the skin that the reason causes is sensitive, want above all out of service is all cosmetic, let the skin have the time of amortize, wash a face with clear water at ordinary times. Generally speaking, after a few days, red phenomenon can disappear; If the situation has disappeared,turn can go to a hospital doing allergic test.

Key 2: Prevent dry want to protect above all wet protect skin to taste change garments according to the season, protect wet product and winter because of what use when Chu Xia differ somewhat. Compare with climate photograph of Chu Xia, winter climate is dry, moisture evaporates fast, those who use protect wet article oily bigger; And in Chu Xia, leather fat is secreted change flourishing, body interior lacks oily cent no longer, lack moisture content however, should choose oil to divide small filling lake to protect so wet article. Apply keeps wet noodle film is very efficient filling water way, can bathing while film of this kind of face on apply.

Key 3: The sun that prevents the summer at the beginning of insolation is not intense, need not use prevent those who bask in an index high bask in frost, use SPFl5 commonly the following go. In the meantime, a little in protecting skin to taste, had contained prevent bask in composition, have prevent bask in a function, if besmeared such protecting skin is tasted, also need not besmear again prevent bask in frost. Additional, still can try segregation frost, not only can keep apart ultraviolet ray, still can keep apart colour makeup, keep apart dirty air.