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How to cast off blush egg? How be far from skin sensitive?

The person with very sensitive skin floats with respect to skin of ministry of meeting occurrence face red symptom, be like is red buttock is same, this is the expression with sensitive skin, skin allergy is a kind of very uncomfortable feeling, of facial ministry Gong Gong, and a little very hot feeling, so, how to cast off blush egg? How be far from skin sensitive? Actor or actress accordingly below actor is young make up will look.

How to cast off blush egg? How be far from skin sensitive? (1)

1, the method that casts off blush egg

1, choose side of small acidity clean article

The skin is much because of dry lack water or excessive and clean and unusually sensitive, because this is in,should not choose too thick too exciting alkalescent product, alkalescent too strong meeting harms the skin, because this answers with gentle and slant the clean face breast of small acidity is beautiful.

2, use nonalcoholic bright skin water

Bright skin water contains alcohol and have the effect that stretchs tight convergent pore, closely, but cause aglow allergy easily. Sensitivity skin should pledge optionally gentle, have slow action and the bright skin water of nonalcoholic, flavor, tu Shi points to celiac flick with forefinger, middle finger and ring finger, do not want to flap forcibly, avoid suffer stimulation.

3, avoid is used accuse oily recipe

Current, product accusing oil is popular, but the skin is sensitive person itself is lacked oily and moist, beardless use glossy controls part in day frost, should have only can the active particle composition of locking skin moisture is OK.

4, chamfer pledges the product wants careful use

Take off cutin to sensitivity skin the one pace that is need discretion protects skin program. Because the skin is thinner and give birth to sensitive cause easily to ab extra products, excessive emphatic is massaged reach grind arenaceous particle bulkily to be able to cause harm to sensitive skin. Can choose property gentler go dying the skin creams, fortnight undertakes handling enough. Drying is sensitive flesh is unfavorable used the chamfer simple product that contains fruit acerbity part.

5, selection of product of spot of beautiful white dispel is gentle series

The United States is normally white, dispel spot, go the product of type of these a few effect contains a lot ofblain mostly active part, breed is mixed, allergic rate is higher, should choose to fight so quick series product. Beautiful white product chooses to contain a lot ofthe product of dimension C series aptly, airframe can increase while the United States protects wet skin in vain resist can, conduce prevents allergic reaction to happen, won't harm skin blandly. Dispel spot product cannot contain the Kun that be like hydrogen (to benzene 2 phenol) the banned product that waits for the skin allergy that cause.

2, day of dry skin winter nurses method

The first action: Choose gentle cream frost clean skin is tasted

To drying skin, grease is secreted little, it is easier in the winter that the skin is in dry, so scarcely can choose clean force to cross the strong grandma that wash a face, must use the clean face product with gentle nature, had better choose what do not contain basic material to cream frost grand skin is tasted, if choice hydrophily is tall, do not contain the clean face of grease to breed, excitant to the skin perhaps the small grandma washing a face that contains glycerine.

The 2nd action: Gentle cleanness skin

The attention when washing a face is gentle, two can be joined to keep wet essence oil in water, the filling water factor in making clean face breeds is sufficient infiltration skin, have clean face and the double effect of filling water.

The 3rd action: Bright skin water is added protect Shi Shuang fills water

Drying skin is in every time after clean face, had better use the bright skin water with filling water powerful function. Because bright skin water can complement immediately,the water of skin is divided, embellish of water of your skin water. But had better be far from those who contain alcohol to make up water, lest stimulate the skin. Proper grease should complement while winter notices to skin compensatory water is divided, use quality of a material the lacteal frostlike powder with rich, enough nutrition kind product. Especially from indoor and abrupt contact when the air of the dry chill outdoor, the frost protecting skin of a few oiliness or foundation cream should be wiped before going out, build a diaphragm to the skin.

The 4th action: Evaporate face

Drying skin returns usable steam evaporate to circulate in order to accelerate facial blood. First frost of nutrition of will facial Xu Xie, fill with electric heat cup or washbasin next on hot water, join right amount glycerine to wait protect skin to taste, when waiting for steam to rise, the suffocating on facial park steam, with till facial tide is red, a week can be used arrive twice.

The 5th action: Fight allergic

Drying skin produces allergy easily also in the winter, using so skin allergy must be made check first before protecting skin to taste, choose nonalcoholic, flavor, antiseptic as far as possible protect skin to taste. Be far from sensitive source as far as possible even, wait like essence, pollen, dust.

The 6th action: Had done prevent bask in work

Drying skin resistance is weak, should have done all the year round prevent bask in the job. Should choose quality of a material moist, added filling water effect and those who enhance skin immunity power prevent bask in article, very much now prevent bask in article had increased to prevent bask in the filling water beyond, combat oxidation effect, can press need choice.